Noem Commits to National Guard Readiness Center Construction

Noem Commits to National Guard Readiness Center Construction

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Kristi Noem today applauded the state legislature’s passage of HB1043, which would authorize the construction of a National Guard Readiness Center at the Rapid City Regional Airport, and committed to the center’s construction, if elected governor.

“South Dakota has a proud history of service in the National Guard,” said Noem. “Whether responding to devastating natural disasters at home or fighting terrorism abroad, the South Dakota National Guard has answered the call. It is our fundamental responsibility, then, to make certain they have the skills, training and tools necessary to remain safe while accomplishing the mission. I have the deepest respect and gratitude for those who have volunteered as Guardsmen and women, and if elected governor, will remain committed to completing the National Guard Readiness Center in Rapid City.”

Located near the Rapid City Regional Airport, the new Army National Guard Readiness Center would provide an additional 48,000 square feet of space for soldiers.

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11 Replies to “Noem Commits to National Guard Readiness Center Construction”

    1. JR

      Why would this surprise you- members of Congress are the masters of taking credit for things they have nothing to to with. They are especially good at using vets and law enforcement as stage props for their photo ops. It is just how they roll.

  1. Anonymous

    Watch her closely. When she wins, she’ll govern nothing like the conservative she’s running as.

    1. Anonymous


      The problem is that Marty caught her flat footed and she is hurting right now.

      She has more money than Jackley. But she’s not spending it and the calendar window is shrinking. The smaller the calendar the less her larger war chest matters. Especially if she doesn’t have a ground game.

      Jackley is dominating.

      1. Anonymous

        Jackley is dominating Hughes and Meade counties and that is about it. This race will not even be that close. I appreciate all of her press releases, it is time that we get to know our next Governor better.

  2. WR

    Jackley trolls, did you read the release? She “…applauded the state legislature…” and said she would support it if elected governor. It doesn’t appear that she’s trying to take credit for anything.
    Session is the perfect opportunity to weigh in on issues and give us a sense of how she would govern. As an undecided voter, I find value in these releases.

        1. Anonymous

          She and Tapio send out a lot of press releases.

          DC politicians and wannabees spend way too much time sending out press releases about something that they had nothing to do with.