No on Initiated Measure 22 hits mailboxes again.

The postcards are coming fast and furious on the campaigns this week…  Here’s the latest from No on 22:



5 Replies to “No on Initiated Measure 22 hits mailboxes again.”

  1. Jaa Dee

    Again the headline below this yells– Outsides influence whatever— How many out of state entities are supporting the anti- IM 22 campaign, besides the nra? Dictionaries should just start putting (r) as the definition of hypocrisy..

    1. Anonymous

      Boy, you are sure silly. Demoncrats are the hypocrites. They talk about transparency and Hillary gets rid of 30,000 emails; she gets a server at home to avoid FOIA requests about her illegal and unethical dealings; they scream about Trump and claims of inappropriate sexual behavior, but Hillary smeared every woman who Bill assaulted; she claims to support women’s rights, but she support murdering women (and men) when they are about to be born.

      Try again, JD, your argument is pathetic.

  2. Anonymous

    Once again, Jaa Dee spouts off without any factual basis to what he is saying. Look at the list of coalition partners at and see that every one of the 20+ groups is from SD.

  3. Anonymous

    IM 22 is going down in flames…no one is going to buy that $12M per election price tag

    I think people are finding out that a number of these issues are being pushed from out of state.

    VOTE No on 22!