Noem Talks Ag Policy on #FarmBillFriday 

Noem Talks Ag Policy on #FarmBillFriday 

Rep. Kristi Noem joined her neighbor, Eric Solsaa, to discuss the importance of the Farm Bill to producers, America’s food supply and our national security. The segment was featured as part of the House Agriculture Committee’s #FarmBillFriday program.

Hi everybody. I’m Kristi Noem. I’m the Congresswoman from South Dakota. I’m a lifelong farmer and rancher, raised cattle and crops for many, many years. I’m here at my neighbor’s house, Eric Solsaa. Tell us a little about your operation.

My dad and I run a purebred operation. We have about 150 cows. We’re in the middle of calving right now, and a farm bill is really important to us. We have row crops, 500 acres, and the rest is pasture.

You know, farmers can survive bad floods, bad hailstorms, bad weather and bad federal policy, but we shouldn’t have to. We can’t change the weather, but we can change policy. You know, you think about the fact that we have to grow our own food in this country. Everybody eats, not everybody farms. We cannot let another country grow our food for us, or they will control us. That’s why we have a farm bill, it’s important we have a safety net that provides some support for our farmers and ranchers, who take such a risk to grow this nation’s food.

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  1. Dave

    This is what is wrong with Congress… Our tax dollars hard at work…paying for Noem campaign ads. Meanwhile our deficit continues to skyrocket.

  2. Anonymous

    Noem is very careful to only interact with known supporters. When was the last time she addressed the public in Sioux Falls or Rapid City?


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