Noem To Give Weekly Address [UPDATED]

Tomorrow, Rep-Elect Kristi Noem will be giving the weekly address on behalf of the Republicans.  The address will be focusing on the need to keep taxes low as well as cutting spending and creating jobs.


I know I said I would upload audio, but I figured video would be better.

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  1. Arrowhead

    I don't want to be a prick or anything but if her CoS really does have a $1 Million house in Virginia I'm a little dissapointed she picked him. I mean to be 31 and only been a DC insider his entire life is a lot of what is wrong with politics and I think a reason this country is going in the wrong direction.

  2. Arrowhead

    As a conservative this is going to be a hard item for me to swallow…

    -Newly Elected Congresswoman Kristi Noem of South Dakota says that ethanol subsidies are important to her state and the nation.

    Speaking on the Scott Hennen Show Noem says “Ethanol has been very good to South Dakota.” She said that this is not the time to repeal the subsidy “when you look at taking away that subsidy it is the wrong decision.”

    She says that supporting the ethanol industry with subsidy promotes investment and continued hiring “In the long run it will get the economy back on track faster.”-

  3. Arrowhead

    It costs tax payers money. Look I love Kristi but the economic stimulus doesn't come from Government subsidies any more than the Stimulus prolonged South Dakota's ability to pretend we didn't have to make cuts.

    It's time for conservatives to walk the walk…

  4. thc

    Sorry kids…ya'll been snookered. Or is that Snooki'ed? Gnome is business as usual – in fact, even more inside baseball. Bring on the ethanol welfare.

  5. Anonymous

    I never, ever voted for Daschle, but it was not because of his much-vilified DC McMansion. I thought that was a bogus issue, because I believe success is nothing to be ashamed of. I just didn't vote for him because he is a liberal.

    So — when Dems pick on Noem's supposedly wealthy COS, remember that not all Repubs begrudged Daschle his nice living quarters.


    Lets see fiscal WRONG.Chief of staff living in million dollar house WRONGALL YOU FISCAL CONSERVATIVES WHAT A JOKE YOU ARE .bUYERS REMORSE ANYONE.

  7. nuts

    Does anyone remember the bumper stickers that said "Dump Daschle"? Not that I agree with this idea but a friend of mine asked me the other day why SHS or the SDDP didn't put out bright red stickers that said "NOem".

    I really kind of wonder the same tought. The Dems really ran a very poor campaign.

  8. nuts

    My favorite part was the smile at the end.

    Otherwise i thought it was pretty lifeless but I've never watched one of these before. I guess she doesn't read a teleprompter aswell as the other guy who sits in her future office.

    Also what is the point of these videos if she doesn't say anything but talking points said by everyone else?


    Million dollar house from lobbyist who lives there.Also waiting to see if she votes against govt health care for congress people.

  10. duggersd

    So far the best you have is that her CoS has a nice house. I have a friend who lives in VA outside of DC. I was at their home about 5 or 6 years ago. They had a nice two story house. It was not anything extravagant. I think it was valued at about $500K. My house in Sioux Falls has more living space and today might be valued near $220K.
    I agree the ethanol subsidy needs to go. Noem supports this, I do not. But then SHS supported this, so there is no loss there.
    Kristi Noem has not cast a single vote yet and some of you clowns are already jumping all over her. Get over it. She won. SHS lost.

  11. shamrock

    If the Bush tax cuts are so effective at stimulating job growth, why did the economy crash and millions lose their jobs after they were enacted? A return to the tax rates we had under Clinton when we had a record surplus as opposed to the record deficit the GOP has put us in would be appropriate.

    1. Fahz E. Behr


      When were the Bush tax cuts enacted? 2001 and 2003
      When did the economy crash? 2008
      Why did Clinton have a good economy? A holdover from Reagan and Bush… Clinton really didn't get anywhere with his tax hikes… it was really just pure luck that he gained a surplus

      1. Mike Quinlivan

        Wait, wait…the Reagan, Bush I economic holdover helped Clinton have a strong economy for almost 120 straight months? Reagan's tax cuts managed to jump over Bush I's recession he presided over to help Clinton? I would love to see your economic textbooks Fozzie. I would agree that Clinton was really lucky though.

  12. Arrowhead

    What happens if the current tax extension proposal fails because it isn't pure enough for conservatives and then when the new GOP leadership comes in and tries to force a straight tax cut vote Obama says I don't agree with this?

  13. Arrowhead

    The best thing that could happen to Kristi Noem is that this bill passes so she doesn't have to work on ethanol subsidies in her first few months.

    Ethanol is not any different than bailing out the auto industry. Anyone who votes for subsidies to wealthy farmers is not being fiscally responsible.

  14. interested party

    Why didn't she just come out and say, "Screw the Earth. South Dakota is desperate to survive. Stop the EPA before they expose the Earth-scorching being perpetrated on watersheds, habitat, and wildlife so the GOP can strip power from the People and hand it to those that flee the chemical toilet every winter?"

    This woman is a tool of the Kochtopus. Let's pass a recall petition to have her removed from office.


    Bail out is right , if snooki is against subsidies start with the ethanol lets see how fiscal you are.By the way snooki are you going to take health care from the Govt.

  16. insomniac

    ip I don't follow.

    What is with Noem's crazy right eye in the video?

    I hope Kristi doesn't support these ethanol subsidies. Either she is a fiscal conservative or she is not. It's hard to be anything but black and white or it just sounds like a typical politician who wants what's theirs.

    I don't really see any right-wingers in our party charismatic enough to really hurt Noem in a primary if she turns out to be a typical GOP politician but I do see a lot of potential for conservative people to be disappointed and stay home in the future.

  17. Duh

    Very good. Everyone in SD, including the pineads, should be proud that Kristi and Thune are at the forefront of national politics. Then there’s T “Where’s Waldo” Johnson who couldn’t debate a position if his life depended on it. Oh, it does. Good job Kristi.

  18. Arrowhead

    What I will be watching for is whether or not Michelle Bachman votes more conservative than Kristi Noem. I wonder if Bachman is in favor of ethanol subsidies?

  19. Just say no

    How is this conservative? And how is requiring a business to use the fuel that you profit from even legal or moral? I really have a problem with ethanol and the way it is being forced on us all. That is like a person who owns a coal mine saying we are going to make it a requirement for you to have coal fireplaces.

    Kristi Noem (R)

    Candidate for U.S. House

    2) If elected I would support a requirement for increased flex-fuel vehicle production. Over the past several years, 8 million FFVs have been manufactured by the domestic auto industry thanks in large part to the FFV CAFE credit, which gives auto makers additional credit toward their fuel efficiency requirements in exchange for manufacturing FFVs. I also support increased incentives for the installation of blender pumps. As a state legislator, I worked in a bipartisan manner to successfully expand blender pumps in South Dakota and if elected to Congress. I will do the same in Washington, DC.…

  20. Just say no

    1) It is important that Congress act as soon as possible to extend the VEETC at its current level. The VEETC helps the ethanol industry decrease our dependence on foreign sources of oil, saves taxpayer dollars in other farm programs, and creates jobs and investment in South Dakota and other rural areas. As the ethanol industry continues to mature, it is important to carefully consider proposals by some in the ethanol industry that would adjust the level of the VEETC if Congress enacts long-term incentives for ethanol market access and infrastructure including flex-fuel vehicles, blender pumps, and ethanol-dedicated pipelines.

  21. Troy Jones

    I think this is the 2nd weekly radio address given by a South Dakotan. First, Thune who has given more than one. And now Noem.

    Since there was about 300 hundred since Johnson went into the Senate and and 200 hundred since Herseth went into the House during the Bush Administration, for old time's sake, I was wondering if someone could provide the link of Johnson's and Herseth's address. Surely, members of their stature and influence gave more than one response.

  22. J Rae

    Troy…good one.

    So there Dems, the Republicans know where the real talent is, and they turn to South Dakota to speak to the country.

    It's obvious that neither Tim or Stephanie could hold a candle to John and Kristi when it comes to understanding the issues.

    John is obviously popular for knocking off Daschle and Kristi was chosen for her deep understanding of the issues and to give the party the gravitas they were looking for in addressing the nation.

  23. insomniac

    J Rae

    I think Thune was chosen for his deep understanding of the issues and his gravitas. Kristi is all of those also but she is also very attractive and that helps.

    Trust me the GOP didn't put Kristi Noem and Tim Scott in freshman ledership just because of their brains. It has a lot to do with the way she looks and the color of Scott's skin. It is kind of sad. Both are extremely qualified but looks matter in politics.


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