Noem earns recognition from top business organizations

noem_kristi_logo kristi noem headshot May 21 2014NOEM EARNS RECOGNITION FROM TOP BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS

Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD) has been recognized as a leading voice for businesses across South Dakota, earning accolades and endorsements from key business organizations. 

Endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in her campaign for re-election, Rep. Noem has been a consistent vote for common sense pro-business legislation to reduce excessive government regulation and to help create new jobs. 

“As a former small business owner, I know how hard it can be when Washington gets in the way, so I’ve tried to protect businesses from a growing government,” said Rep. Kristi Noem. “In 2015, I earned a seat on the powerful Ways and Means Committee, where we’ve been extremely focused on reforming our tax code and building an Opportunity Economy. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy in South Dakota, and I am grateful for the support of so many business leaders from across our great state.” 

“Congresswoman Kristi Noem has been a consistent, strong voice for South Dakota small businesses,” said NFIB/South Dakota State Director Lindsey Riter-Rapp. “In her most recent term, she stood with small business owners on every critical vote. She has voted to relieve small businesses from the burdens of high taxes, excessive regulations, and Obamacare. We want to see her back in Congress next year.”  

Tom Donohue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber said about Rep. Noem in his endorsement, “We believe that your re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives will help produce sustained economic growth, help create jobs, and get our country back on track.”

“Rep. Noem has consistently fought to promote pro-housing policies that will spur job and economic growth, promote homeownership and provide rental housing opportunities,” said National Association of Home Builders Chairman Ed Brady

Kristi Noem has been endorsed for her support for business by: 

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  • National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)


3 Replies to “Noem earns recognition from top business organizations”

  1. Anonymous

    Is there really any doubt that she is running for Governor? Jackley might make a good LG for her. Mickelson is toast and that is the main reason I would support Noem running. I don’t want Mickelson or Tony V in that office anymore.

  2. Anonymous

    Yea! More recognition for someone who thumbed her nose at the law by speeding. And not paying her outstanding fines until she was called on the carpet. Go, Kristi, go!

  3. Jarrod Johnson

    Very glad for her concerning this accolade. I would be very curious to hear of Ms. Noem’s take on commodity prices right now. Perhaps in one of her prior weekly pieces she has covered this already.