Noem going to report $260k raised, $1.3M in the bank. Will Paula Hawks be a serious candidate…. or “Corinna Light?”

Tomorrow – October 15th – fundraising reports for the third quarter are due for federal candidates to be sent in to the Federal Election’s Commission (the FEC). And the world will know if Paula Hawks is a nominally serious candidate, or if her fundraising total will be more like a re-run of Corinna Robinson’s effort. Like Corinna 2.0, or as we might call her “Corinna Light”

kristi noem headshot May 21 2014I bring it up, because I got a preview this morning of what Kristi Noem is going to report.  What am I hearing? I’m hearing that Congresswoman Kristi Noem continues her solid, steady pace and is building an intimidating war chest.

Although intimidating might not be strong enough an adjective. Bone-crushing? Campaign-ending-for -Hawks?

I’m told that Noem raised $260,000 for July, August & September, giving her an incredible $1,345,000 cash on hand.  (Take that, Paula Hawks!)

The $260k raised includes $50,000 that was raised at a Sioux Falls fundraiser in August with IMG_1921Congressman Paul Ryan who is Kristi’s committee chairman on the ways and means committee, and quite possibly the next speaker of the House.

There’s no indication that Kristi is slowing down, or taking things for granted.

On the opposite hand, this is the time when Hawks should be able to show what she was able to collect from friends, family, and the Democrat faithful as she gears up for running a campaign.  A bad showing here is going to set the pace for the rest of the campaign cycle.

Hawks_videoShould Hawks come up short…  well, let’s just say it’s not going to reflect well on her ability to convince others that she could be in Congress, or that she’s worth investing in as a candidate.

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  1. crossgrain

    Black Hills Harley-Davidson $10,800
    Blackstone Group $10,800
    Impala Asset Management $10,000
    Honeywell International $8,000
    PricewaterhouseCoopers $7,500
    UBS AG $7,500
    Wall Drug Store $7,400
    Orthopedic Institute $6,000
    National Assn of Insurance & Financial Advisors $5,500
    1st Financial Bank USA $5,400
    Bluestem Capital $5,400
    Dlorah Inc $5,400
    First Premier Bank $5,400
    Kirby Financial $5,400
    Lewis Drug $5,400
    LG Everist Co $5,400 $
    Meier Group $5,400
    Moyle Petroleum $5,400
    Peterson Managemen t $5,400
    Western Oilfields Supply $5,400

    Who needs friends and family when you’ve got backers like this?!

    1. @SoDakCampaigns Post author

      You forgot a part: The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organizations’ PACs, their individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.

      Yes, I’d bet long time supporter & former Lt. Gov Steve Kirby (Bluestem) gave, as well as Tom Everist (LG Everist), as well as some Hustead’s (Wall Drug). To try to characterize it as her being ‘owned’ by a local Harley Davidson dealership is disingenuous and plain silly.

      1. crossgrain

        Is it silly? I’m sure Mr. Everist and the Hustead clan rather support Kristi’s stance on the “death tax” and a number of other issues. Do you think she’ll pay more attention to the guy who owns the Harley dealership, or the guys who clean the toilets at the Harley dealership?

        1. Anderbilt

          What a ridiculous question. Everything is situational. If the man who cleans the toilets had a problem only his Congressional office could solve, he’d be as free to contact them as anyone. Let’s examine the Democrats private sector donor base. Oh, that’s right. There is none. Just Soros and out of state PACs and unions, and a ton of untrackable $99 donations.

          1. crossgrain

            Dunno. I guess I’m talking policy, not an appointment to the Naval Academy. If you’re comfortable with your elected representative collecting this cash from the sources I listed, and believe firmly in your soul that she’s not beholden to the money, I guess there’s not much I can do for you. Go back to sleep. Or wake up. Whatever.

            1. Ymous

              Your saying democrats don’t accept money from unions or other liberal groups but with pure intentions?
              You really didn’t think this through junior. Go play at the kids table please.

              1. crossgrain

                I made no mention of party, nor did I impugn the GOP over the Dems. The money worship and pandering to the donor class are a serious problem regardless of political stripe. I no more want the Screen Actors Guild running the country than I do Goldman-Sachs.

        2. Anonymous

          Kristi is very popular in SD and in DC.

          I remember when Rounds ran for Senate he couldn’t transfer the leftover money from his state Governor’s campaign account for a federal race. Can Kristi transfer the federal money to a state account for a governor’s campaign?

          Trying to clarify because some people say yes and others say no.

    2. Anonymous

      Let’s see; if Hawks can raise money would her list of donors be as follows?:

      Baby Killers R Us (a/k/a Planned (Non) Parenthood)
      Miley Cyrus
      Lady Gaga
      San (Sanctuary City) Francisco
      Fidel and Raul Castro
      Bernie Sanders’ FreedomSucks PAC

  2. Anonymous

    Noem also had a Sioux Falls fundraiser earlier in the summer a few months before the Paul Ryan deal. I wasn’t there but heard it was well attended. She must have raised more like 100,000 out of Sioux Falls.

  3. Praying Ladies

    Our little sewing group just thinks the world of miss Noem. We are awfully lucky to have her, and each of us looks forward to seeing her win against this Hawks woman. We will keep sewing for Kristi and fulfill our fundraising pledge. God bless America!


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