No editorial bias in favor of Democrats at the Argus. Nope… None at all.

I thought this was pretty telling of some editorial biases at the state’s largest newspaper.

Here’s the online headline posted yesterday of the story talking about Democrats misfortunes in South Dakota:


Fairly mundane.

But then look at the front page splash that landed on doorsteps this morning:


Wait? What? Are those the same two stories?  Seriously, I threw up in my mouth a little when faced with the shameless and naked plug on the front page of the Argus.

I’d like to know who made that headline decision, because we should start to look and see if they had a nice Christmas bonus from the state Democrat Party.

No editorial bias at the Argus. Nope… None at all.

8 Replies to “No editorial bias in favor of Democrats at the Argus. Nope… None at all.”

  1. Spencer

    If one or both end up happening, how do Democrats have anything to do with it? I think Democrats should be more realistic about their prospects and start having New Yorkers registering their RVs in South Dakota, rather than trying to relate to real South Dakotans.

  2. Anonymous

    And if this were in reverse and about republicans, you’d have no complaints. It wouldn’t be considered ‘bias’. Nope. None. Nada.

  3. Anonymous

    Pat: You do know that many of us read the complete news stories that you post/comment about on your blog, even though you almost always choose to cherry pick bits and pieces from them? Don’t you??

    A good portion of the article informs readers of the current state of the Democratic Party in SD. For example:

    “This is the bleakest outlook for the party since the 1950s,” said Eric Ostermeier, a political science research associate at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. “There isn’t a lot of room for optimism at this point.”

    The party has struggled to raise money and field candidates amidst staff turnover and the lack of prominent statewide office holders, a void left after the 2014 general election and the retirement of U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson.”

    There is no bias being shown by the Argus here; the article is balanced and the headline “Dems Looking Up,” is accurate because it reflects the party’s current demeanor on Medicaid expansion, which is main premise of the story. It also nicely describes what one does when at the bottom of a deep hole. About all you can do is “look up” 🙂

  4. Yellow

    This “reporter” Dana Ferguson has been a huge bust for the Argus Leader. Her idiocy is only exceeded by the pro-Democratic bias of the Argus Leader headline writers.


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