Noem Earns Seat on Tax Reform Conference Committee

Noem Earns Seat on Tax Reform Conference Committee

Washington, D.C. – Rep. Kristi Noem was today named to the Tax Reform Conference Committee, a small group of lawmakers who have been tasked with completing tax reform negotiations.

“There’s almost no federal policy that has a bigger impact on families’ day-to-day lives than the tax code,” said Noem. “In tax reform, we’re talking about giving folks a break at those critical life milestones, such as when they grow their family, buy a home, start a business, or pass that business down to their children. We’re also talking about improving things on a broader scale so wages rise and more jobs open up in our hometowns. While there are differences between the two versions, I’m optimistic we’re coming at this with a united front, striving for the same vision of stronger families and a stronger future for all Americans.”

Noem’s entry into public service came after her family was hit by the Death Tax following a farm accident that took her dad’s life. Noem went on to serve in the South Dakota State Legislature where she was appointed to the House Taxation Committee. Following her election to the U.S. House, Noem served on a series of committees, including the House Agriculture Committee where she successfully negotiated the 2014 Farm Bill as a member of that Conference Committee. In 2015, Noem earned a seat on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, the first South Dakotan in history to do so.

Today, Noem is a leading voice in support of the Death Tax repeal. Earlier this year, conservative, anti-tax leader Grover Norquist explained Noem’s “hard work and persistence has made our progress to date possible and is our greatest asset in the serious fight to kill the Death Tax once and for all.” The House’s tax reform proposal includes a full and permanent repeal of the Death Tax, which is based on Noem’s legislation.

Additionally, Noem, a mother to three, has become the leading advocate for a pro-family tax policy, working closely with the administration to dramatically increase the Child Tax Credit and related family provisions. She also fought to save the Child Care Credit, an important provision to a state like South Dakota in which more than 80 percent of moms work.

Noem has also championed the exclusion of the Indian Health Service’s Student Loan Repayment program from tax as well as pro-agriculture provisions relating to interest deductibility and expensing.


25 Replies to “Noem Earns Seat on Tax Reform Conference Committee”

  1. anon1

    Awesome!! Congratulations, Kristi!! It’s pretty impressive that the one South Dakotan in a group of 435 can earn such an important spot as this.

    Get it done! This tax reform was long overdue.

    1. David Barranco

      Good point. It’s a huge honor — and well deserved — that U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem performs this crucial role. She’s right that Congress must “improve things on a broader scale so wages rise and more jobs open up in our hometowns.” I honestly believe, despite its imperfections, that the proposed tax reforms will create jobs.

      Of course, it’ll be a challenge to reconcile the differing Senate and House bills — to keep what’s best and create a productive synthesis. I recall Noem’s comments (regarding the Women, Peace, and Security Act, which Trump singed into law) that women are especially good negotiators: “We know women can be influential forces. Women are able to use their influence to produce more sustainable outcomes during conflict resolution. Simply put, if women sit at the negotiating table, peaceful compromise is more likely.”

      I’m glad Kristi brings her talents and abilities to this committee. Moreover, I’m encouraged when she says that she (and her congressional colleagues) “are coming at this with a united front, striving for the same vision of stronger families and a stronger future for all Americans.”

  2. Anonymous

    Do you think Rep. Noem was appointed to the committee because she’s a lame duck? Her reputation no longer matters.

    1. Anonymous

      That is an excellent point. Kristi has a ton of respect with leadership in Congress, both new and old. She has developed strong allies all over the country, an asset that will be great for South Dakota when she is Governor.

  3. Anonymous

    Great thinking , Springy. Cut MEDICAID, too so every nursing home in the state closes. Hope you like to wait six hours to get into an emergency room because thousands have dropped their healthcare insurance. Do you even think about what you say? Or do you just like to say Obummer?

    1. JimV

      Anon @5:46…..Who would disagree with what you point out? However, you do not have one past or present fact to support your comments. Please show me the proof. In fact your comments are nothing more than liberal talking points to protect the status quo and further a policy that has failed miserablity to achieve it’s stated goals. Frankly I’m put off by your misplaced contentiousness and refusal to engage in true forward progress.

      1. KM

        JimV – You’re going to be waiting a long time for your proof. Why? Because you are right, nothing more than liberal talking points…

        1. Michael Wyland

          I once worked for a GOP Member of Congress. Later, I was an officer of the Young Republicans (YRNF) (adults under age 40 not in college) at the local, state, and national level. I’ve never registered to vote as anything other than Republican, and I’ve run for office as a Republican. I’m a Life Member of the RNC.

          All that makes me no better than anyone else. I hope it does establish my credentials as a Republican.

          There was a time when being a Republican (or a Democrat, for that matter) was independent of one’s conservatism or liberalism. Nelson Rockefeller was a liberal Republican and Henry “Scoop” Jackson was a Democrat “hawk” as recently as the 1970s and 1980s.

          As we all know, party affiliation has become much more aligned with conservative-liberal identity in the past three decades. Now there are almost no liberal Republicans and fewer moderate Republicans; there are almost no conservative Democrats and fewer moderate Democrats.

          When Newt Gingrich came to USD several years ago, I remember his echoing William F. Buckley when talked about supporting “the most conservative candidate *who can win* election.” [Emphasis mine.] The illogical end of ideological purity as criteria for inclusion is the description Garrison Keillor uses in “Lake Wobegon Days” of the Protestants who argued over dogma so much that, ultimately, there were countless “congregations” of 3 people meeting in homes rather than one, or a few, congregations.

          Ronald Reagan is quoted as saying that someone who supports him 80% of the time isn’t an enemy or turncoat – they’re a friend and ally.

          I don’t know what “Conservative Review” says about Kristi Noem or anyone else. I perform my own analyses and reach my own conclusions, knowing that no one can be trusted to be all things to all people – especially if they say everything I agree with.

    1. David Barranco

      Saw Kristi on national TV today – she did a great job explaining & discussing the tax reform negotiations/ conference committee.

  4. Michael Wyland

    It does speak to her credibility and the respect she gets from her colleagues and, especially, House leadership. Unfortunately, it’s hard to explain this to people who aren’t political wonks and who measure influence by how often you’re quoted in news stories and how much money you bring back to your Congressional district (or state, in Kristi’s case).

    Remember: In 1996, Larry Pressler was in line for the chairmanship of the Senate Commerce Committee (which John Thune currently chairs). Pressler had also scored a “home run” by shepherding the Telecommunications Act through the Senate. It wasn’t enough. Pressler was defeated and John McCain became chairman of Senate Commerce. The winner? Tim Johnson, who took 5 House terms to reach a subcommittee chairmanship, only to have to switch subcommittees because Democratic policy and the first chairmanship were in conflict with South Dakota opinion.

    And, of course, Thune defeated Daschle, who was Senate Minority Leader at the time and who had been Senate Majority Leader.

    The voters don’t care about clout in DC – they care about what you’ve done that makes their lives better and/or aligns with their opinions and values.

    1. KM

      Some voters care about the clout in DC and then share those thoughts with others who only care about what’s been done to better their lives.

      Noem may have earned this position, but when we know there are other factors that may have helped her, what does it matter? I watched a documentary, on TheBlaze, about legislators required to raise a certain amount of money before they are even considered for positions similar to what Noem has received. Pay-for-play type situation.

      If Noem and others were voting for Republication/Conservative values, why does her Conservative Review score say she’s actually very liberal?

      1. Anonymous

        KM: “If Noem and others were voting for Republication/Conservative values, why does her Conservative Review score say she’s actually very liberal?”

        Please provide a source for you comment. Can’t say that I have EVER seen Kristi Noem listed as “Very Liberal” on any Conservative Review score. I have serious doubts your statement is credible.

          1. Anonymous

            Just another far right organization, cherry picking their far right issues.Their scorecard ranks right up there with the Citizens for Liberty Scorecard. Unreliable and meaningless.

            1. KM

              Keep telling yourself that. Have you done any research on Conservative Review and their scorecard research? Nope.

              Gov’t control, abortion, taxes, education…cherry picking? Please.

              I understand Leftists think Conservative principles are “far-right”, your response is typical. Is CR as far-right as, let’s say, Richard Spencer? Make sure to get your identity politics in order before you answer.

              I wonder who you think represent the far-left?

          2. Michael Wyland

            My apologies for inexact language above. What I meant was that Conservative Digest appears to think Noem is the best of a bad South Dakota group. CD’s opinion is *not* the same as mine. See my 12/5/17 1:24 p.m. comment in this discussion for more context. Thanks!

        1. KM

          See Mr. Wyland’s post below.

          Or you could do your own research.
          Search Engine…Conservative Review Scorecard.

          Mr. Wyland, I had a response for you, when I tried to post it, the page had timed out, which happens a lot.

  5. mike

    Amazing she wants to be Governor but doesn’t hold any town hall meetings like the other cowards in the senate.

    1. Michael Wyland

      I think the reason so many legislators are using alternate town hall methodologies (like telephone town halls either with out without invitation) is implied in the above statement. There’s too much violent rhetoric and rising actual violence against elected officials.

      Anyone – right, left, or other – who thinks that a town hall is an opportunity to protest, shout, and stop an elected official from speaking is part of the access problem. Dispute and disagreement are fine, and can be expressed without infringing on others’ rights or causing them to fear for their safety. And that’s aside from the potential liability issues associated with a public event where violence is a foreseeable potential outcome.

  6. Anonymous

    Sorry, Jim V. My response to your request for sources has been blocked because it exposes the tax bill.

  7. KM

    Mr. Wyland, I appreciate and respect your thoughts. There was a time when an “R” next to a politician’s name meant something, represented principles agreed upon. Not so much anymore. As I love to learn from the past and do believe history can and will repeat it’s self, times have changed. If we continue to live with the hopes of another R.Reagan, we will continue to get walked all over.

    Democrats use identity politics, making minorities victims, women victims, LGBTQ victims and Christians are not to be tolerated. Republicans vote for the murder of babies. You share those same values, murder of babies? I certainly don’t. Hannity said it best about the Republican party. They left me, I didn’t walk away from them.

    Did you see Flake gave a donation to Jones? What does that say about the Republican party? How about Thune? He asks Moore to step aside, but not Conyer or Franken? And on top of it, the RNC now supports Moore? Contradiction?

    You do your own research, as do I. How do you get information without multiple sources? Conservative Review’s scorecard is exactly that, a conservative perspective of a voting record. CR is very well respected. People think Noem isn’t Liberal because they don’t do their homework. Just as you said, it’s about what has helped them.

    Many leaders in WH and Pierre are lying and are out of touch with SD. For example, Noem claims to be conservative, but we see pics of her with wind turbines in the bckgrnd. That’s pretty liberal and Lincoln county voters recently rejected the “Go Green” lies; out of touch? At our Thanksgiving dinner, there was a running bet about Thune, is he a Democrat or a Republican? People are fed up with the manipulation, being told we’re victims and our children are being raised to be rapists.

    Principles don’t seem to exist much in the RNC anymore.