Noem and SHS agree — DREAM on

MDR reports that SHS has voted for the DREAM act — a bill that would give illegal immigrant youth a chance to be legal. It passed the lame duck House.

Noem’s spokesperson says the bill is nothing more than Amnesty and a reward for breaking the law.

Read it here

The lame duck Senate may take it up next week — other reports suggest the Senate will pass on the DREAM.

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  1. thc

    I know they agree on the need to keep lobbyists close at hand. Good to know. Of course Gnome's cheerleaders will never, ever call her on it. Wouldn't dare.

  2. duggersd

    I believe there are certain parts of the Dream Act that are legitimate. Young children who have known nothing except being and American and having lived here for more than a decade probably deserve some sort of consideration. However the problem with this act is it takes a good thing and then essentially turns it into amnesty for so many others.

  3. Bill Fleming

    If this issue is going to ever get resolved, a lot of folks are going to have to come to grips with reality. There is absolutely NO WAY the US is ever going to arrest and deport 12 million people. Ain't gonna happen. Name one country in on the planet that has ever been able to do anything like that without committing unspeakable human rights atrocities.

  4. duggersd

    Bill, all it really takes is to make illegals self-deport. This was happening about a year ago when places like Arizona announced they were going to enforce immigration laws. If someone is not able to get a job because they do not have the documentation, they will most likely leave. If employers who knowingly hire or do not police their workforce face stiff enough fines, it would not be long and illegals would decide on their own to go home.
    And when a person who is here illegally is caught, that person is deported. End of story.

    1. Bill Fleming

      Good luck with that, Dugger. How many people do you think left Arizona, by the way? And are you sure they left the country?

  5. Arrowhead

    I also feel kind of bad for children who are the victims of their parents just wanting a better life for their family.

    Maybe if the Dems made any attempt to enforce laws people would welcome this type of act?

  6. thc

    Well and good dugger….you might note that YOUR Republican state legislators want to make certaint he employers who benefit from illegal immigrants pay absolutely no price for employing them. So, if YOUR Republican state legislators have their way..the status will remain quo. The only change will be the illegals everytime a gang of them are coming up for wage increases. Then a mysterious calll will be placed to La Imigra and voila…they are shipped south. They will be replaced, but inside of six months will be back to replace their replacements.
    You people have been had. Again. It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

  7. Anonymous

    If the illegal-alien parents don't care enough about their own kids to do the right thing and get legal for their kids' future, why should the rest of us pick up the pieces? The illegal-alien parents should have thought of that before they stayed under the radar for so long,.

  8. Anonymous

    THC from Anonymous: For what is it worth, I think employers should get the book thrown at them for hiring illegals. They should be fined and jailed.

  9. springer

    How about this. REALLY enforce the border – fence, police, troops, whatever. STOP them coming across. Then offer a pathway to citizenship for those illegals here now. If they have not committed crimes, the adults can become citizens eventually but no vote for say ten years. For adult illegals in prison, when they get out, they get sent home, period. But when these illegals here presently are granted an opportunity to pursue a path to citizenship, it is ONLY for those here now, no extended family etc. I think this is a way to end this debate that most would support. The kids of course have committed no crime; only their parents have.

  10. Duh

    Illegal is Illegal. That doesn't mean the illegals cannot go back to there home country. Just because their government trashed their own country and people are killing each other doesn't make their status any less illegal. You allow the people to come in in droves, you also invite their cultural problems. What's the death toll on the border now from drug violence? You want that imported through Phx and ending up in Faaaago? I don't.

    DDC, you're smoking what they're bringing in. The Illegals left primarily because of the immigration reform. You don't have a TV in your cave? You didn't see all the protests? You didn't see all of the interviews where the Illegals stated that they were leaving precisely because of the immigration law? Read up before you spout off.

    1. DDC

      They started leaving before Arizona even passed their law. Most of the law was blocked by the courts before it even took effect. How do you explain that?

      The US side of the border is one of the safest places in America. The Mexican side is the dangerous one.

      The people are here. You're not going to stop them from coming and you're never going to be able to round them all up. The more enforcement there is, the further underground you push people and the less incentive they have to assimilate.

      Grow up. I'm trying to have an honest discussion about the issue. If you and Bill want to shout "amnesty!" and "racist!" at each other, that's fine by me, I'll leave you alone. If you want to educate yourself on the issue and figure out the best policy going forward, I'll be here.

      I'm very well read on the subject. I can debate with facts and statistics. Let's see your facts and statistics, not conjecture and interviews.

      Here's a great place for you to start:

      Central planning doesn't work. I have no idea why you think the government can control immigration when they can't do anything else effectively.

      It's called the free market. It'd be nice if we would try it sometime.

        1. DDC

          So, a bill that was signed on April 23rd and didn't even exist until January of 2010 caused illegals to leave the country from 2007 to 2010?

          Immigrants were leaving before the law was even written. Yeah, a few of them left Arizona and headed to Texas, California & New Mexico because of the Arizona law, but it really didn't have that big of an effect.

          Here's an explanation:

            1. DDC

              Dream Act is fine by me. Doesn't really fix anything, but better than doing absolutely nothing and is a (very small) step in the right direction .

              Not so hot on the AgJobs bill. It's not awful, but it adds unnecessary layers of bureaucracy to the system. Could conceivably make things worse.

              The one thing that worries me is that if the Dream Act or AgJobs passes, it'll be the end of the discussion on immigration and those two pieces of legislation don't really address the issue.

              I can't tell you how disappointed I am that the Democrats did nothing on immigration for the last two years. I held out some hope that they would and also that they might have done something positive on the civil liberties.

              1. Bill Fleming

                Yes, DDC, I share your disappointment. I was almost certain that human rights would be a high priority of the Obama administration, and am truly saddened that it appears not to be. Far too much pushing required. These things should have been an "of course, let's do that right away." Torture, Gitmo, DADT, Immigration… it's a pretty long list.

  11. duggersd

    Bill, some went home. Some went to other states that did not enforce the law. If all of the states enforce the law, then they will not have a place to go.
    THC, those are your legislators as well. I am all in favor of making it very uncomfortable for employers to hire illegals. Read my post.
    DDC, what Duh said.

  12. J Rae

    Just to liven things up a little bit. How much deficit spending should we undertake to secure the borders and round up those undocumented workers?

    THC, are you serious that SD doesn't have any legislation to punish employers who hire illegals? Suppose they'll have a remedy for that this year?

  13. Anonymous

    J Rae: Just to liven things up, how much are services to illegals contributing to the deficit in California and nationwide?

    1. J Rae

      I have no idea. But shouldn't we also include in that discussion how much of their wages they put back into the economy as consumers? Guessing many of them are also contributing to SSI and other payroll taxes that they will never see.

      So if we lose the undocumented workers in California's ag economy, how much higher would prices on groceries be increased?

      Don't have the answer to those either, but these are the questions that would be good to have factual answers to make smart decisions.

      And I still have no idea what a fence or manpower to round up and deport would cost.

      1. Anonymous

        OK — sounds good. If part if the discussion is the cost of closing hospitals because of free access to illegals who will never pay their bills…the sheriff in a huge (in area) southwestern county whose overtime budget that is totally busted because they have to assign a deputy to the hospital room of an injured illegal who commited a crime…and on and on and on…fine. Bring it on..

      2. springer

        The money paid in wages to illegals would be put back into the system anyway by LEGAL employees. As for their contributions via payroll taxes, if you claim 12 dependents and pay nothing in, that takes care of that argument. Free education, free medical care, little paid in taxes, higher costs for police etc and public defenders for the miscreants. Somehow I think the legal citizens of this country (i.e. taxpayers) come out on the short end of the stick here. We could afford quite a bit of border security for what illegals are costing us.

  14. Troy Jones

    I am more liberal than the average American with regard to finding a solution to the illegal immigration problem from both a compassion and justice perspective consistent with what I believe to be the American heritage of being an immigrant and pilgrim people.

    This said, the liberal focus on a solution designed to enhance their political prospects is driving me into the conservative camp on the immigration issue. At first, I lamented the reform of Sen. McCain's position. Now I understand.

  15. Duh

    illegals suck. It no different than practicing medicine, law without a license or any other situation where you claim to be somebody your not and other people pay for your mistakes (i.e. lost revenue, increased taxpayer burden, etc. Ilegal is illegal !!! Why the hell no one understands this or acknowledges this is complete lunacy.

  16. DDC

    Illegal is illegal, but if I were stuck in a cabin in the hills with no food and a rifle I’d shoot the first elk, mountain lion or deer that walked by whether it was legal or not.

    Bad laws make innocent people criminals. Let’s say I’m in South Carolina and mistakenly think that they recognize SD’s concealed weapon permit (they don’t, but North Carolina does). If I get pulled over and caught with my pistol concealed on me they’re going to confiscate it, throw me in jail for up to 10 years and fine me up to $10K. Does that sound like good idea to you? Illegal is illegal, right?

    Here’s a fact. The US is on an unsustainable course right now. Americans are having fewer and fewer children and a huge portion of the country is headed towards retirement. We can’t afford our Social Security and Medicare unfunded mandates and no one seems to want to do anything about it. Even the majority of tea partiers are saying not to touch them. If we have any hope of sustaining these transfer payments, we’re going to need more young workers to pay for it.

    Our current immigration system doesn’t work. We have a ridiculous quota system that allows us to only accept as many people from the countries to our north and south as we do from countries on the other side of the planet. A Mexican with a high school diploma would theoretically have to wait for 131 years to get into the US legally. Who’s going to even bother dealing with the system when you know there isn’t any hope for you to get through it? I’d walk through the desert myself before I would.

    There’s plenty of room here for anyone that wants to come. Jobs aren’t a zero-sum game. The more people we have here, the more people we need working. For every job that gets “stolen” by an illegal, another (higher-skilled) one is needed.

    Let’s set up a reasonable 5-10 year path to citizenship. Let’s give people an incentive to do things the right way and come through the front door where we can make sure they don’t have any mud on their boots, aren’t carrying diseases or bringing in drugs. Let’s give them an incentive to learn english and assimilate into American culture. Let’s bring them on the tax rolls. Let’s get them contributing more to our economy.

    When the worst thing that will happen to someone leaving a craphole like Mexico & most of Central/South America is that they’ll be sent back, you’ll never stop them from coming. There’s not a high enough fence in the world or enough troops to keep them from getting here.

  17. Les

    Good to hear you carry DDC!

    The phoniest part of the illegal argument is they are taking a job and if they were not here the employer would be forced to pay more for a US citizen.

    Sorry folks, hoeing beans will never reward comparatively to a PHD(post hole digger) and many like myself, personally do those jobs because we cannot afford to pay high wages for menial tasks.

    They also have talents not available in the US. My daughter had a crew stuccoing her house. They were hit head on by a couple kids that carried the party too far. She was not able to find anyone in the Hills area capable of doing the work.

    I know Mexican’s in many professional trades and I’m proud to consider them friend and American.

    I’ve also had two incidents of family and friend being hit by uninsured illegal drivers. The costs can be huge.

    Separating the wheat from the chaff is no easy matter in this case.


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