Not backing down on the debt limit

From the inbox — a press release from Rep Noem about a meeting with Tim Geithner.  Sounds like the line in the sand still stands:

?Secretary Geithner doesn?t get it.  A bipartisan majority in the U.S. House voted down a standalone debt limit increase just this week, proving once and for all that the only possible path to extending the debt ceiling must include a substantial plan to cut spending in the trillions.  The House Republican freshman made it very clear to the Secretary that we take our country?s debt crisis and its impact on job creation very seriously and therefore we will not give this administration a blank check to spend even more,? said Noem.

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  1. caheidelberger

    I heard it explained this way: Suppose you are $100,000 in debt. To cover your interest payment, you have to incur more debt. That sucks. You call your creditor and say, “Guess what? I’m not raising my debt ceiling until I write up a better financial plan! I’m not paying you!” Your creditor, if she’s sane, will not coo in admiration at your newfound albeit arbitrary fiscal discipline. Your creditor will say, “I want my payment. Now.”

    Noem and the GOP continue to grandstand and play chicken with our national credit rating. I remain uninspired; our creditors, less so.

    1. duggersd

      Gee, it is ALL the GOP’s fault! Glad you cleared that up. It makes me wonder why something like 82 Democrats also refused to go along with raising the ceiling. In order for the vote to be as lopsided as it was, it took almost one half of the Democrats. Perhaps it is just that some Democrats do not want to stand by their “convictions”? Of course there were several who just voted “present”. Sounds like they took a page from our President.

  2. anonymous

    I think Obama’s team was really cocky. In order for Obama to have a real shot at reelection he will need to be seen as a serious person on the debt crisis.

    Obviously he won’t ever sound like a Republican or a Conservative but he needs to look like he wants to do something about the problem.

    If I was him I’d go after every GOP pork project in DC and if they scream that they don’t like it then turn the tables on them and say everything needs to be on the table.

    I don’t expect him to do much with Medicare or social security but he needs to find something of his own.

  3. Lee Schoenbeck

    Corey –
    I think it is more like this. You are many gazillionbillion in debt, and you try and convince the people in charge of your credit that if you could just borrow a few more gazillionbillion, life would be very good and you would never spend an extra nickel again in the future. Corey, unless those creditors are the tooth fairy and the easter bunny – you ain’t gett’n the loan big dog —– and dat’s da facts.

  4. Name

    So I get like 5 emails a week from the dems (way to many) and I get like 0 a month from the SD GOP (way to few).

    Is this normal or are things really moving slow.

  5. MattMowers

    good job Kristi. She’s right, Geithner does not get it. I heard him say the other week that we, as a nation, are well on our way to reducing the deficit because we passed Obamacare. The writing is now on the wall… If we don’t remove these people from office soon, we’re screwed.

  6. Troy Jones

    I can’t explain it as eloquently as Lee but I want to supplement his comment.

    The economy can’t and won’t improve until they see our government house in order. There are almost 14 million Americans who do not have a job.

    People can clamor all they want about how we need this government program or this one or we should tax the rich more. But, in the end, unless we cut government spending these 14 million Americans will continue to acutely suffer.

    For 2.5 years of the Obama Presidency 5 million more people have been jobless than when he came into office. During these 2.5 years, there has been absolutely nothing which has given business owners and entrepreneurs confidence that tomorrow will be brighter than yesterday. In fact, the job creators have been promised (and promises delivered) being taxed more, regulated more, and vilified more. They see their federal and in many cases their state government on the verge of collapse (fortunately at least our state is solvent).

    And, people wonder why the economy looks like it is going into a double dip recession? Kristi Noem is exactly right. Geitner doesn’t get it. Obama doesn’t get it and half the Dem’s in Congress don’t get it. And until they “get it”, we will keep on getting it right up the ***, especially the poor and unemployed

    (For the record, I opposed Geitner’s nomination vociferously and aggressively from the day he was nominated. He has turned out to be exactly what I expected and that was a disaster)

  7. Duh

    The libs just don’t get it or are too scared to tighten the belt. Probably both. Can’t spend what you don’t have. Given the fact that the majority of dems are supported by the 47% of U.S. citizens that don’t pay any taxes, the Libs don’t have a lot of leeway.

    Where the GOP is increasingly confronted with the Tea Party mantra of “cut or you’re out”, the Dems are faced with those entitlement grogs of “we want everything free or you’re out”. My solution, if you don’t pay taxes, don’t get to vote.

  8. Duh

    SD will show the U.S. how it’s done again, doubtful that this state will hold its hand out whining that we need this or that. This is the concise difference between SD and Blue entitlement states like CA, Ohio, Mich. Do it yourselves or it won’t get done. Example: Immigration.

  9. Duh

    Hot off the press:

    ..Geithner Meets with Fierce GOP Critics, Ducks the Cameras

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner arrives for a House GOP freshman caucus meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, June 2, 2011. (AP Photo/Harry Hamburg)
    As a general rule, Cabinet secretaries don’t often speak to reporters on camera at stakeouts, so imagine the glee when a group waiting outside Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner’s hour-long, closed-door meeting with House GOP freshmen were told the administration’s top money guy would be appearing before us to give remarks.

    That glee was, of course, soon extinguished as Geithner blasted out a back door, bolting from the proverbial lion’s den. Not much love lost there and no “same pages” to be found.

    Four GOP freshmen emerged to hammer that sentiment home.

    “You can’t compare plans if the president doesn’t give us one,” said Kristi Noem of South Dakota, a rising GOP star. She called it a “failure of leadership.”

    Tennessee’s Diane Black said she plans to send a letter from the freshmen to President Obama asking for his plan and asking what Plan B. is if a deal is not struck by August 2, the date Geithner has said the U.S. can no longer pay some of its debts.

    “We asked specifically for a plan, a specific plan scored by CBO,” Black said, referring to the nonpartisan, number-crunchers at the Congressional Budget Office. “It’s awfully difficult to talk and have a conversation” without a White House plan, she said.

    And what was Geithner’s reaction to this demand, which some say is a strategy to deflect criticism of the House GOP budget with its unpopular plan to overhaul Medicare?

    “They don’t intend to have one. Not a public one. Negotiations behind closed doors,” Noem told Fox News.

    Boy, CAHEIDELBERGERBERGERWITHFRIES is right. Kristi’s not doing a damn thing in D.C. I vote recall (of the ENTIRE administration). Geithner is a complete and dangerous joke and works for Oblabla. Worst President ever.

  10. Spartan76

    You all have to understand something about CAH. As far as he is concerned there is only one party. Liberal Democrates. He wants nothing more than for the Federal Government to control ever aspect of your life. And finally you can sovle any problems especially debt by just throwing more money at it. He has adopted Joe Bidens philosophy of spending your way out of Bankruptcy.

    1. El Toro Loco Grande "The Big Crazy Bull"

      Hmmmm, one party… Where do they practice that type of government? What politicial ideology preached about bringing the USA down from within, by overwhelming it with social programs?

      Obama claiming the auto bailouts were a great success! $18 Billion not getting paid back, unions made a killing, jobs gone forever… Success?! Not for America it wasn’t!

  11. springer

    I love the reference above abotu the thermostat. Seems I remember O keeping his office temp in the White House quite high as he was cold. Sort of goes with his personality, I guess. And sort of contradicts his preaching to everyone else about conserving. But I forgot, he is the omnipotent O and doesn’t have to practice what he preaches.

    There is plenty to trim in the fed gov’t that doesn’t touch entitlements (which do need to be addressed, however), duplication of services, complete agencies that should be dissolved (Dept of Education, SBA, EPA) as well as the plethora of new gov’t regs that prevent business growth and prevent developing our own energy resources. This administration does not want the economy to improve IMO as it doesn’t fit in with their “fundamental change” of the USA to an unconstitutional one of their liking.


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