Noem to guest on The Facts (updated in comments)

My special guest on this week’s “The Facts” will be Representative Kristi Noem.

Check your local listings for which channel it is on your local cable provider.  “The Facts” airs at 10:30 a.m. and p.m. on Sunday.

What would you ask Rep. Noem?

26 Replies to “Noem to guest on The Facts (updated in comments)”

  1. Reader

    Mrs. Noem,
    Several Questions:

    1) What is your opinion of Sen. Paul’s purposal to defund the Bureau of Indian Affairs?

    2) How did your recent trip to California benefit South Dakota?

    3) What specific cuts do we need to make to the national budget? What is off the table?

    4) How do you answer critics who question your acceptance of the Congressional Health Insurance plan?

    5) What is your opinion of South Dakota’s recent legislative struggles concerning the budget?

    6) What actions do you support in Libya and other Middle Eastern nations with revolting populations?

    7) Who pays for you to fly back and forth between South Dakota and Washington DC? What is this cost?

    1. Arrowhead

      I did read that she voted to not cap farm subsidies at $250,000. That is kind of concerning. Maybe that would be a good quesiton? I don’t know the answer and maybe it didn’t apply to the current bill.

  2. Concerned South Dakotan

    I have plenty…

    How excited were you to see that public education in South Dakota took another huge cut?

    Did you have fun at all of the lobbyist parties you’ve been to?

    How many days have you spent in Washington compared to Castlewood?

    Are you still pinching yourself because you beat a better candidate?

    Are you sleeping at night after telling so many lies to get elected?

    How’s your college degree coming?

    How great is it that public unions have been busted in Wisconsin? How hard will you work to bust the rights of more hard working Americans at the federal level?

    That’s just a start…I’m sure I can come up with more…

    1. insomniac

      I thought I read somewhere that Kristi will be done with college by the end of the year. For goodness sakes… She will be an inspiration to many when she walks through the line to get her diploma. In fact I think it will be a better political move than SHS getting pregnant and having a baby.

      1. donkephant

        It would be pretty pitiful if she got her diploma by the end of the year..nothing like getting elected to congress to light the fire under a person to complete their education. If she has time to take college courses I question her dedication to serving SD. Since I imagine she has no extra time to take college courses, I’m sure her interns and staff are having fun taking them for her.

  3. springer

    Well, I wonder who the above three posters voted for in the election???

    I would thank her for her vote to defund Obamacare and urge her to continue the fight to do so.

    As for most of the questions above, they have nothing much to do with the job she is to be doing but all to do with hating the fact that she won the election.

  4. insomniac

    Maybe if there was one thing I’d like to encourage her on is to be a little harder nosed on the cuts and do something that will impact the deficit. a nickel here and there isn’t going to do anything but I guess it’s better than spending the nickel.

  5. Noem Supporter

    My question is — What is 1 area you see in the federal budget that brings money to SD we can cut from the budget to help contribute to cutting the federal deficit?

    Thanks Kristi! I look forward to hearing your show.

  6. caheidelberger

    Insomniac, the questions from arrowhead, moses, reader, and concerned are great. Ms. Golden should ask and Rep. Noem should answer every one. Your question about Ellsworth could also be enlightening: I’d like to hear whether Rep. Noem thinks prok for South Dakota is more important than practical strategic planning for efficient and effective national defense.

  7. Name

    Do you think the State Legislature would be in this mess and have had to make such drastic cuts had the legislature rejected stimulus funds while you were in leadership and made the hard cuts last session? Was taking stimulus money good for the state last year or not?

  8. Kristi Golden

    Well the interview is on tape. (or as I like to call it — Kristi-Fest) Rep. Noem was charming, engaging and informative. Can I tell you a half hour of program time goes in a flash when you are in the middle of it. We discussed her impressions of Congress, her role as liason to the leadership from the freshman class, the continuing resolutions, efforts to cut spending, defund health care as well as domestic energy policy. Did we get to go as in depth as I would have liked….well no — but only because of the time constraints and there were so many topics we could have talked about. But I’m very pleased with the interview and believe it contains a lot of good information. I look forward to having her as a guest again.

  9. Duh

    I love seeing all of the libs squirm in their own filth. Concerned and Reader are about one more sentence from having a full cranial meltdown hahahaha. There wasn’t one unbiased lib question that wasn’t a jab at Kristi. Very juvenile and laughable. Pinheads are well in South Dakota. Kristi won and you really can’t get over it. Didn’t your moms tell you that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. A bunch of scowling prunes you must all be.


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