Noem, Boehner event – update

Update: I heard that over 100 people attended the Noem fundraiser with John Boehner this morning. Fundraising is believed to be very healthy.

Dems get media attention:

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  1. grudznick

    I saw pancakes and that odd-looking young man with the strange undershirt talking about how the Democrats were shunned out and not allowed.

    I was shunned too. If these Democrats were to have contributed, I assume they would be allowed in, just as I’m sure I would have been allowed in if I were invited.

    Whiners. I can’t stand whiners. And that young man with the skin problem seems to be nothing but a whiner. BAH.

    1. Job Creator

      Under Obamacare, that guy will be able to get his skin problem in check, thanks to your tax dollars, Grudznick. I’m sure he will thank you for the medical care. I bet people have said about you that you are so generous, you would give a man the shirt of your back…. Maybe that’s the answer to your problem with what his shirt said.

    2. SDMike

      If he was to claim he was from south of the Texas border he would free health care right now at the new clinic for illigal aliens – but remember its creating jobs!!

      1. yoyoyoyoyo

        what clinic is that?

        Most free healthcare for aliens and others without insurance is typically life saving…not preventative. you cant see a dermatoligist without paying, but you can have a life saving emergency room operation. Heart condition? you wont receive help until you have the heart attack…

  2. duh

    Anon: How is raising money anyway you can a disappointment to the working class? what would make you feel better, a chili feed? A pie sale? Maybe a car wash? You make no sense. Politics is expensive. The anointed one charged 35,000 dollars per couple not 3 weeks ago. Oblabla raised 16,000,000 dollars in 1 weekend doing high test fundraisers. I’ve seen many democratic fundraisers in 500-2,500 dollar range. This is just idiotic blather.

  3. grudznick

    I like chili and pie.

    If you have a feed of either that you don’t mind old guys that can’t stand for a long time working at, and maybe sniffing a taste or two, let me know.

  4. duh

    Whatever that means, don’t know, don’t care. I’m not the many pinheads invading this conservative website on a per minute basis rambling nonstop. Get a life. Thats funny considering in 2012 droves of pinheads will not only have to get lives, but jobs.

  5. Anonymous

    I heard they raised nearly $100,000. Noem looked really bad. If the Dems could run a decent candidate she would need every penny to win reelection.

  6. mhs

    Horrible staff work, Kristie was poorly served. Not allowing any media interviews was just plain stupid. What, Boehner can’t handle questions from the ruthless SD press? You gotta be kidding. As a result, the only story for them to run with is the Dems pancakes and “GOP is for the rich”. Amateur hour.

  7. Anonymous

    The Argus story says Kristi canceled her Thursday appearance at Dakotafest because of the Tuesday death of a 13 year old friend of the family in a horse riding accident.

    It’s good that Rep. Noem canceled her Thursday public event but kept her private country club fundraiser on the schedule. Nobody would want such a tragedy to interfere with what’s most important. The press simply had to be kept away so that nobody would get the wrong idea that Rep. Noem was engaging in festivities and enjoying herself at such a sad time.

  8. Duh

    Very true. It’s all a matter of perspective. I have no doubt what some may think was a huge deal, it’s another day for Boehner and others at his level.

  9. BF

    False. We once went up against ChemNuclear who put $2 million into trying to get a nuclear waste dump in Edgemont. Our team had $16,000. We destroyed them. South Dakota is not for sale.

  10. old guy

    I just came from a round table event Kristi held in Pierre. The place was packed. I didn’t vote for her but have to say Kristi did a very good job both in running the meeting and questions to the Corp. The star of the elected officials was Pierre mayor Laurie Gill.

  11. Duh

    ANON 8:53. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Kristi got notice of the death AFTER the MCC event. What is sadder than what you profess are idiots that know how to use computers.

  12. Lee Schoenbeck

    Madville says 75 people showed up for the free pancakes. When I practiced law in Webster, we could have an open house with free coffee and cookies and get more people than that. In SF, I suspect they got 65 people that wanted free pancakes, 5 people to fix them, and 5 that wanted to hear the speeches. Kristi should be very worried.


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