Noem's opponent has some name ID to build. First, against a dead guy.

From Congressionally focused website/newspaper “the Hill” today, they’re counting South Dakota as a safe seat for Kristi Noem.

If you’re her Democratic challenger, Matt Varilek, the first uphill battle will be to get people to recognize that he is running against her as the Democratic nominee, and not Bert Tollefson, a nice man who has been dead for a couple of years.

Yes, Varilek is losing the name ID battle to a Republican corpse. Which shouldn’t be surprising. But don’t just take the Hill’s word for it – check out

Clearly, Bert has some financial resources that Varilek will have to be able to challenge to meet Noem in November.  (Maybe the Democrats can hold a fake primary to clear the field first.)

Given that Bert was always a loyal Republican in life, it’s good to see that he’s doing what he can to help the Republican candidate from the great beyond!

*Update* – Suggestion I was just given. If Varilek wants to improve his name id, maybe he could change his name from the one given to him at birth to McGovern?

6 Replies to “Noem's opponent has some name ID to build. First, against a dead guy.”

  1. anon

    I miss Bert.

    Last time I had a chance to visit with him was in Rapid City at the State Dinner with Tim Pawlenty. Bert was already preparing for his next run for public office as he was passing out business cards declaring himself a candidate for US Senate against Tim Johnson in 2014.

    God bless Burt!

    I’ll never forget the time he wanted to speak at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Sioux Falls as an independent candidate for US Senate. He might have given Dykstra, Kephart and Gonyo a real challenge in 2008.

    He was always a great guy!

  2. PP at the SDWC

    He might have missed 2014 – but he made 2012! I enjoyed Bert in the races I saw him in. Not afraid to speak his mind, but he was a gentleman. Good example for a lot of politicians nowadays.

  3. Job Creator

    haha… Pat, it’s great that you pin The Hill’s ineptitude on a Noem challenger. BILL CLAY sharper than that…

  4. Heidelberger

    What’s in a name? We sure like harping on Matt McGovern’s use of a different portion of his name for public purposes… so when do hear that Willard’s preference for “Mitt” disqualifies him from the Presidency?

  5. Les

    Come on Cory, Matt Who? If this kid doesn’t have the pizazz to do it on his own I don’t want him. I respect grandpa way too much to accept that nonsense from a snot nose kid.

    Kristi’ll will win against any opponent dead or alive as long as SDakotans are sold on her bells and whistles. All while we have the deepest bench of extremely qualified folks, politely waiting their turn. You’re going to lose position waiting while our party gets turned inside out kids.


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