Not April Fools – Libertarian Candidate for Gov: Going to Burn flag this summer, the Constitution doesn’t exist.

It would appear that CJ Abernathey, who has been a Libertarian for about a week now, and is the only Libertarian currently announced as running for Governor, has an event planned for this summer:

Yes, he’s planning on burning the flag. And according to Abernathey, it’s ok, because the constitution doesn’t really exist. From Facebook:


The Libertarian State convention is April 14th. There are indications another challenger may emerge to run for the party nomination. It is unknown whether there will be any serious candidates running for the office of Governor on the Libertarian ticket.

8 Replies to “Not April Fools – Libertarian Candidate for Gov: Going to Burn flag this summer, the Constitution doesn’t exist.”

      1. Gideon Oakes

        Oddly reminiscent of my years in the GOP, lol. Lots of good people trying to do the right thing for their state in the best way they know how, and then a couple of sour apples here and there making the others look silly. I guess every party has candidates who say and do things that make the party base blush.

  1. Anonymous

    “Not a party-sanctioned event” Between a proposed Flag burning event, crazy conspiracy theories, advocating ballot initiatives that are just nuts. past candidates and shenanigans by Chad Haber & Co. and drug use some of which causes irreversible brain damage the Libertarian Party brand does not look good.

  2. Anon

    I listened to some of CJ’s ramblings about Admiralty Law which he thinks has something to do with not getting custody of his daughter (did the divorce occur at sea? I can’t fingure that one out.) and then Roman Equity Law which is what was used to crucify Jesus. So he doesn’t understand why it still informs court proceedings today.

    That’s why he’s running for Governor.

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