3 Replies to “Noem questions forest service on Pine Beetle Epidemic.”

  1. Anon.

    “That sure is a lot… You know, while you were talking I was doing some calculations of my own here, and if you type in 1,1,3,4 and hold the calculator upside down it looks like the word, ‘hell’. That’s a pretty bad place, isn’t it?”

  2. duggersd

    At the end of May my daughter and I visited the Black Hills. I saw many areas that had brown trees. I climbed Harney Peak with my daughter. I took several pictures of the devastation of downed trees. I was told that was part of the pine beetle strategy. I do not know if the information I had was accurate or whether that was indeed the result of the pine beetle, but all of that fallen timber looked like a real fire hazard to me. I do not know if the land in that area is national forest or state park. It appears to me the way that will eventually be cleaned out is a forest fire.


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