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Kristi Noem

From Noem press release:

–Raises Over $1 Million So Far This Year– SIOUX FALLS, SD?

U.S. Representative Kristi Noem (R-SD) continued her record-pace fundraising momentum into the Third Quarter of 2011 by bringing her total raised for the cycle to over $1 million. In the most recent quarter, from July 1 to September 30, Noem raised $285,097 and retains $790,224 cash on hand.

Noem has raised $1,065,859 total this cycle. ?I?m focused on ensuring we have the resources needed to effectively communicate our message when the time comes to campaign next year.  We have set high goals and we are hitting them,? said Noem.

At this point during the 2010 campaign cycle, then-incumbent Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin had raised a total of $315,081.

Rep. Kristi Noem-
Raised This Quarter: $285,097
Total Raised This Cycle: $1,065,859
Cash On Hand: $790,224
South Dakota Donors: 77 percent

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  1. Anonymous

    Noem gets 58-60% of the vote in ’12. Nothing to sneeze at or toot her horn about.

    I feel like it’s going to be a contentious issue based election and people will take sides.

    It will not be a puff cake race like Thune from ’96-’00 or SHS from ’06 and ’08.

  2. name

    Not that I care either way but why doesn’t her press release read “Castlewood, SD” or “Watertown, SD” instead of “Sioux Falls, SD?”

  3. Verb

    Apparently Noem is operating under the assumption that money can buy elections even if it won’t help her rent competency.

    1. Anonymous

      She will have a lot more accomplishments when Obama is gone and Thune has control of the Senate.

      Look out Heidelbergerwithfries!

      1. Anonymous

        A state owned railroad line between Mitchell and Chamberlain is currently being rebuilt so farmers will have more options of moving their crops to larger markets for a better return on their yields. And because the rail restoration is happening, a large grain elevator operation is under construction between White Lake and Kimball. It will use the restored line to move large unit trains of grain. The Congresswoman who successfully secured funding for the rail project: Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin. What has Kristi Noem done for South Dakota? Get an overrated ‘leadership’ position that does nothing for our state. And held meetings on bugs. She promoted herself as someone who would bring change to Washington. Anonymous at 10:28 a.m. stated Noem will get a lot more accomplished when Obama is gone. Why would Noem need Obama out of the way when she convinced people she would bring change? the only thing that I can see she’s good at is raising money to get re-elected. That seems to be the only important thing on her agenda.

  4. Anonymous

    CH she voted against medicare and wouldn’t doubt she will try to get rid of social security if she gets another term.

  5. anon

    What is with them putting in the amount SHS raised? Are noems people really that worried? It’s getting old seeing how afraid of SHS they are. Noem is strong.

    It also doesn’t hurt that thune doesn’t need money.

      1. LJDAM

        The Georgetown princess is at home with her Texan husband where they both live and work, DC…

        Type Tom Daschle’s name, or SHS’s, here as much as you want, it isn’t even academic to discuss either as relevant to SD politics.

        If either were, we would be discussing the status of their much needed efforts to fund a campaign. They both lost because South Dakotans became aware that they were both more of DC than from SD.

        1. name

          Do you think if SHS comes back and defeats Noem that Noem will go back to her “ranch” or do you think Noem will try to get a job on Fox News?

          Knowing both women like I do I would just let you know that Noem and Herseth-Sandlin are not all that different from one another.

          SHS wasn’t that liberal and Noem isn’t that conservative. You can pretend SHS is a flamer and Cory Heidelberger can pretend that Noem is a TEA PARTIER but neither are right. But if that is what makes people feel good then so be it.

          And as someone who voted for Diedrich, Diedrich, Whalen, Lien and Noem I believe SHS would win a rematch against Noem in the right year. Not because Noem isn’t a strong candidate but because she is serving at a time that is extremely polarizing.

          1. LJDAM

            Well, there you have it… As long as you know them both, have it on the best authority, and are on the record about it… what’s there to doubt?

  6. Lee Schoenbeck

    Remember the good old days when only our friend Bill Flemming posted the Dem perspective here, and the other 7 talked to themselves on Dakota Blue or something like that. Now I feel like I need to get some cheese everytime I read the blog, just to go with their whine.

    We have a new Congresswoman, and people like her, get over it (or bring better whine to the party)

  7. Anon

    SHS had 6 years to do some things for SD. Noem has been in there less than one year, and you expect her to have a record of doing a lot for SD. Wait another year or two and she will surpass SHS.

    1. Job Creator

      Of all the things I remember noem doing since she’s been there is her vote to give crude oil speculators an income tax break. They manipulated the market. They cost South Dakota farmers, ranchers, business owners and families a couple billion. And noem wants to give them an income tax break. That’s something I’m going to remember – and that most people in here (would rather) and will forget.

    1. Scarecrow

      Obama had one of the greatest oppurtunities to be a great president. The Dems had total control of the senate and house plus the presidency. All he has done is alienate people who expected him to decrease the hyperpartisan crap in DC.

      Is Nome hyper partisan? I don’t know. Personally I think she is in there for herself and toots her own horn most of the time.

      Daugaard is a true public servant. Daugaard right now is the Republican in SD I am most impressed with.

      1. Anonymous

        As a non-Republican I have to agree. At least Daugaard aspires to do something other than be a caretaker governor. His vision for a balanced budget is a positive change from Mike Rounds’ vision for a new governor’s mansion, a new plane, and 7 years of structural deficits.

  8. Anonymous

    The thing with Noem is if you like squishy people who play it safe and want to be popular then she is your gal.

    If you are a conservative like me she isn’t going to be your Paul Ryan, Allen West or Marco Rubio.

  9. Duh

    The reason SHS is mentioned (which I don’t like) is because the dems have absolutely no one to run. I assume the dems are hoping that if they keep saying her name enough, SHS will turn around and run. Hard to do when you’re negative in the wallet.

    Kristi would be more productive if every second of every day wouldn’t have to be spent shooting down the horrible ideas from the worst President ever.

    1. Anonymous

      Really? Kristi works every minute of every day? I thought they only work about 3 days a week in congress. I bet Kristi spends more time on the cocktail circuit than she spends working.


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