Noem wins 2012 Best of Congress award

From the Mitchell Daily Republic:

Corporate Voices for Working Families and Working Mother Media announced this week that U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., is one of 30 recipients of the 2012 Best of Congress Award, celebrating lawmakers for their leadership in improving the quality of life for working families.

?As a working mom, I know what a challenge it is to have a full-time job while also being a full-time parent,? Noem said in a news release. ?Even with the demands of today?s world, I believe family should come first. That?s why it is important to give working parents the chance to be there for their children and succeed in their career.?

Read it here.

2 Replies to “Noem wins 2012 Best of Congress award”

  1. Heidelberger

    Someone please point to one specific piece of legislation Rep. Noem has passed (not simply grandstand-voted for, but passed) that has improved the life of working families. Please show me one concrete improvement in my life for which Rep. Noem deserves credit.


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