Noem on payroll tax cut

Congresswoman Noem has sent out this press release about the payroll tax cut.

Noem Statement on Payroll Tax Cut Extension

WASHINGTON, DC? Representative Kristi Noem (R-SD) issued the following statement following House and Senate passage of a bipartisan 60-day extension of the payroll tax reduction extension.

?This extension means that South Dakotans won?t see their taxes go up on New Year?s Day while also protecting businesses of all sizes from the burdens associated with a short-term payroll tax modification.

?While I would have preferred a one year extension immediately, this agreement includes a fix that House Republicans and I fought for which allows employers to process and withhold payroll taxation under the same accounting structure that is currently in place.  This means no costly payroll systems or updates will be required.

?This two-month extension falls short of providing the certainty South Dakota working families need, but this solution will, at minimum, prevent small businesses from bearing a new administrative burden and ensure American workers will see their tax relief as soon as possible.   Just as important, the Senate will now join the House in immediately appointing conferees to reach agreement in the weeks ahead on a full-year payroll tax extension.?


19 Replies to “Noem on payroll tax cut”

  1. BF


    Good for her.

    She really fought for us, boy.

    If those suckers woulda kept that accounting all complicated like it was gonna be, she would have said just forget about it.

    That’s our gal. Good ol’ Kristi.

    Puttin’ her foot down to the floorboard for what’s right, dad-gumit.

    Hey, it’s one thing to make sure middle class workers in SD get a little extra cash in their pockets this winter to make it through tough times. But if it’s gonna make the accounting all hard and stuff, it just ain’t worth it, ya know?

    Amirite Grudznick?

  2. Troy Jones Post author

    Bill, don’t underestimate the cost to not knowing what must be done regarding withholding. Those small businesses who are not fully automated, this is a burden.

    In my mind, there was two answers: Go a full year or scrap it. This is crazy.

    1. BF

      I bet it will get extended for a year, Troy. It would have this time, except the GOP wanted to have it “paid for” and they couldn’t agree on how.

      p.s. We do payroll pretty much manually at our place. (9 employees). I know what you’re saying, but I wouldn’t even think of arguing that my employees shouldn’t get the break because the accounting was going to be a pain.

      That’s the kind of tone-deaf stuff you GOP CEO guys just gotta learn to get over. Even if it’s what you’re thinking, don’t put in a press release for heaven’s sake.

      1. troy jones

        Nobody is saying they would bitch about it. I don’t think a single employer should. However, as you say, you think it will be for a year and that certainty makes it easier on employers. Just do it or bag it.

        1. BF

          Good, then it looks like we might be on the same side again when it comes up next time. Pretty soon we gotta get back to finding something to argue about, Jones.

        2. mhs

          The “fix” angle is crap. Even for my little enterprise, the update I had to pay for LAST year cost $299: just to change the withholding rate. (software folks aren’t dumb: programs don’t allow you to manually change withholding rates.) No “fix” now changes what million of small businesses had to shell out for last year.

          How about we send Boehner to campaign in Iowa and put Newt back in as Speaker? He stopped the Clinton agenda cold and it wasn’t nearly the socialist mess we’ve got now.

  3. Stella

    Didn’t Noem vote against extending the payroll tax the first time it passed the House and went to the Senate? I thought she did. So now she will vote for it?

    Was her vote against it originally just an apeal to the Tea Party because she thought it would pass without problems? This all reminds me of Herseth sitting on the fence.

    1. Dex

      No, Noem supported the payroll tax extension the first time for a 12 month extension. The Senate then amended that bill and sent back to the House a 2 month extension and then left town claiming House Republicans didn’t want to compromise. I think the House Rs were right on substance but lost the PR battle.

    1. USA First

      She and her husband now make their money off of selling subsidized crop insurance like Herseth Sandlin used to make her money off of her husbands influence in DC.

      Both SHS and Noem’s families profit off of certain legislation passing in DC. Noem if crop insurance subsidies work out and Herseth because her husband lobbied.

      Apples off the same tree.

  4. Anonymous

    The way I see the 2012 election is essentially that I don’t like Noem’s performance in DC (she’s doing well for her but not for SD), I don’t care for what I see or hear about Varilek or Barth and I don’t think I want Herseth back either.

    I’m probably going to sit this one out or punch the ballot for Noem again. If she gives me a reason though I’ll leave it blank.

  5. caheidelberger

    Flip flop in four days: wow!

    I feel enormously satisfied when “Bill Clay” plays the “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” card. No commentary, no questions, no headline to acknowledge defeat, just the cut and paste from party central. Ha ha ha ha!

  6. DUH

    CH can’t be at his own blog because no one is there. What defeat? It’s called compromise. Something is better than nothing. SDWC simply posting an event is nothing to bitch about. The simple issue is that the GOP wanted to lend some certainty in this economy by passing legislation that lasted a year, not just kicking the can down the road two months. Oblabla et. al. have NO idea what they’re doing and it clearly shows.


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