Not being open could come with a price….

SB 101, an act to provide a penalty for denying access to public records, gets it’s first public hearing this morning in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Al Novstrup’s bill would attach a civil penalty of $50 a day (from first denial to access) to the custodian of a public record if a court or Office of Hearing Examiners finds the custodian has acted in bad faith.

Do we need a civil penalty to make sure our records are open enough?

According to Bob Mercer at Pure Pierre Politics, the Daugaard crew and the S.D. Newspaper Assoc. are cracking their knuckles just waiting to tinker with the original language.  Mercer predicts that there will be a total rewrite of the bill during the hearing this a.m.

Stay tuned…..

UPDATE — the bill passed out of committee with no opposition (6-0) and testimony in support of the bill came from the SD Municipal League, SD Newspaper Association., SF School District, State of SD Bureau of Administration and East Dakota Water Development District.

So penalties for not being open with public documents is moving forward.

14 Replies to “Not being open could come with a price….”

  1. Name

    Novstrups are good legislators. David being one of the youngest of alltime I believe Jenna Haggar has that title now. Am I correct that Jenna is the youngest ever?

  2. Les

    Al does look good here. Maybe Al is now being allowed to have an independent spirit with Governor Daugaard. Does this mean insurance reform legislation has a chance this year?

  3. grudznick

    Young Mr. Novstrup seems to really have a grip on what happens at the legislatures and is a huge up and comer. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him calling more and more shots this year.

  4. feasant

    I thought this bill was going to do something. The agency pays the fine and it goes in the general fund. The guilty individual should pay the fine.

      1. Name

        I’ve heard rumors that David Novstrup is feeling out support for a run for PUC. Is that true? He never really seemed like the statewide type to me but I guess he is young and kind of reminds me of a young Dusty Johnson.


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