No read on fundraising from Rhoden yet.

I dropped the Rhoden campaign a note today seeking a preview of their fundraising numbers, and they’re holding their cards pretty close.

The response was a simple “We plan to release our fundraising numbers at a later date.”

Stay tuned.

14 Replies to “No read on fundraising from Rhoden yet.”

  1. Anonymous

    I thought we would see some of Kristi’s donors going to Rhoden but I guess not. Thought they were tight.

  2. Kenny

    You got to know when to fold em. Boz is reporting $190k raised. Rhoden hasn’t been able to get traction and it is time to bow out.

    1. Anonymous

      Boz was targeting $433M, no? Have we seen/heard of the projected net gain?

      Let’s not forget that many of Rhoden’s base who get their once/year paychecks in October/November and likely contributors lost everything in early October. Tough times.

      He may have to resort to Boz antics.

      And why would Noem tie herself to anyone during an election year? I wouldn’t tie to anyone if I were her.

      1. Anonymous

        I’m sure Rhoden supported Noem. It only makes sense to assume she’d return the favor. If she isn’t willing to stick her neck out for Rhoden then he should pack it in.

    2. Anonymous

      She and Chad are professional con-artists. Guarantee that 90% was raised outside of SD.

      She is a train wreck and a decoy for the Rounds campaign.

      1. oldguy

        Help me understand how she is “decoy for Rounds?” I did met her and was surprised now nice of a person she was. I do think she is in way over her head.

        1. Kurt Evans

          “oldguy” wrote:
          >”Help me understand how [Bosworth] is ‘decoy for Rounds?'”

          I believe the general idea is that some Rounds supporters are giving money to Bosworth’s campaign because they don’t view her as a threat to win but believe her presence in the race will prevent journalists and potential anti-Rounds donors from focusing on a stronger opponent.

  3. All hat

    No money = no campaign. Writing might be on the wall for Rhoden. I like Larry as a legislator, but I just don’t see him as a US Senator.

    1. Anonymous

      He has no organization across the state, and he has way too much baggage as a Democrat, Rounds’ right hand man in the legislature who helped Rounds raise taxes/fees, increased spending, and created the deficit the legislature had to deal with in 2011.

      Any of the Republicans that pay attention to politics know he is as fake a conservative as Rounds.

      1. Anonymous

        Not agreeing with what you say, but to your side point here, if Rhoden were to drop out (which I doubt he will), then Rounds wins hands down, no contest.

    1. Anonymous

      Nelson is on a crusade, Bosworth is it to scam money. She’ll stay in as long as they can fool people out of their $$$