Noem gets seat on Ag committee

Rep. Noem’s office announced the freshman congresswomen will add another committee to her duties — the Ag committee.

Good for Noem.  Will this improve her ability to do her job for SD?  I’m inclined to suggest she was able to do just fine on Ag issues without the committee assignment….that being said — her addition to the committee puts a smart, experienced farmer/rancher at the table as discussions about the next Farm Bill start.

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  1. Guard

    Yah, an “experienced farmer/rancher” who will make darn sure that federal government subsidy money and the subsidy money for the crop insurance companies keeping rolling on into their coffers for the next 2 years while everyone else is expected to sacrifice their benefits for fiscal prudence in a time when everyone (including crop insurance companies) should be sacrificing. I guess Medicare recipients, the hard-working responsible ones who have paid into the system with their earnings their entire lives should just suck it up and have the program turned into another abused and fraudulent program run by another crooked insurance company. That’s what FOX News’s Representative Noem wants by supporting that disastorous Ryan Budget. But, make no mistake, her cash cow will continue to get milked.

  2. anonymous

    I don’t think Stephanie Herseth is relevant anymore.

    This will be known as the day Herseth officially lost her rematch. Her elected career in politics is over from this day forward.

  3. anon

    The Dems don’t have anyone who can challenge her. I have heard Turbak Barries name from Watertown mentioned and do think she’d be the best option for them but realisticly Noem is cleaning up right now.

    1. caheidelberger

      Cleaning up? With what broom? She hasn’t done anything! You guys are all image and no substance. SHow me one solid accomplishment so far. Call me when she makes one solid accomplishment on the ag committee — and if all she does is protect farm subsidies, crop insurance, ethanol subsidies, and other big-government handouts to South Dakota farmers, I will laugh very, very hard.

  4. cornerstone

    The Dems r done. Nesselfluff couldn’t even organize an anti noem Medicare rally at het town halls. They can’t even cheerlead right so how do they expect to win anything? Oh I know… send out another press release…

    1. Name

      This is especially true for her supporters. To check either one of her Facebook pages makes one quite concerned for the the writing skills of people in South Dakota.

      1. anonymous

        Yeah the Ryan Plan is supposedly really unpopular with Dems and Nesselhuf couldn’t even organize an anti Noem rally. What does that say about Noem’s standing? She’s kicking butt.

        Obamacare must have been really unpopular since the tea party organized itself without GOP support in organization.

        The D’s are pathetic…

        1. Name

          You may be a member of the same party as Mr. Quayle, but that is no excuse for poor grammar.

          “Yes, the Ryan Plan is supposedly very unpopular with Democrats and Mr. Nesselhuf couldn?t even organize an Anti-Noem rally. What does that say about Ms. Noem?s standing? She?s ahead.
          The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 must have been very unpopular since the Tea Party organized itself without GOP support in organization. (In fact this sentence is not true).

          The Democrats are pathetic.”

          I believe that was at least ten corrections.

  5. Guard

    Please, get Stephanie back in there. This woman, Kristi has managed to screw things up so bad in just 4 months that it took Steph 6 1/2 years to build. We have lost our voice for the veterans, we have lost our voice for responsible tax payers, we have lost our voice for South Dakota and for what? A Fox News talking piece. 2012 can not come soon enough.

    1. Ron

      What did SHS do and how did Rep. Noem dismantle it in four months? If that is truly the case, then perhaps SHS didn’t do such a good job in the first place.

  6. Guard

    As for “cruising to victory” lol….Stephanie could comeback and kick Noem’s but in heart beat, especially after the 2% swing voters are waking up to the fact that Kristi was never ready for this job.

  7. Duh

    one thing remains constant, when pinheads don’t have a valid comment or observation to make, they start their personal attacks. Grammar? Get real. 50% of these last pinhead posts had errors. What a joke you all are.

  8. anon

    Well we all know Varilek has senatorial experience if he runs against Noem since he and his fellow colleagues have been making the decisions for Senator Johnson since 2008.

    Johnson wasn’t all bad until this term and he’s totally gone liberal.

  9. Charlie Hoffman

    I know Kristi Noem personally. After spending two years sitting in meetings with her, talking to her about her family and life, and arguing the finer points of law I differed with her on, came to the conclusion that treating her with respect always would be my best choice. In the legislative sessions we worked together she was articulate, outspoken on important issues, snappy but fair, and extremely hard working. Though we like to call all politicians in DC stupid and out of touch and arrogant most of them get there through hard work and touching base with many in their home districts. It is obvious to me that the pols in DC see the same thing in Kristi Noem that I saw here at home in Pierre working for all of SD. She is still working for all of SD but with a national scope of authority and a masters of agriculture as her backbone. At the end of the day what the majority of South Dakotans want is someone who cares and listens and responds and one whom mostly votes and does what we sitting around the coffee table would do.

    And I guarantee you that when a crisis occurs she won’t need to look at a manual printed by some engineer to figure out what to do. That is what growing up in rural SD did for her and impresses the hell out of those DC pols.


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