Noem Announces Statewide ‘All In’ Bus Tour

Noem Announces Statewide ‘All In’ Bus Tour

Kristi Noem today announced a three-day, 15-stop, statewide bus tour, which is set to kick-off on Saturday, November 3.

“We are excited,” said Noem. “We can feel the momentum building. People are tuning in, and they’re getting excited about bringing home a win on November 6.”

If you plan to cover any visit, please email


What: #Allin4Kristi / #GoDustyGo Rally in Webster
When: Saturday, November 3 / 9:20AM-10:00AM (CT)
Where: The Galley (230 US-12, Webster)

What: #Allin4Kristi / #GoDustyGo Rally in Aberdeen
When: Saturday, November 3 / 11:25AM-12:05PM (CT)
Where: First Assembly of God (1424 24th Ave NW, Aberdeen)

What: #Allin4Kristi / #GoDustyGo Rally in Redfield
When: Saturday, November 3 / 1:20PM-2:00PM (CT)
Where: Leo’s Good Food (602 N Main St, Redfield)

What: #Allin4Kristi / #GoDustyGo Rally in Huron
When: Saturday, November 3 / 3:20PM-4:00PM (CT)
Where: The Plains (960 4th St NE, Huron)

What: #Allin4Kristi / #GoDustyGo Rally in Miller
When: Saturday, November 3 / 5:20PM-6:00PM (CT)
Where: Miller Community Center (526 N Broadway Ave, Miller)

What: #Allin4Kristi / #GoDustyGo Rally in Pierre
When: Saturday, November 3 / 7:45PM-8:30PM (CT)
Where: Ramkota Hotel (920 W Sioux Ave, Pierre)


What: #Allin4Kristi Rally in Spearfish
When: Sunday, November 4 / 9:30AM-10:10AM (MT)
Where: Wilbur S. Tretheway Pavilion (115 S. Canyon St, Spearfish)

What: #Allin4Kristi Rally in Sturgis
When: Sunday, November 4 / 11:05AM-11:45AM (MT)
Where: Sturgis Community Center (1401 Lazelle St, Sturgis)

What: #Allin4Kristi Rally in Rapid City
When: Sunday, November 4 / 3:00PM-4:00PM (MT)
Where: First Assembly of God (4905 US-16 Srv Rd, Rapid City)


What: #Allin4Kristi Rally in Platte
When: Monday, November 5 / 9:35AM-10:15AM (CT)
Where: Dutch Oven Bakery (12 W 7th St, Platte)

What: #Allin4Kristi Rally in Mitchell
When: Monday, November 5 / 11:50AM-12:30PM (CT)
Where: Davidson County GOP (200 N Main St, Mitchell)

What: #Allin4Kristi Rally in Sioux Falls
When: Monday, November 5 / 2:10PM-3:10PM (CT)
Where: Holiday Inn Downtown (100 W 8th St, Sioux Falls)

What: #Allin4Kristi Rally in Brookings
When: Monday, November 5 / 4:35PM-5:15PM (CT)
Where: Research Park, Atrium (2301 Research Park Way, Brookings)

What: #Allin4Kristi Rally in Castlewood
When: Monday, November 5 / 6:30PM-7:10PM (CT)
Where: Kones Korner (18299 US-81, Castlewood)

What: #Allin4Kristi Rally in Watertown
When: Monday, November 5 / 8:00PM-8:40PM (CT)
Where: Watertown Christian School (15 12th Ave NE, Watertown)

32 Replies to “Noem Announces Statewide ‘All In’ Bus Tour”

      1. Anonymous

        She’s flailing around trying to maintain political power while ruthlessly attacking anyone who stands in her way.

        1. anonymous

          And Sutton is not? What about the Glover lady almost hissing when she says “Kristi Noem”. Or how about her being shown as a Washington politician taking money from special groups? If you are going to criticize, be fair to both sides.

      2. Anonymous

        Kristi has been working hard, much like the Dusty machine. She’s a TEAM player and she will govern like a winner because of it. Notice how she includes her running mate’s name on signs, brochures, stickers, etc.? Noem/Rhoden, what a team! Notice Sutton is the only name on his signs? So glad both Noem and Rhoden are recognized because of their own hard work and strong efforts over the years. Both came from tough circumstances. They aren’t riding on the coat tails of a prominent family name, or a grandpa who was in politics. AND I see Kristi and Dusty are campaigning as a team on Saturday’s bus tour! SD needs the strong Noem/Rhoden team. Kristi uses the term ‘we’ just as much as the word ‘I’. Go TEAM NOEM!

        1. Anonymous

          Lavallee has been working her butt off too. Sutton can’t show Michelle the respect she deserves and include her name on his signs? I’m starting to believe this talk about him being anti-woman. He’s pro-life so he wants to restrict a woman’s right to choose and he doesn’t have the decency to acknowledge his running mate’s efforts?

          This liberal lady has made her choice. Go Noem!

      1. Anonymous

        Jackley would be losing by double digits right now because Billie would have done the same to him that Kristi did. Kristi has a likability problem. So did Marty.

        Mickelson would be steam rolling if he could get out of a primary.

        1. Anon

          Mickelson will never be Governor. People saw his true colors with his abrupt left turn after he decided not to run this time.

    1. JKC

      Wow, all of this speculation on a Republican blog, how can it be? Unless the GOP already sees a big loss in ’18.

      2022 will be Gov. Sutton versus Ravnsborg. Jason will be your “Bottum” choice. Plus, it usually takes three losses before one gives up…..

      My guess Ten Haken will stay as mayor for two terms, that way 2026 will give him the opportunity for two choices: Rounds’ seat or Sutton’s.

      I would give Michaels a better shot than Mickelson for garnering the ’22 GOP gubernatorial nomination….. Or maybe a Michaels versus Mickelson fight would be the reason for Ravnsborg, who knows?…. Michaels is likable and would come up with a sharp response to Sutton’s compelling image, especially if he was running right now… #MichaelsAMissedOpportunity

      1. Anonymous

        I suspect after Kristi wins this election, Sutton may or may not run against her again in 2022. Sutton is probably angling at something and certainly got the name recognition he wanted. Will give us all more time to watch his record before he makes his next run.

    1. Anonymous

      Kristi is headed to Yankton Tuesday! Want to meet her? Ask her a question about the race for governor? Just learn about her plan for South Dakota? Please join Kristi at JoDean’s Steakhouse & Lounge (2809 Broadway Ave, Yankton) at 5:00PM on Tuesday, October 30. We hope to see you there!

      Hope this helps, found it on her FB page.

  1. Anonymous

    That is a grueling schedule. I’ll be impressed if she can maintain it. I can’t see her doing this if she knew she had it in the bag.

        1. Brian

          I agree Kristi and the GOP ticket will all win, but we need to HELP!

          Send them a last minute donation; make a few calls, knock on a few doors…hit like, share and comment on their social media pages…we can rest in a couple weeks when we get them across the finish line, don’t take anyone for granted and get them out to VOTE!

    1. Anonymous

      Grueling schedule? She’s been doing more grueling campaigning than this bus tour for weeks & months if you’ve seen her FB posts! She runs circles around Billy and there’s no way he could ever keep up with what she’s already done and what she plans to do. She’s more than maintaining, she’s leaving her opponent in the dust. Noem is a machine! Remember that when a serious issue comes up and you need results! She’ll ‘git ‘er done!’

    1. JKC


      We may disagree often, but this one is for you…. Enjoy….. 😉

      (Although, I do remember getting into a debate on this blog in the past over repetitive failed candidates, and especially the Democrat running for Speaker Ryan’s seat right now, and then I mentioned Reagan in that discussion thread, but I was then scolded by conservative friends on this site, because somehow Reagan was untouchable and above the fray and not a fair example of strikes hopefully turning into a homerun…Oh well, one must forgive…..(But how do you forget?)…. 🙂 )

    1. Nick

      Cook Political Report was the one that got all the attention for calling it a toss up. They still list it as a toss up.


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