Noem releases Tourism plan

From Kristi’s Facebook page:

Tourism is SD’s #2 industry. We need to attract the workforce necessary to meet their needs. I’ve heard from too many that they’d love to stay open for a “shoulder” season, but can’t recruit enough workers. We’re going to change that. #SDOnTheMove

SD has pheasant hunting, Custer State Park, Great Plains Zoo, Glacial Lakes, MtRushmore! Loved being part of the excitement when I ran our hunting lodge and ready to be SD’s Salesperson in Chief. I commit to always asking what more we can do to attract tourism to SD. #SDOnTheMove

There are two things families should never have to worry about when coming to South Dakota: Safety or their ability to have an incredible time. Both top my priority list. #SDOnTheMove

7 Replies to “Noem releases Tourism plan”

  1. Anonymous

    I like how she asks what “we the people” would like to do to attract more tourism to the state. REFRESHING not just a talk at me approach.

  2. Anonymous

    The headline says she released a tourism plan, but I don’t really see a plan in this press release? Can anyone decipher this?

  3. Anonymous

    I was wondering the same thing. Hey SD tourism is important, thanks Noem we didnt realize that. Is this what we get to look forward to the rest of the campaign?