Noem to Host Town Hall in Watertown Saturday

(Editor – i’m a little pokey with this notice, but I had to work yesterday. -PP)

Noem to Host Town Hall in Watertown Saturday

Watertown, S.D. – Rep. Kristi Noem will host a town hall in Watertown on Saturday, March 18, at 10:00AM-CT. Saturday, March 18, 2017

WHAT: Town Hall with Rep. Kristi Noem

WHEN: Saturday, March 18 – 10:00AM-CT

WHERE: Watertown Police Department, Community Room (128 North Maple Street, Watertown, SD)


11 Replies to “Noem to Host Town Hall in Watertown Saturday”

  1. Lee A Schoenbeck

    just saw an e-mail from our sportsmen’s group that said it was overflow. Shouldn’t had a riot issue – it was held at the police station 🙂

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      There was more than 24 hours notice, I just didn’t get to it, as I had a busy day at work.

      1. Kelly Lieberg

        Pat, put to rest the naysayers, post the notice you received. FB and Twitter, nothing

  2. Fred Deutsch

    Place was packed. Folks for all over East River attended. Reid Holein did a nice job as moderator. He started with a presentation of the rules and told folks they would be asked to leave if there was a violation. People were fully cooperative.

    Kristi fielded pointed questions about the budget, why the Ways and Means Committee hasn’t called for Trump’s tax returns, air service in SD, the border, Obamacare/Trumpcare, education, funding for the arts, and more.

    Lots of reporters in the room. I’m sure there will be stories available shortly.

      1. Fred Deutsch

        Anon, apparently there was something organized by the left. People came from SF, Brookings, Huron, Madison and elsewhere. Many of them had signs.

        Kristi handled the questions like a pro. But more than that, I was impressed with the tone of the meeting. Maybe it was because Reid established the ground rules up front, but the interactions were all high quality. It was the type of give and take that would make anyone proud to be an American.

  3. Lee Schoenbeck

    I think you won’t find the riots unless you go to the lands of fruits and nuts. Here in watertown people are too polite to make MSNBC

  4. Emoluments Clause

    I have decided to create a Goggle alert for the words “Noem” and “Townhall” or “Town hall,” so the next time our US Representative decides to have a “Blue Light Special” type town hall for the next or in the next fifteen minutes, I will be ready……