Nice event for Rep. Wollman tonight.

I’m back at my desk after the fundraiser for State Representative Matthew Wollmann this evening in Madison. It gave me a good excuse to pop by and grab my daughter from DSU to drag her along, and it was well worth the time. It was a nice event, with a good crowd.

IMG_2193And it ended up being “old home week,” with a lot of familiar faces; House Majority Leader Brian Gosch was there and spoke to the group about Representative Wollmann’s work. We also had House Majority Whip Kris Langer in attendance, and Representative Les Heinemann who was there to support his running mate.

In addition to current elected officials had a chance to see old friends as well, such as former State Senator Russ Olson, and LAIC Executive Director Julie Gross who was there with her husband.  I also had the chance to chat with Erin Schoenbeck who popped in for a bit.


Jason Ravnsborg was also there, and he apparently has an army of clones because he is at every event imaginable supporting the elephant!

When it came to be his time to talk, State Representative Wollmann gave a nice presentation about his work in Pierre over the past year, as well as briefly touching on his plans for this next session, including an introduction to a neat piece of technology he’s using to track his legislative efforts.

It showed that among House members, he had the second highest success rate this past year in passing his legislation which included the revision of the definition of a veteran to include those serving in the National Guard, as a result of the Guard’s use in modern conflicts.

As noted, it was a nice event, with lots of his hometown friends and supporters who were there to help usher him into the start of a successful legislative session, and 2016 legislative campaign just beyond that.

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  1. Anon E. Mouse

    Sounds like a pretty good turnout, and on the Ravnsborg sighting, I’d be thinking an army of clones carries a heckuva lot of water!

  2. Anonymous

    I thought he might surprise a few people and turnout to be worth while but I guess not. The group of low life’s he is hanging around with shows that he plans on being another yes man but hey what do you expect from a nasty guard weekend warrior.

    1. Anonymous

      nasty guard weekend warrior….WHO THE F do you think you are???!! Whoever you are you just single handedly disgraced every national guard soldier in the state, are you kidding me?! These brave men and women go and fight for all of us and you dishonor them, seriously?!

      I appreciate Mr. Ravnsborg’s service and everyone who is willing to serve in our armed forces. Heck hasn’t he done two or three deployments from what I hear, sounds a lot more than one weekend a month to me,chicken sh*t poster, how many war zones have you been to?

      I want to offer a salute to all the National Guard, Reservists and Active Duty men and women we have serving in all our armed forces. Thank you one and all.

      1. Anonymous

        Didn’t he dispatch trucks? That really sounds like Rambo to me. It’s very well known active duty military members do not care for guard members because of their lack of professionalism and lacking in maintaining military standards

        1. springer

          The AMEN is an agreement with anonymous 12:18, NOT anon 8:37. Any soldier serving in any capacity in the service is to be thanked for his/her service and respected. They are all that is keeping us free in our great nation..

  3. Anonymous

    Heck I think he is not talking about Ravnsborg but Mat, ieRep Wollman. From reading it closely being a military guy myself Matt is the one in the Guard I believe, Ravnsborg is in the Reserves and if you know anything about the military you know there is a difference–read the comment it talks about the people he hangs around with and being a Yes man. Heck it appears to me Ravnsborg is everywhere and hangs out with everyone in the party, so that would be everyone! ok trying for a little humor as i to am fired up by that comment. Mat is the one going to Pierre and I would be curious what the commenter means by he is a yes man, seems to stand up for himself I believe.

    I think this COWARD commenter is wrong about both of these fine young men. They are both military and young leaders which are people needs more young people involved. Clearly, the ANON 8:37 poster, who seems to be the same ignorant person, but may not be hasn’t been around our military in the last decade as the guard AND Reserves have been repeatedly been deployed to support our war efforts. That is thinking from long ago, not present day, and a sight without any basis in reality.

    I join with the commenter about saluting both of these young men’s service and condemning the comments against whichever one they intended or both. Thank you for your service!


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