No, you can still call it terrorism. Domestic terrorism.

From the Argus/Associated Press, one of the pipeline executives at the Dakota Access pipeline claimed that of some of the actions done by protesters were done by foreign nationals, you could call the actions terrorism. I couldn’t disagree more:

A top executive at the company building the controversial Dakota Access pipeline is comparing pipeline opponents to terrorists.

Joey Mahmoud, executive vice president of Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners, says protesters have “assaulted numerous pipeline personnel,” destroyed millions of dollars’ worth of construction equipment and even fired a pistol at law enforcement during months of demonstrations against the 1,200-mile pipeline, which will carry North Dakota oil to an Illinois terminal.

Mahmoud tells Congress that the protest movement “induced individuals to break into and shut down pump stations on four operational pipelines. Had these actions been undertaken by foreign nationals, they could only be described as acts of terrorism.”

Read it here.

I disagree with the executive. If Americans did it, you can still call it terrorism. Except it would be considered domestic terrorism.  And it should be treated as such, and our Government should respond with the full force of law.

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  1. Jaa Dee

    I agree–Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS

  2. Springer

    Jaa Dee, just what part of common sense are you missing here? It is NOT so-called right wingers who were causing damage and leaving the mess for others to clean up and pay for. It is the liberals, progressives, anarchists or whatever else you want to call them. And you are right, they SHOULD be prosecuted for the damage and mayhem they caused, they should be made to pay for the cost of clean-up, and they should fess up that the very reason they were protesting (clean water etc) is now threatened by their very actions and left behind collection of trash and vehicles. I know you approve of their protests; maybe you would like to volunteer to help with and help pay for the cleanup???

    1. Anonymous

      Springer, the website Jaa Dee referred to was using The Southern Poverty Law Center as a source, so I don’t know that there is any credibility there.

      I think the Occupy Wall Street crowd should be included as well as a some of the BLM groups (not all of them, but some of them). However, I don’t think liberals see it as terrorism if it is done in pursuit of the will of the collective; pragmatism is big with the progressives.

      1. Jaa Dee

        ” I don’t know that there is any credibility there.”– Hey genius, if something is NOT true it is the responsibility of the accuser to … show proof it is not true… Are you 9 years old?
        I always suspect the bashers of SPLC are members of the hate groups they expose….

        1. Springer

          I get a big kick out of the people crying that conservative groups are hate groups, when the libs/progressives/whatever are out in the streets calling people names, using the race card, wearing ridiculous hats on their heads claiming that only they are supporting women, looting, burning, screaming obscenities, etc. It is pathetic how much hate these people spew toward anyone who disagrees with them, while all the time claiming they are the tolerant ones. Ha!

        2. Anonymous

          SPLC is a hate group, non-genius. I know you buy their tripe without questioning, but that is the type of leftist drone you are. I’ve seen enough of your posts to know where you are coming from, and I understand your foundation of sand.

        3. Anonymous

          I suppose you think Harry Reid was well within his rights to claim (falsely, of course) that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes. After Romney lost and he was asked he justified his lying by say that it worked. That is how liberals work. I will look to other sources for information than the SPLC hate group.

          1. Jaa Dee

            Romney Really?– hilarious..

            ” I will look to other sources for information “– Why the hell don’t you factually refute what I posted?

    2. Jaa Dee

      What are you talking about? Did I even mention any of those things? Did I not say I agreed with ” and our Government should respond with the full force of law.”– WHAT does your non-sense comment have to do with my posts? Do you think ONLY “libbies” should subject to laws?

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    I’m wondering just how many Carhartt jackets, sleeping bags, LL Bean boat shoes, beer coolers and plastic gas cans we find down in the Mighty Missouri River in South Dakota this Spring after ice out?????

    1. Jaa Dee

      How many were found at the federall facility the Bundy clowns invaded and destroyed ? How many baby blankets were found after the Ok. city bombing? How many were left without their loved ones after the Charleston murders? How many murders, assaults, bombings, arson, kidnappings etc. by anti-choice zealots? How many Americans have been beaten by nazis since the “glorious leader” gave them permission?

  4. Troy Jones

    Being called a hate group by a dishonest hate group is no insult. SLPC ceased to be anything but a dishonest hate group at least 20 years ago. They put the FAKE in news.

    1. Anonymous

      Good point, Troy. It’s more of a badge of honor to be contrary to SLPC and other like groups. CAIR is also one of those types of groups.

    2. Jaa Dee

      Here is a SPLC list–“Being called a hate group by a dishonest hate group is no insult”. – TELL me which groups should NOT be on it— “You people” spew the line from your favorite wing-nut site—- Show that you have any clue what you are talking about— Sure,,,,, y’all have never done that before on ANY issue…

      Jones and your puppy anon, which group(s) on the list do you belong to?

  5. Praying Ladies

    Respectfully, the County Attorneys should ignore some vigilante justice being used by the pipeline company. There is no reason a critical piece of our national security should be delayed by some ignorant tree huggers.

    1. Jaa Dee

      ” ignore some vigilante justice”– How bout you and the other prayers go to some country where they do that… Y’all sure aren’t Americans.

      1. Jaa Dee

        “Liberals in Pierre are protecting their system of legalized corruption by increasing the tax on marriage and attacking fatherhood, all at the expense of children”–bllllaaaarrggghhhhaaaaahhhaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggghhhahahahahasnot etc.

    1. Jaa Dee

      Hey genius, do you not understand that is opinion? You found an OPINION you agree with… so what?
      It is my OPINION that I will catch a fart, paint it pink, and keep it in a pickle jar—-

  6. Anon

    I think the biggest problem here is calling the SPLC anything but Morris Dee’s personal cash cow. An awful lot of the money raised goes into his pockets, not to any other causes. He makes a lot of money milking white guilt.
    Claiming that he is single-handedly fighting legions of hate groups works well to sucker people out of their money.