Not the brightest bulb

President Obama loves Cree.  Just who is Cree you ask?

Cree embodies Obama-era capitalism: profiting from government grants, political connections, revolving-door lobbyists and regulations that force people to buy your product.

Cree deals mostly in light-emitting diode technology. The company makes LED light bulbs and sells LED components to other manufacturers to put in their own bulbs, automobiles or electronics. This is by far the fastest-growing part of Cree’s business.

And frankly Cree has been very successful… fact they were a major supporter (pusher) of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 — which bans incandescent light bulbs after 2012 (and by the way I am stockpiling)  But Cree is wary that the political environment may be changing and have told the Securities and Exchange Commission this chilling statement….one of the risks the company faces is the risk that consumer choice might be restored. (Seriously — that gives me chills)

So besides depriving SD of it’s freedom of choice in light bulbs….what else does Cree have to do with you…..well….

As with any company that plays in the world of subsidy-seeking and regulation-for-profit, Cree retains a former congressman as a lobbyist. Democrat Max Sandlin of Texas is Cree’s leading outside lobbyist. Sandlin’s wife, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, was a congresswoman until she lost re-election last November.

So I guess part of the changing political climate may be the lack of pillow talk with a member of Congress.  Now the light bulb clicks on….

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  1. Electrifying South Dakota

    I appreciate your revelations and investigative work, but you have uncovered just one of many similarly connected firms, companies, and industries. Sadly, however, this “honest graft” isn’t a product of this particular administration, or that particular party. I hate to say it, but our party has fostered and nourished plenty of these parasitic relationships as well. As I watch tonight’s debate I will be perusing through “Lion in the White House”, and hoping for a man or woman to show themselves to be a capable advocate for real change and progressive action. Channeling Reagan is good, but we might need someone more like Theodore Roosevelt to get us out of this ditch.

  2. Duh

    Those bulbs suck any time it below freezing, they take forever to light up. Break one and you better have a HAZMAT team on speed dial.

  3. caheidelberger

    Competing values here: consumer choice versus energy savings. We also limit consumer choice by requiring automakers to meet certain fleet fuel efficiency standards. By doing so, we stretch our energy supplies so future generations will have more available… or at least so we have more energy to use on new economy-expanding gadgets.

    And I wonder: do we really get more consumer choice if we go your route and keep doing things the old way? Or would the manufacturers all revert to making the older, cheaper-over-the-counter but costlier-on-the-electric-bill bulb? Would they divert resources from research and development of new bulb tech and, through decreased production, price lots of consumers right out of buying the more efficient bulbs?

    Perhaps another car analogy is apt: adopting consumer choice as the primary value, we might think it nice to have a choice of cars with or without air bags, seat belts, anti-lock brakes, catalytic converters, and other costly options that some people don’t like. But other values (life, safety, environment) sometimes trump choice.

    If you were arguing that CFL’s are actually more harmful to the environment than incandescent bulbs, then you might make some headway. But when you idolize choice (an odd supreme value for this conservative blog to advocate) and focus on another distracting attack on Herseth Sandlin (reminder to the SHS-obsessed: she left office five months ago), you make clear you’re just playing games instead of seeking to promote the common good.

  4. CaveMan

    You Betcha; keep burning that oil in your furnaces keeping those cold Northern homes warm and when it gets to $200 a barrel maybe then we will keep the juice running out from our HYDRO-ELECTRIC dams filling a HIGH demand for electricity. The demand was low this winter meaning fuel oil was doing the job. Otherwise we would have sent a few billion CFS down the river this winter instead of now. Just repeating what the Corp told us early on.

  5. Guard

    …And not that obsession is ever a “good way” to go, some people make me think they feel threatened by the former Congresswoman. For what ever reason, I don’t know why they would continue to obsess over Stephanie and feel threatened when their candidate has been our Congresswoman since January? Oh well, we will certainly find out if this is just insecurity or a realizaion of something not yet seen on the horizon. Ah, time will tell.

  6. anon

    Herseth is done politically speaking. I was at Minerva’s the other night and ran into some really active Dems who ar big Herseth supporters. They couldn’t stop talking about how Noem was done and they had no doubt Herseth would be defeating Noem in the not to distant future.

    I know I have to take Herseth seriously but Noem is going to be very hard to defeat. Obama losing in ’12 would probably be the best thing for Herseth but I don’t see SHS’ odds getting any better than 50/50 and right now they are probably worse.

    1. anon

      It shows a lot of the most active Dems really want Herseth back for another go though. I assume it means that she is running again or there wouldn’t be so much enthusiasm by her supporters.

  7. PlanningStudent

    I know this is a little off topic but I saw an interesting quote this morning:

    “As Newts new campaign manager I will be traveling with him and the team.”

    -Senator Dan Lederman on Facebook

  8. yoyoyoyoyo

    $50 for a 100 watt led bulb is probably worth it, considering the life of many of these bulbs is 10+ years. and thats if you had it on all the time. you could replace all the bulbs in your home with LED and good chance never have to change them again. I work with professional club/stage lighting and the new tech is all led, which saves a lot of money in bulb replacement and while the cost of the power is not to much an issue, the greatly reduced amount they use helps for set ups without quality power, reducing breaker popping and the like. There are a lot of cheaper bulbs out there right now though…the issue is fitting led tech into incandescent fixtures that are the norm today. Probably ten years from now or so we wont be using those fixtures anymore and will be flushmounting led lighting bars, the lighting will be designed into the home. I have a room in my house that is lit with tri color led bars and i can chagne the color of the lights to anything on the color wheel using my iphone.

    1. Troy Jones

      $50 a bulb? Worth it? You got to be kidding. I have probably 60 light bulbs in my house. $3,000 for light bulbs few of which are ever on at any one time. Also, I can assure you I don’t spend $300 a year for bulbs now. Except for the wealthy, most people would have to go back to candles or put wear miner hats around the house.

      1. yoyoyoyoyo

        i’d still say its worth it at that price…and expect that to go way down here pretty soon. led tech is moving by leaps and bounds. consider that if working correctly you would never have to replace those bulbs again…ever. And thats not even considering the savings on your power bill.

        And there are allready cheaper bulbs out there and thats the price of a product when the demand is fairly low…once everyone is using led the supply will increse and the price will drop. Again i think the big problem is trying to fit leds into current incandescent fixtures. my pro club/stage lighting leds have not failed me yet…not even one diode.

        People will go back to candles or wear miner hats? ahahahaha. Please. 20 years ago only the wealthy had pagers/cell phones/ computers. Now even the welfare recipients have these items…a cell phone plan is like the same cost as a landline. the sd card in my cell phone holds more memory than my computer did 10 years ago. LED is headed the same way.

  9. Name

    And do you know who owns stock in Cree? Jeramiah Wright and Bill Ayers!!! SHS is embroiled in a CommuMarxist FascIslamoSecularisticAbortificiant conspiracy to get a Kenyan Indonesian who was born black re-elected through selling expensive light bulbs! That last a long long time (which is why they are price fixed (damn commies) at such a high price). This is truly “sleeper-agent” Chicago tactics. I’m glad Krisiti is so perceptive as to notice that a lobbyist is lobbying for a client. This is scary stuff people. Don’t be fooled.

  10. Stan Gibilisco

    For the most part, I like the new bulbs (both the CFL and LED types). I’ve replaced most of the incandescent bulbs in my house with the new ones, especially the CFLs, which shine just like “soft-white” incandescent lamps as as far as I can tell.

    On the downside, I have noticed that CFLs do not start very well at low temperatures. Even when my garage gets down to 45 degrees or so in the winter, they start out dim, but they brighten up after a minute or two. I don’t know if they’d work at all below zero, however. They do last a long time! I’ve had one or two of them burning for more than six months continuously.

    When I replaced the incandescent lamp in my garage-door opener with a CFL, the range of the wireless remote was reduced to only about 10 feet, rendering it in effect useless. I assume that this phenomenon took place because the “ballast” in the CFL interfered with the wireless reception in the mechanical opener unit.

    As for the LEDs, I’ve had hard luck with them. They grow a lot dimmer over time (at least all the ones I have tried). Most of the higher-wattage-equivalent ones have partially or totally failed after only a little while (some have multiple “banks” of individual diodes and the banks go down one by one, like the major limbs of a tree during a hurricane). Maybe I’m not going with the best quality units. But I got them at WalMart and the local hardware store. Where else am I supposed to go?

    Over time I think these bulbs save money and represent a good deal. I find it rather troubling, however, that Big Brother finds it necessary to force me to use them. What’s next? I like dinner salads. Will Big Brother agree with my taste and mandate that I must have them, and never again partake of those cholesterol-laden, calorie-busting prime rib roasts that I also like? It’s not hard to imagine, what with politicians who seem to lose their sense of sanity shortly after we hire them.


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