Noem: NRA is Welcome to South Dakota

Noem: NRA is Welcome to South Dakota

SIOUX FALLS, SD — Kristi Noem today released the following statement in the wake of the Dallas, Texas, Mayor Pro Tem asking the NRA to relocate their convention:

“The NRA would be welcome to South Dakota. We understand the freedoms and liberties that come with defending our Second Amendment, how it allows us to protect our families and carry on South Dakota’s cherished hunting traditions. Especially after a successful Pheasant Fest and Stock Show, South Dakota is ready, and we would be proud to celebrate those freedoms and traditions as host of the NRA Convention.”

Noem, who is a lifetime member of the NRA and once owned a hunting lodge in northeast South Dakota, has been a proud defender of the Second Amendment. Most recently, Noem led the U.S. House in passing national concealed carry legislation.


10 thoughts on “Noem: NRA is Welcome to South Dakota”

  1. The NRA annual meeting usually hosts like 80,000+ people. How many hotel rooms we got in Sioux Falls? I’m willing to put a few dozen cots in my garage. $25/night.

    1. Of course, this semi-automatic gun’s caliber is appropriate for hunting deer, antelope, turkey, raccoon and skunk.

      1. It’s a bit small for deer. You would prefer something larger like a .243

        It would kill but it’s not preferable.

  2. Yes legal if incorporating a clip which can hold no more than 5 Rounds, but underpowered in my estimate of the caliber needed for certain knockdown and harvest. A 243 Calber would be the smallest I would ever use on deer. Actually if there were only one rifle I could own it would be a 243. Most versatile weapon I own.

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