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White Rabbit

A few weeks ago, while surfing the Internet, I was entertaining the idea of raising rabbits, then selling the meat, the pelts, as pets and maybe even some for show. As I was working out plans for installing rabbit hutches in the barn, my lovely and wonderful wife stated in a firm tone:

?No more new projects!?

Of course she is correct, I really didn’t need to start a new endeavor right now. However, her wise words should also carry to our Legislators, Congresswoman, Senators, and even our President.

The Federal government has started many projects, then fail to see them through or fail to fully fund them. A good example is the Lewis & Clark water project. A lot of the members on the system found a way to pay for their share, The federal government was suppose to pay their share, and the first few years, it was fully funded. Then as the time went on, the funding got less until they didn’t even bother anymore. This congress didn’t even bother to pass a budget.

From KELO ? TV

It includes millions of dollars in earmarks for South Dakota projects. But, Republicans such as South Dakota Senator John Thune are blasting Democrats for the move. He says he’ll vote against the bill even though South Dakota could benefit from some of the earmarks. Thune says it’s a bad bill that’s being brought up at the wrong time.

It should be noted that Senator Thune supports a ban on all earmarks for at least two years. Many earmarks support one pet project with one time funding. While seeming harmless, these earmarks can add up quickly.

From the same story.

South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson hopes Congress does pass the spending bill because it includes millions of dollars for projects like the Lewis and Clark Water System.

One of the options on the table is some thing know as a CR or Continuing Resolution. This keeps every going at same level as before.

But, Thune says Lewis and Clark and the Mni Wiconi Water System, the two largest water projects in South Dakota, would actually get more money if Congress passed what’s called a continuing resolution. That’s a bill that would fund government at it’s current level without adding any spending. Thune is a co-sponsor of a bill that would do that through February.

The government needs to honor its commitments, be it funding Lewis and Clark, treaties with other countries or clearing the snow off the roads. Beyond that, there should be no more new projects. Do the new congressmen offices really need to be repainted? Does every High School Student need a new laptop computer every year? By finishing projects already started and not starting anything new, They may see more money that could be used to pay off the debt. As far a new projects, maybe the ‘pay-go’ system should be looked at.

As for as my rabbit venture goes, I am going to have to wait for my hasenpfeffer and my rabbit fur lined gloves.

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