Noem lets GOP Leadership have it. No one knows how to chew you out like a mom.


I recall on rare occasions, my mom might have expressed disappointment and unhappiness with me, as I’m sure your mothers have done so with you, dear readers.  And I know that when Mrs. PP gets going, it’s time to stand back.

Imagine that laser-like disappointment and unhappiness now focused on House GOP Leadership over the Farm Bill, as Congresswoman Kristi Noem apparently chewed some major butt with House GOP Leadership, according to this story from politico:

Fallout from the farm bill’s failure is erupting behind closed doors.

Almost a week after Republicans failed to pass the nearly $1 trillion, five-year agricultural package through the House, Speaker John Boehner and other GOP leaders are feeling the heat from frustrated lawmakers sick of screw-ups.

Republican Reps. Kristi Noem of South Dakota and Kevin Cramer of North Dakota separately stood up at a GOP meeting Wednesday and confronted their leadership about its bumbling legislative strategy and inability to figure out a way forward on the massive legislation, according to multiple sources at the meeting.

Noem, who once served in Republican leadership, took aim squarely at Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). She reminded him that he controls the House floor, and she drilled Cantor hard on his precise plans to mop up the mess, several Republicans who attended the meeting said. Cantor wasn’t able to outline a plan that satisfied Noem, and he blamed Democrats for the bill’s defeat.

Noem — usually a quiet figure in GOP circles — also warned the 61 Republicans who opposed the farm bill after voting for tougher work requirements for food-stamp recipients that she will not be supporting them in the future. Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) and other lawmakers were later heard on the floor backing Noem in her heated dispute with Cantor.

Read it all here.

Ouch. And I had to chuckle at the part where she “she drilled Cantor hard on his precise plans to mop up the mess.”    Because after I screwed up, that’s the first thing my mom would have asked.

And a good lesson for Democrats who might try to paint her as beholding to House Leadership. When they screw up for South Dakota, they’re not immune from hearing about it.

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  1. Bree S.

    Well at least we know where she stands, when she says she won’t be supporting those 61 Republicans any more. Not pleased.

      1. Ymous

        She is not scared of an individual who was given his job by his dad, a senator. Kristi has worked her ass off to earn her spot. If you’re so sure he can beat her, tell him to step in the ring with this strong women. She’s a great role mode for my daughter. Go Kristi.

    1. Ned

      Perhaps she meant that she would no longer “blindly” follow them to toe the party line. This is the most I have ever liked Noem. Our current brass are a bunch of “do-nothing” types. They would rather stall everything and pass nothing in order to ensure they can continue to blame the Dems and current administration for not getting anything done. This is a prime example of these folks being in constant campaign mode. I feel like I am taking crazy pills here. Finger pointing and constant bickering. It is abhorrent and is the direct effect of this constant campaign mentality. Noem just leaped forward in my book; and, I have never been a Noem fan.

  2. Troy Jones Post author

    Pat, love your mom analogy. Without the new Farm Bill, farmers don’t get benefit of a better bill (at lower spending) and we don’t get ANY food stamp cuts (at lower spending).

    If standing on principle gets more spending, I’m not that kind of conservative. Noem is right and she called them out on it.

    Good Job Representative Noem!

    1. Anonymous

      The “Farm Bill” is archaic. Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats and Liberals are at a crossroads where an ancient bill doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s time for them to sit down and come up with something new instead of continuing to work on passing an outdated bill that doesn’t fit the needs of the modern age.

      Let’s go the drawing board and start fresh.

    1. Conservative to vote NO!

      Food stamps have gone up 140% since 1990 and she is upset because conservatives wouldn’t cave on a bill that is 80% food stamps? When the House was only cutting food stamps 3%? Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote against this every day of the week!

      We all know Cantor and leadership wanted this bill to fail (because it is a PORK MONSTER) and that is precisely why it did.

    2. Julie Gross (NE)

      “Noem can’t be challenging the Speaker, since God wants Boehner to keep that job. ”

      Huh? The WP story indicated that SOME Republicans prayed over their decision to support the speaker. How is Rep. Noem tied to that? How does voting for Boehner as speaker mean that she cannot “challenge” him?

      I guess ANY opportunity for an anti-Christian jab never goes unmentioned!

      Here’s the “logic” displayed by the commenter:

      1. A group of Republicans (no mention of Noem being in that group) voted to retain Boehner as speaker since their prayers led them to that conclusion.
      2. That group must be right says the atheist: God wants Boehner.
      3. Since Noem is a Christian, she too must have come to the same RELIGIOUS conclusion as some republicans and at least one atheist.

      Huh? How many strawmen can one construct, and then tie them all together since they’re all straw??!!!

      Of course, the absurdity of an atheist claiming to know what God wants must mean that he’s a lying atheist???

  3. Anonymous

    The Politico article is confusing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears to me that the conservatives voted against the Farm Bill? Is Kristi supporting the conservatives or is she trying to pass a heavily laden pork barrel bill? That is what I would like to know.

  4. Harry Balzer

    Watching Rep. Noem evolving on fiscal restraint is dizzying: curious whether she can weather a primary.

  5. AnybodyButRounds

    Primary Noem? Yeah, right. The so-called 61 ‘conservatives’ here are the ones blocking spending reductions and reform. If this bill passes, spending goes down, less people will be on food stamps, it will be harder to get on food stamps, there will be fewer ag subsidies, etc. The ones blocking the bill are only keeping current spending levels and blocking reform. This is the best bill you’re going to get in terms of reducing spending ($20+ billion). The 61 so-called ‘conservatives’ know perfectly well that cutting food stamps in half is never going to get through the Senate. Wouldn’t trying to get this bill with its spending reductions passed be better than the status quo? Absolutely yes it would.

    1. Anonymous

      What is 3%? Republicans hooting and hollering about their cuts to the farm bill are as equally silly as the Democrats moaning about cuts caused by sequestration.

      The problem is none of these bills do anything about our long term fiscal situation. They just pile on. There is no way that congress adding a federally subsidized crop insurance section will not balloon over the next 5 years.

      The cuts both sides are fighting over are silly at best and it’s time to actually have a fight over spending and not mere pennies.

      The Farm Bill didn’t pass because Noem and her friends cared more about compromising with Democrats than ensuring they had the 60 Republican holdouts. The bill failed because it wasn’t good enough for Republicans or Democrats. Next time they should pass the Senate version or they align themselves with the holdout Republicans and pass it on a party line vote. (It’s the only way it will get out of the House and the only way it makes the senate is if Democrats in the Senate support it)

      And let’s not forget Thune didn’t support the Senate bill and I give him a lot of credit for that vote!

      1. Bree S.

        Agreed. They should spend less time kissing Democrat butt and more time working with the conservative base.

  6. Anonymous

    I finally read something that clearly described the situation on the farm bill, and discovered that Kristi was chewing out the conservatives. She’s actually backing Boehner and the leadership. It would be nice if we could count on this blog for more than just spin.

    1. Anonymous

      You are right. She likes Boehner and McCarthy but despises Cantor. This is all a bunch of baloney on her part to stick it to Cantor. (I’m not a Cantor fan either.) I’m sure she is genuinely upset with the conservatives who voted against the farm bill.

      1. Bree S.

        I don’t really like the way Cantor talks in political circles in interviews. He comes across as disingenuous.

  7. Anonymous

    The people who voted agaisnt the farm bill should be commended not scolded by a no nothing welfare politician. The “cuts” she is promoting were just going to end up costing us more in crop insurance subsidies. Get her to pin point a number on what it will cost the feds to pay for crop insurance in 2016 under her plan. I’ll bet anyone on here $100 bucks it is going to be more. Well it would have been more if it had passed and most likely tens of million to hundreds of millions more. She is just another pol like most of the rest of them throwing money at her constituents to get herself re-elected. No different than someone representing a poor urban area trying to protect food stamps. Time to start the ag part of the farm bill over from scratch. If Noem was as smart and had the leadership qualities that people on here believe she does she would be leading the charge.

    1. AnybodyButRounds

      Leading the charge for what? To get nothing done or to have bills pass the House and die in the Senate?

      The ‘conservatives’ who want this bill to fail only serve to protect the status quo, which is NO cuts in spending, NO reform to ag subsidies.

      At what point should Congress stop ‘serving the Republican base’ and actually try to get something done?

      Good grief.

  8. Anonymous

    If the farm bill had passed would she have given Cantor all the credit when going around SD promoting the accomplishment?

  9. Jim B

    I have no real problem with her banging on the leadership. There are very ineffective in general and should be replaced. I contacted her after to the election asking her to NOT support Boehner, but unfortunately there were not enough conservatives that were willing to stick their necks out.


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