Noem state director – any ideas???

It’s been eight months since our congresswoman was sworn in and still we have not heard what Kristi Noem’s plans are for a state director. Several people have been asked, and none of them have accepted. (mostly because of the level of pay or a different career path)

Has anyone heard whether anything regarding the possibility of a state director for Noem is in the works? Have they decided that they do not need one?

Noem has some very capable people working for her, and I have to wonder why she hasn’t just asked one of them to step up and take on the position. A couple were even with her early in the primary process.

If you get a chance to visit with her or one of her staffers, give us the scoop. Ocassionally I’ll hear rumblings, but those folks have given a credible reason for not accepting the offer.

This has been a puzzling conversation piece for quite a while now, and I would think as she approaches her first reelection she would want a state director in place.

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  1. on the fence

    I’ve heard job security has been the number one reason people are turning her down. No one knows if SHS or Rounds are going to run for senate. Or if SHS comes back in ’12 for congress.

    You would think people would beat down her door for the job but it ain’t happening.

  2. caheidelberger

    I’m with Fence & Anon. Political climbers may be realizing Noem rode image and unique political circumstances to victory. She’s too busy trying to climb the ladder herself to provide others with a secure ladder to climb.

    Besides, her kind of “Republicans” don’t believe in government, so why would they want to work for it, or for just another politician?

    And Bill Clay/Hans, I know you can’t even manage to name yourself, but would you care to name any specific capable people in Noem’s office? They sure aren’t running her communications office.

  3. anon

    It’s true her NE area director and her SE area director Beth Hollatz and Suzanne Veenis have been with Noem since way back in the primary.

    Suzanne and Beth would be great choices.

  4. Anonymous

    What she needs at this point isn’t a state director, it is a campaign manager for 2012 who can old down that title in the meantime. She obviously needs some idea as to who will run her campaign next year.

    1. delegate

      Shields did an amazing job dressing Curd up in the bowling uniform and then during the general talking about speeding tickets. – I will never understand why he kept talking about speeding tickets…

      He just kept throwing gas on the fire as a campaign manager.

  5. Anonymous

    No way she goes unopposed. Thune will be the last for a very long time. Dems learned a valuable lesson in 2010. Never concede ground.

  6. Stace Nelson

    Congresswoman Noem showed she was a campaigning machine and won the people at debates & personal appearances across the state.

    Minimizing her win over such a strong incumbent, with excuses and sour grapes, is what happened after Democratic giant Tom Daschle was defeated by a political upstart from Presho..

    1. delegate


      you are right. The Dems will minimize Noem’s victory but they will not have a chance to win against her unless they run Herseth again or B Johnson.

      Varilek won’t cut it and neither will Barth.


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