No bill for Q&A tIme for Phil Jensen. Maybe he should have asked for story time?

From the Rapid City Journal, it appears that Phil Jensen isn’t going to get his Q&A tIme with the Governor after his bill is voted against… well, by everyone in Committee:

HB1156 called for the governor to meet for at least an hour with a joint session of the Legislature after the State of the State address. The bill also called on the leaders of the House and Senate to arrange question and answer sessions for the Legislature with the members of the state’s congressional delegation.

Passage of the bill would support transparency in government and information for the public, according to the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Phil Jensen, R-Rapid City.


“I just don’t think this is necessary,” Anderson said. “They’re available to us.”

Read that here.

The measure was rejected 13-0.

Maybe Rep. Jensen should have requested story time instead, so they could have used smaller words for him that he could easily understand.   (They might have even let him sit in circle time to listen. Criss-cross applesauce & all).

One thought on “No bill for Q&A tIme for Phil Jensen. Maybe he should have asked for story time?”

  1. Jensen is such a tool. I don’t usually hammer (no pun intended) on the electorate, but…..what is wrong with the District 33 voters? They keep electing this Buffoon. Bottom line, you get less than nothing from Phil Jensen when he goes to Pierre and this bill, along with several others of his, are prime examples of a wasted legislative seat. Rise up District 33 voters and find yourself a better candidate!

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