"Notice that we have a lot of vitrol pointed towards conservative Republicans" (Stace Nelson)

I agree with Stace. Primaries can be hard fought because emotions run high because voters are usually being asked to choose among friends with whom the agree with both more than they disagree.

On one hand neither side can claim victory.

For every Otten, there is a Vehle. For every Ewing, there is a Peters. For every Nelson, there is a Schoenfish.

On the other hand, the party can claim victory. We had 25 primaries vs. the Dems having 3 primaries. This demonstrates a great deal of interest. The Republican voters each got to select who they believe are the best elections to carry the party banner into the fall.

Stace is right. The vitriol needs to stop. Winning elections is about winning people to your side. Using the following words (all used in one post urging the other to be humble, referencing Scripture and a call to be Christ-like) to describe other people (especially people you don’t even know) is not a way to get people to listen to you and win them to your own side.

“hypocrites, arrogant, impotent idiots, morons, conceited, snotty”

In 12 Senate races, the Republican voters selected 12 Republicans to represent them to serve in the Senate. In 15 House races, the Republican voters selected 30 Republicans to represent them to serve in the Senate. To call them RINO’s or wackos will not win people to the Republican/conservative position but insults the Republicans of that district.

Sidenote: Rand Paul endorsed Romney yesterday.

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  1. Anonymous

    Couldn’t agree more. Except Stace Nelson is the last person who has any integrity to school us on vitriol. His vitriol has been, is and continues to be relentless, baseless, mean-spirited and personal. Stace, is your plan to stop the vitriol? I didn’t think so.

    The primary is over. Past legislatures are over. Time to start over. The Republicans in 37 races have spoken. The general election is upon us. Everyone has enough to regret and resolve to begin anew. “My Mama always said you’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move on.” (Forrest Gump)

    1. Stace Nelson

      Anytime anyone would like to review the events of the last year, in public, under oath, in a fact by fact forum, with the weight of perjury enforced, I will be the first one there with witnesses.

      Seems they sure the heck didn’t want that so much from the onset that they had to go against House Rules to create a joke of a “hearing.”

      So, you keep hiding in the shadows claiming vague lies that you have been wronged by and continue inciting those that know better.

      Me? As someone else mentioned in a post earlier herein, I am satisified with the verdict the public rendered on the matter.

      1. Anonymous

        Stace don’t over interpret your election night victory. Put a bunch of signs up and people will vote for you. I know people who voted for you who had no idea who you are and what you’ve been doing. Apparently no one stooped to sending out postcards to inform them. You have a very limited fan club. You also had your open public forum on each specific accusation and oath or not, if there were falsehoods then settle it in court. Moser may have backed down privately about whether or not you physically threatened him but you did threaten the entire membership of your former caucus by telling them you’d use a bat on them if words didn’t work.

        1. Anonymous

          troy talks a good game, but then watches as cowards like this continue to scurry in the shadows sinking their little rino horns into popular conservatives.

          can you beleive that these are actually “republican” legislators representing people?

      2. anon

        With responses like the one above, you won’t ever stop the venom from flowing Stace. I still don’t believe Lust did anything wrong. But, he’s put it behind him. Until you do that, you have no chance of regaining the high ground.

        It’s over…and you should be happy with the current situation. Focus on how you can get back into the republican caucus, and learn how to function as a team member…until then, you will never have any influence, power, or respect.

      3. Anonymous

        With Putnam gone and district 19 being represented by at least 2 legislators that won’t be able to pass gas in the next two years, maybe they will finally realize that good campaigners don’t necessarily make good legislators.
        If your goal is to serve your constituents Stace, then do that, not waste time trying to find corruption and RINOs because all it’s doing is making you legislatively impotent.
        Who are you going to Pierre to serve? So far it’s been yourself because your voters certainly haven’t been served in the past two years!
        I still have hope you can turn it around!

        1. Anonymous

          yes! stace! you need to become just like the dirty politicians that people hate and sell your soul to the devil to be like them in order to get anything done! you know? like the cowards like these slimy ones posting here

          we got your back stace! don’t ever become like the rauschs of the legislature!

        2. Jammer

          That was a ridiculous statement. It is sad that when we finally find a politician that is willing to stand up for principles and values rather than politics and party, we have people like you making these types of comments. I sincerely hope that conservatives support the politicians that are willing to stand steadfast on true conservative principles and values because they are really the only hope we have to fix the problems facing the state and the country.

  2. caheidelberger

    [Take a memo, “Bill Clay”: Troy Jones adds value to this otherwise withering blog. A major portion of that value comes from Troy’s willingness to put his name to his words and to further engage the blogosphere in the comment section.]

  3. Bob Ellis

    You RINOs have already proven in spades that you won’t listen to reason or to the values and platform of the party you claim allegiance to. You’ve already made it clear that you hold contempt for the documented and clearly stated conservative values of the GOP, and that no amount of pointing that out will “win you” to GOP values.

    When someone is as hostile to the truth as the current herd of RINOs infesting the GOP, all anyone can do is to continue to expose their deception and hypocrisy so that others won’t be misled by it and assume that the entire Republican brand has been abandoned to liberalism and is now worthless.

    When you stop fighting against the principles of our party and stop vilifying those who believe in those principles, then there will no longer be a need to expose your hypocrisy. Then the “vitriol” will truly come to an end. It’s your call.

    1. anon

      Once you shut up, that will be easier.

      Let’s offer our hand to have it shaken and not to slap.

  4. Bob Ellis

    No, show some respect for the values and platform of the party you’ve professed allegiance to, and everything will be fine. Or continue giving them the middle finger and continue being called out for it.

      1. Bree S.

        I’m sure you would be pleased if the average citizen would make no attempt to educate himself on legislation and congressional procedures. Oh I should hang my head and slink away in shame at my mistake. Then these brilliant, honest politicians could continue making these fabulous decisions for us, because we lack the intellectual capacity to think for ourselves.

        The underlying purpose of your comment is blatant, don’t you think?

  5. Anonymous

    I agree with Troy, enough is enough. The past is history and it’s time to turn over a new leaf and move on. No, you don’t need to forget the vitriol and the back-stabbing, but learn from it, don’t dwell on it, and now let’s all work together for the good of the state.

  6. Jay BK Slater

    Just coming out of HD22 primary, coincidentally the only district in the state with both Rep and Dem primaries. We have a significant battle ahead of us. Watching the shift in voter registrations over the past 3 months has been an education in and of itself. What the voters said here is that they are tired of the professional politics and party in-fighting. I have been, and will continue to, say that SD cannot jump on the national or federal bandwagon in how we conduct the business of government or party campaigns. It has disturbed me for years when Democrats resorted to personal emotional attacks in discussions, now we have begun to see the same tactics within the Republican Party being lowered to a new level. Take the higher road and just agree to disagree with a firmness of convictions. Put civility and statesmanship back into the campaign process. My honesty and stated difference with party platform does not make me a RINO, it makes me an honest candidate. I have never lied on a job application and do not plan on doing so now. Hope to see my fellow candidates in Sioux Falls. I will let you know when I get my invite.

  7. Mr Moderate

    Ellis sure likes to talk about allegiance to the party. When registering to vote I merely had to fill out a simple form like all the other voters out there. My allegiance goes to my State and the USA as a whole. Pledging allegiance to a political party seems to me more like something a bolshevik would do . There are two parties to choose from if a person really wants a chance to participate , I just chose the party that best suits my beliefs.

    Now here comes the diatribe where Ellis will say that I am the Bolshevik and he is the keeper of conservative principles.

    1. Troy Jones Post author

      Bob, everyone has a hierarchy of “loyalty and commitment.” For most, God, family, country all come before party and ideology because they value God, family and country more than they value their party and ideology. And, I think the voter understands that hierarchy.

      And, I am not calling you a communist so please don’t over-react. I just need to make a point. In the Soviet Union, they forced their people to equate country and party, deny God, and spy on their family because they had a disordered priority of party and ideology. In the US, parties are an entity not even in the Constitution, they are not part of the government but are free associations of people who generally have the same outlook regarding policy organized to elect people within a philosophical stratum of thoughts, views and ideology to office. Parties require no loyalty oath to a particular platform. They give anyone who wants to affiliate with them to be a member giving them the ability to choose nominees to represent their party in the general election.

      My point: I value “loyalty and commitment” but “loyalty and commitment” to my party and ideology is subordinate to God, family and country. Furthermore, my affiliation with my party is an imperfect reflection of my values (no two people have perfectly compatible values and outlook much less the millions it takes to form a party) but not my values. I have every right to try to shape my party according to my values. Just as you do. And, each primary the Republicans will get to decide their collective judgment on what the collective profile of the candidates will be. And after that, the general public gets to decide which candidates best reflect their views.

      I sincerely have my hand extended. All I ask is you two things:

      1) Understand and respect that we will not agree on every party and ideological issue because we have different experiences and knowledge that shape our views.

      2) Disagreeing doesn’t mean we have to be disagreeable. And it doesn’t make one person a better anything than the other. It just means we disagree.

      I hope you will shake my hand.

      1. Bill Fleming

        I have a little sign on my Facebook page, Troy that says:

        “Don’t try to win over the haters.
        You’re not the jackass whisperer.”

        Every time I read something written by Bob Ellis,
        I pause, take a deep breath, and re-read it.

  8. Steve Hickey

    Winners sometimes lose. Losers sometimes win. No one wins when people are not amiable. No matter how right you are, you lose if you are not winsome.

    One way to stop the vitriol is to change the comment policy here at Dakota War College and require identifiable identities. However, that will surely cut the comments down to a trickle – especially from people inside the legislature. I realize I’m part of it, but the blogs feed the fire.

    And refresh my memory, why is this site called “war college” ?? I named my site voicescarry because I figured it could be a place for conversation. War college is definitely living up to it’s name. If that’s what people want I can fight alongside the rest of them. However, my first paragraph above is an attempt to communicate there is a better way. Troy obviously is advocating for that better way.

  9. Bob Ellis

    As I have explained before, there is nothing whatsoever within Republican values or the GOP platform that stands in contradiction to God, family or country. I wouldn’t be a part of a group that contradicted my values concerning God, family and country, and I find it incomprehensible that anyone possessing even a modicum of integrity and self-respect would do so, either. In fact, outside of the Constitution party, there is no set of party values and priorities that do more to promote God, family and country.

    That dog just flat won’t hunt. It’s just more of your thin attempt to excuse away your own disloyalty and pet liberal proclivities. You see, YOUR hierarchy of loyalties is thoroughly messed up. You are more loyal to your easy-going liberal ideology and your liberal buddies than you are to the party to which you claim allegiance. I’m reasonably sure you expect more loyalty concerning your favorite sports team than you apparently do the party to which you claim allegiance. Given the stakes for our state and nation which are riding on the effectiveness of the party apparatus in preserving our way of life, that is extremely disgusting and pathetic.

    I’ll ask you to understand one thing:

    Until you and your liberal friends stop impeding the Republican agenda (which I will remind you once again is documented and stated very clearly), stop deceiving the public about your adherence to those values, and stop demonizing Republicans who are more loyal to the values of their party than you are, you and your RINO buddies will continue to be exposed for your liberal ways. It won’t stop until you mend your ways, or you are completely out of power.

    Again, it’s your call.

    1. Anonymous

      Is Jesus pro-gun? Pro-shooting coyotes from snowmobiles? Pro-lethal injection? Anti immigration? Or would he be a rhino?

      My guess is he’d probably be a registered independent.

          1. Bob Ellis

            You know things have descended to a truly pathetic state for the GOP when you have a radical Leftist pointing out Scripture to a bunch of RINOs on a RINO blog.

              1. Bob Ellis

                I pay you an indirect compliment and this is how you respond? I’m reminded of the story of the frog who gave the scorpion a ride across the river. Liberals will be liberals, after all. Which is why there will be no faux truces with those who push liberalism and oppose conservatism until they stop attacking Republican values, or are defeated politically.

                1. Bill Fleming

                  There will be no truces between you and me, Bob, until you climb off your sanctimonious high horse.

                  1. Bob Ellis

                    I’ve never been on a sanctimonious high horse. I only point to what is right, and since you are consistently opposed to what’s right, you despise me for having pointed it out. Luke 21:17, John 3:20

                    1. Bill Fleming

                      There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.
                      ?Proverbs 6:16?19

                      You’ve covered all the bases, here, Bob. If there’s anyone who could use a little humility around here, it’s you, brother. I’m just sayin.

      1. Bob Ellis

        Ever hear of the “Just War Doctrine?” Probably not. Apparently you need to get up to speed on that, as well as on the Bible. You apparently don’t have a clue about Christian doctrine, which is typical for liberals.

      2. Bob Ellis

        Oh, and a lot of those children are hungry because liberals are just fine with drug-using, worthless excuses for parents, not to mention the liberal’s war on family and marriage. Check the statistics: most poverty is in broken homes, while there are very few intact families in poverty. Yet again, actions speak infinitely louder than worthless words.

        1. Bree S.

          I agree. It was watching what drug addicts did to their children that turned me from libertarian to Republican.

          1. Bob Ellis

            Thank you. That’s why I can’t agree with many libertarians on this. It’s like turning a blind eye to literal poison being spread throughout society–poison that not only hurts those who take it, but also hurts so many people around them.

      3. Anonymous

        Obama is cutting the defense budget by 1.2 trillion and children are still starving…

        Obama gave 16 billion to Solyndra…he could have given it to starving children.

        The legislature “reformed” the food sales tax “giveback” program and Feeding South Dakota is still complaining.

  10. William

    Politics is a game of addition and multiplication, not subtraction and division…

  11. Charlie Hoffman

    Dear Mr. Ellis;

    Tell me how a legislature which has a sitting Attorney General fighting Obamacare at the Supreme Court level are RINO’s; “your power word, not mine” ? Tell me how a Republican legislature pushing a waiting period for abortions and being taken to court for that final passage of the bill are considered “RINO’S” by you and your next of kin? Tell me how a legislature who implements “MERIT PAY” for our “PUBLIC SCHOOLS” which are totally tax base funded are a bunch of “RINO’S” under your litmus test intellect? And finally Mr. Ellis please let the folks of South Dakota who pay taxes know how an administation talked a “RINO” legislature into cutting 10% overall of SD State Spending to contain a structual deficit which placed South Dakota into the top five fiscally healthy states in America?

    Sincerely ,

    Charlie B. Hoffman
    District 23 Representative

    1. Stace Nelson

      Rep. Hoffman,
      The voter has a right to demand answers and explanations. Even more so when they are receiving mixed messages.

      It is hard for South Dakotans to understand the election year chanting of get rid of Obama & Obamacare when the Republican controlled SD legislature & governor passed bills in ’11 knowing full well that those bills implement major provisions of Obamacare, such as SB-38: http://sdpb.sd.gov/SDPBPodcast/2011/hou27.mp3 There was no doubts in anyone’s minds that this bill did exactly that as it was freely admitted and professed during the above linked debate.

      On the issue of HB 1234, Merit Pay is something the Obama administration pushes and supports. Even though the federal government repeatedly spends $ millions trying to perfect it, it does not work. Regardless, SDGOP Plank 4.3 indicates Republicans support parental choice and having the right to decide how they want their local schools run at the local level, by them, not Pierre.

      Without going into much detail, the current legislature has increased several taxes all the while spending monies on such projects as a $300K new shop near the Capital that was wanted, not needed; a $1 Million state building to be built on leased ground; $5 (5?) Million spent on outside employment agencies to help private industry hire employees (that the state is now being sued over); etc.? Again, actions that bespeak the opposite of uttered rhetoric, that the voter clearly have a right to question.

      The SDGOP platform indicates that we Republicans understand that South Dakotans are Taxed Enough Already, and that we will work to look for ways to reduce government and their taxes. Creating new super committees, new oversight and ways to administer education at the Capital level, new & raised taxes, killing Constitutional Carry Bills (HB 1015), etc., kind of fly in the face of those promises we make to the voters on what we are going to do for them when we run as a Republican under the SDGOP platform.

      I am sure that if you went in and bought a brand new $65K high performance Cobra Mustang, got it home only to find out that it was a repainted $200 POS Yugo, you’d be a little irrate too.

      Mr. Ellis, and others, clearly believe they got stuck with a couple Yugos here and there. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Charlie Hoffman

        Rep. Nelson it is never all your way nor all my way or all anybody’s way; and if we don’t agree to disagree on a few points here and there, civilly, it could be a very long and arduous session. It is time now to start working together as a party wishing to maintain our majority in the legislature. Once there I’ll work with you on any good legislation and it would be great if we agree on every bill though I doubt that will happen in every case. I’ve had some great bills hammered on the House floor by many people for many reasons, yet after that days session was over there was consolation in the fact that quite possibly some of their reasons for voting no were correct.

        Besides all that, Stace “Congratulations” on a great win in your district and I look forward to meeting your new seatmate. Primaries are all about face to face interaction and personal connections. Both of you must have really pounded the pavement and hammered on a boatload of doors. Lets now look at winning in November, taking back the US Senate and the Presidency and continue making SD the greatest State in America to live. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. :-O

          sadly, mr hoffman, you are what passes for a republican legislator in this state.

          even your reputation for going whichever way the wind blows, was ridiculed with the promoderate establishment republican supporter, bob mercer.

          you say the words of supporting republican issues but then vote against them and get angry when people ask you about it.

          1. Bree S.

            Mr. Hoffman is a new legislator, and he’s a rancher not a lawyer. Let’s cut him some slack and see what he does this term.

            1. Anon

              New legislator? He just finished his second term, he’s in leadership-Bree either you are young and naive or you are an idio*. You support people and ideas that are pushed by the 20% who believe the 80 are wrong and think our government of the last 200 + years missed something that was discovered in the last year and a half by the self righteous ill-informed. Good luck in whatever you do, you will need it.

              1. Bree S.

                This attitude is detrimental to the conservative cause. Frothing at the mouth at every moderate accomplishes nothing. There are many more liberal Republicans reelected to the legislature, set your sights on them. Many people did more harm than good this election.

                1. Anon

                  If the conservative cause is the effort to purify those who don’t believe you can have it. The non-rino’s will destroy this party. It may take another 20 yrs but its clear the 1950s aren’t as great as howies warped dream recalls and it won’t be the future. My belief is the non-rino’s are moving the way of the separatist movement.

                  Best of luck in the future but look closely, the future is passing you by.

              2. 44%

                sorry but the majority of south dakotans identify with conservatives. even your beloved moderate/liberal republicans run away from the records claiming to be conservatives during the election.

                1. Bree S.

                  Are you on drugs or just psychotic? Who said conservatism wasn’t dominant in South Dakota? Who said moderates were beloved? Did you take your medicine today?

      2. Bob Ellis

        The legislature didn’t have anything to do with the Attorney General’s actions against ObamaCare. But the RINOs in the legislature did fight attempts to resist ObamaCare through Health Care Freedom Acts and other bills for the past three years. This RINO legislature also moved to FACILITATE ObamaCare, unlike most of the other states that at least waited until the Supreme Court ruled on ObamaCare. Actions speak louder than empty words.

        Regarding abortion, you should also note the RINOs who have fought attempts to pass restrictions on abortion, and have tried to hamstring Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Again, actions speak louder than empty words.

        RINOs in the legislature also considered it more important to “punish” a gun rights group for exposing their liberal records than to pass a bill they admitted they agreed with in the first place. Again, actions speak louder than empty words.

        RINOs in the legislature have also repeatedly blocked attempts to deal with illegal immigrants within our state. Once more, actions speak louder than empty, worthless words.

        RINOs in the legislature are apparently just fine with giving the taxpayer’s hard-earned money to welfare recipients who are suspected of using drugs, and leaving suspected drug-using parents in charge of their children.

        We really should be seeing by now what a crock the claims of some to be “Republicans” really is.

  12. Bree S.

    Looking at the votes in the House for 2011’s HB 1217, I see only two Representatives missed that vote.

      1. Charlie Hoffman

        On that day Stace I was in Michigan watching my youngest swim in her last college conference swim meet at Oakland U. BTW I would have voted yes on HB 1217. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Bree S.

          I see you did sponsor HB 1171. It’s too bad that one didn’t make it. I hope someone rewrites it and reintroduces it.

          1. Charlie Hoffman

            For the record HB 1171 increased the size of government, increased spending, put more people on boards with more regulations and regulated private industry. I voted against it. That would be the conservative view point many took.

            So Bree (whomever you may be) you must be for more government regulation then? Are you a Democrat?

            1. Bree S.

              Are we discussing the HB 1171 that protected the unborn from assault? I think you may be talking about HB 1171 from 2012. I apologize for not being clear in my statement.

              1. Charlie Hoffman

                my bad– votes on the bill from this year still confuse me on who voted for it and against it.

                1. Bree S.

                  No problem.. I’ll try to remember to include the year from now on for clarity’s sake.

                2. :-O

                  hb 1234 from 2012, “increased the size of government, increased spending, put more people on boards with more regulations and regulated” education further from pierre! You voted for it. That would NOT be the conservative view point many took.

                  So Charlie you must be for more government regulation then? Are you a Democrat?

                  tell us also about the kirkiby deal that everyone is talking so much about. we thought trading votes was supposed to be illegal?

  13. clem

    Troy has a good post and I commend him for it. By why did it have to slide into yet another bashing of Stace Nelson. The local voters aren’t stupid. Look at the results from the “players” in last years scandals and what the voters have said. Stace Nelson &Lance Russell won big and so did their co-signer Begalka. Rausch , Tom Nelson, and Abdallah lost big-time. Cutler,Moser, Gray,and Turbiville wisely didn’t run.

    1. Jay BK Slater

      Clem: Well stated and if Referendum Petition for HB 1234 puts it on November ballot we will have a marker for voters to state “Confidence” or “No Confidence” of 2011 Republican Legislature. The party is not the avenue for influence of executive branch on legislative branch. Representation is not solely for a party platform it is for constituents. 34% voter endorsement is a pretty solid statement by Stace Nelson constituents in a 4 candidate primary.

  14. Rodney Fluth

    This is just a suggestion from a long time conservative/libertarian who believes in the Reagan theory of someone agreeing with you 80% of the time is probably your friend. Why do you post anything from someone who isn’t brave enough to post under their real name? You might disagree with Stace Nelson on some issues but at least he has the balls to state his opinion boldly. I am just about always a more speech than less type of guy, but not when they are gutless to post their name.

  15. Bob Ellis

    As usual, Bill, you’re busy at work for your father (John 8:44). Haughty eyes are the ones that stare in defiance while violating God’s standard, American principles, and Republican values–while claiming to be a Republican, and then arrogantly look for everyone to give them a pass for their duplicity. A lying tongue is one that claims to be a good Republican while making a mockery of Republican values. Hands that shed innocent blood are the ones who perform, support, and facilitate the murder of innocents such as those killed by abortions (which some people who claim to be Republicans support). You can look down at your own feet to a pair that make haste to run to evil, and you can look at the feet of RINOs who support and defend immoral liberal policies for some more. A false witness who breathes out lies is one who claims to represent Republican (and Christian, for that matter) values while making a mockery of them by opposing them and supporting those who oppose them. Sowing discord are those who show contempt for Republican values and despise those who believe in them, dividing the party and making a mockery of it.

    So as usual, Bill, you’ve managed to provide a useful illustration of the kind of values you and your father cherish, as well as a functional example of Isaiah 5:20 as well as Genesis 5:30.

    Thanks for always being there.

    1. Troy Jones Post author


      In a previous thread entitled “Humility, Justice, and Shaking Hands,” I suggested we all step back from a hard-fought primary and past legislative sessions and commit to working together on matters where we agree with each other more than we agree with Democrats. I offered my hand with only the request that we accept we will not agree on everything and not be disagreeable in our disagreement. You slapped my hand and rejected my offer. I get that and accept it. I tried. Yet my offer remains if you change your mind.

      And, I agree with you. Bill chose a less than accurate word in asserting you are sanctimonious. A more accurate word would be self-righteous.

      You have appointed yourself the grand arbiter of the Republican Party Platform. You allow no dissent to your interpretation or what are its priorities.

      You have appointed yourself the grand determinant of the purpose of the Republican Party Platform. Rather than a statement of general concensus views, you effectively require 100% fidelity to your interpretation and any deviance from your platform deems one a RINO. Furthermore, you assert if one deviates from your interpretation and yet calls themself a Republican, they are a decieving hypocrite, lack integrity, etc.

      Summing up the above. (Bob Ellis: “Until you and your liberal friends stop impeding the Republican agenda (which I will remind you once again is documented and stated very clearly), stop deceiving the public about your adherence to those values, and stop demonizing Republicans who are more loyal to the values of their party than you are, you and your RINO buddies will continue to be exposed for your liberal ways.” It won?t stop until you mend your ways, or you are completely out of power. )

      Then you extend it by appointing yourself the grand arbiter of American values which you assert is wholly compatible with your version of Republican values. Anyone who disagrees with you is then by definition opposed to American values. (Bob Ellis: “As I have explained before, there is nothing whatsoever within Republican values or the GOP platform that stands in contradiction to God, family or country.

      And, finally, you appoint yourself the grand interpreter of the Bible and Christian values where you assert your version of American values and Republican values are wholly compatible with your interpretation of the Bible and Christianity. Anyone who disagrees with you is essentially a heretic. (Bob Ellis: “Apparently you need to get up to speed on that, as well as on the Bible. You apparently don?t have a clue about Christian doctrine, which is typical for liberals.” Or this quote, “I also hate to break it to you, but I?ve never once said or claimed to be the arbiter of all that is proper. I only point to the arbiter of all that is proper?which drives liberals and lowest-common-denominator types like yourself mad because you realize you aren?t aligned with what is proper and you don?t want to align yourself with what is proper (Luke 21:17). You?ve done nothing more than broadcast your own glaring ignorance of conservatism, Republican values, and Christianity in general.” And, this quote “A false witness who breathes out lies is one who claims to represent Republican (and Christian, for that matter) values while making a mockery of them by opposing them and supporting those who oppose them.”)

      Your self-appointment is neatly wrapped up your post I highlighted above.

      Here is the problem with your self-appointment.

      I belong to the Republican Party and not the Ellis Party. On most matters, you and I agree yet you will not consider anything but allegiance to your view both on a specific policy matter or how people within the party who have different views should be considered (whether a Republican or RINO). And, those who do not accept your self-appointment, you invite to become a Democrat. (Bob Ellis: “If you want to advance or get cozy with liberal ideas, be honest and go join the Democrat Party.”)

      I am a citizen of the United States of America and not the United States of Ellis. America is a grand experiment which allows every person to assert themself with regard to reforming and improving America. It encourages divergent views. Again, on most matters, we agree. But not on everything. And there are good Americans with whom I have substantial disagreement. Do we really want to live in a society where one vision is preeminent and all other visions are anti-American?

      Finally, most importantly, I am a follower of Christ and not a follower of Bob Ellis. Depending on how one defines it, there are between 3,000 and 30,000 different understandings of Christianity and the Bible. (Bob Ellis: “it is best to check our views against God?s clear word as he stated it in the Bible. If you do that, you?ll find no conflict between the Republican Party platform and values, and God?s values.” or this quote “But I do have loyalty to Republican principles because they are completely compatible with Christian principles.”). Certainly, the followers of each of those different understandings believe their’s is the best understanding and not all (if any) are completely compatible with “Republican values,” in particular your understanding. But, I’m rhetorically wondering why one should think you have the best understanding? Non-rhetorically, I’m more curious why you would even assert you have such omniscient understanding.

      Bob, in the end, you are just one Republican among tens of millions, one American among hundreds of millions of Americans, and one Christian among billions of Christians. Until we have all appointed you the grand arbiter of what makes a good Republican, good American, and good Christian, you should not assume every disagreement requires you to “throw over the tables” in self-righteous indignation and asserting everyone with whom you disagree is an anti-American values, liar, hypocrite, RINO, and heathen (your reference to Bill Fleming above as a son of Satan is . . . . Just wow). You just aren’t that perfect.

      Humility is where we approach the world with a modest estimation of one’s self, acknowledging our imperfect abilities. It requires us to give as much esteem to the gifts and skills of another as we expect of our own. Humility represses pride “God resisteth the proud, and giveth his grace to the humble” (James 4:6). Humility also represses anger for it gives one the grace to first see the good in another before dealing with the disagreement (which pales to the good).

      Final comment: The words polite, politics and policy all have the same root or are related as they imply all people have an inherent dignity. Using derisive words to describe those with whom you disagree (and in most cases have never met) is not polite, will not draw people to yourself which is necessary in to be effective politically, and will not convince people to accept what you believe is the best policy.

      1. Bill Fleming

        The difference between ‘sanctimonious’ and ‘self-righteous’ is a subtle nuance, Troy, but a good one in the context of describing Mr. Ellis’s blogging behavior. I accept your correction. Thanks.

        1. Bill Fleming

          LOL. Troy, please file my phrase “subtle nuance” under “department of redundancy department. I should have written “subtle distinction.”

      2. Bob Ellis

        I am neither sanctimonious nor self-righteous. I am pointing to the standard–not my own behavior or my own opinions, but the objective, documented standard. They aren’t hard to figure out, nor do they require “interpretation.” They are clear, and they are clearly not MY standard, but the standard of countless Republicans who have formulated and agreed to those documented standards. Your attempt to deflect attention from them by claiming I am promoting my own standard is disingenuous and a deceptive attempt to obfuscate your own unwillingness to be loyal to the standards of your own chosen party.

        You have made it clear that you aren’t interested in adhering to or even acknowledging the standard. Further, you sanctimoniously and self-righteously (because you are substituting your own flawed, liberal opinions for the objective, documented standard) consider your own contradictory opinions to be superior to those of your chosen party. A man of integrity would do one of two things in such a situation: (1) keep your mouth shut about your contradictory ideas and not undermine your party, or (2) leave the party for one that suits your ideas better.

        To be clear, the same is true of American values and Christian values. They are clear. They are documented. They are historical fact. I do not need to “interpret” them. They speak for themselves. I only point to them as the standard when people like yourself want to claim you believe in them while making a mockery of them.

        You are so amazingly blind to your own hypocrisy it is breathtaking. I don’t want you to be a member of the Ellis Party…but you expect everyone to be a member of the Troy Jones/Dennis Daugaard Party. You are substituting your own contradictory values for those of the party you claim allegiance to. Frankly you are doing the same thing with the Bible as well. The Bible is extremely clear on most topics, especially where they concern public morality. The only difficulty in “interpretation” comes when we try to do what is contradictory to the clear standard while still managing to make a semi-credible claim to adhering to that standard. Please, don’t ever look at me as the standard for the Bible, the GOP or anything else–but you most certainly should look to the standard which I am repeatedly pointing to.

        Just wow? Apparently you think Jesus and his apostles were poor Christians. Once again, you substitute your own standard for God’s standard, and that is where you continually go wrong.

        Frankly, you don’t want humility from me. You want timidity from me–timidity and acquiescence. You and your liberal friends have gotten used to conservatives being timid, keeping our mouths shut, and allowing you to make a mockery of GOP values and Christian principles with impunity. We have been silent for so long–hoping in vain that some day you might grow up or get beyond your infatuation with bankrupt philosophies–that you’ve developed a sense of entitlement, that you should be allowed to do whatever you want, regardless of how it violates any and all standards, with no criticism.

        I hope someday to make it clear to you: those days are over. You will not be allowed to pervert and undermine GOP values or Christian values for that matter without having your error identified. You will not be allowed to mislead people. You will not be allowed to ruin the GOP brand in South Dakota as it has already been ruined by RINOs nationally. I and others will describe your deceptive and misleading words and deeds in clear terms, and if you don’t like them, that is your problem. Again, it’s not about you or me, but about the standard. It is too important to allow it to be trashed and made worthless simply because you are too rebellious to mend your ways with more gentle words. Jesus did not temper his words when dealing with those who rebelled against the truth and dragged others down with them, his prophets and apostles did not, the founders of our nation such as Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry did not, and I will not either.

  16. Bill Fleming

    Bob Ellis behavior per Proverbs 6:16-19:

    1. Haughty eyes:
    Ellis minds everyone’s business but his own and constantly holds himself up as superior to others in thought, word and deed. Considers most of his fellow human beings to be his moral and intilectual inferior.

    2. A lying tongue:
    Ubiqitous wholesale slander of anyone who disagrees with him. Innumerable false accusations. Pretends to read minds hearts and souls. Speaks for God.

    3. Hands that shed innocent blood:
    Supports circumstances in which innocents are routinely slaughtered including wars, covert action, torture, capital punishment and natural disasters.

    4. Heart that devises wicked plans:
    Disseminates slime and viscious judgemental attacks against political, ethnic, social and theological enemies …even members of his own party and fellow Tea Party members.

    5. Feet that make haste to run to evil:
    Had to change the name of his web page because it was designated as a hate site. Aligns himself politically with known bigots of all flavors.

    6. A false witness who breathes out lies:
    Routinely accuses people of belief systems they don’t hold, political affiliations they don’t have and behavoirs they don’t perform.

    7. One who sows discord among brothers:
    Routinely attempts to brand those who don’t agree with him as being unAmerican, unChristian, unRepublican, unTea Party. Constantly driving wedges between people at every opportunity in an effort to self-aggrandize.

    To quote Jeff Barth, “Aren’t you sick of it? I am.”

    1. Bob Ellis

      1. Once again, I do not hold myself up as superior or even the standard; I only point to the standard, which you despise and you despise me for pointing it out. If you and your Leftist friends did not continually spit on the moral fiber of our nation and incessantly demand that everyone cater to the lowest common denominator, there would be no need for me to point to the standard. But I cannot stand idly by while you counsel for evil.

      2. You again lie and prove who your father is by claiming I slander when I clearly and accurately point out when people like you attempt to lie and deceive others. Again, God speaks for himself, and I point to what he has said.

      3. You show your anti-American bent and love for evil here as you slander your own country with claims that we engage in unjust war–even when we are attacked. Further, you excuse the slaughter of innocent blood with your defense of those who slaughter. There is apparently no depth of lies and deception to which you will not sink.

      4. Again, you reveal your father, when it is clear that I expose those who promote evil.

      5. If you had the slightest clue, you would realize that I created the new website BEFORE the hate-group SPLC designated Dakota Voice as a “hate group”…for having exposed their Leftist hatred many times. Further, on the new site, I went to the trouble of posting an article about the faux designation by that Leftist hate group; if I had been ashamed of their designation, I wouldn’t have said anything. Anyone who knows anything about SPLC knows that they designate any organization that opposes their Leftist agenda as a “hate group” that catches their attention. You and they have the same father.

      6. I routinely point to the belief systems which people themselves reveal with their words and deeds. People who are about doing and promoting evil don’t like to be identified with their words and deeds, however, so people like you lie about those who expose you.

      7. It is RINOs who sow discord in the GOP by acting, speaking and voting in contradiction to the clearly stated values and goals of the party. The same is true of anti-American Leftists who sow discord in America by promoting ideologies that are contradictory to American values and the U.S. Constitution. This is also true of “Christians” who promote policies and practices which are clearly in contradiction to what God has said in his Scriptures.

      You live in an Orwellian universe of complete lies. And you hate me because I won’t let you get away with your deception. But that’s okay, because I know where your hate is truly directed (Mark 13:13, Luke 6:22, John 3:20, John 5:19, John 17:14). And as I said, it really isn’t about me (as badly as you want it to be about me, it isn’t), but about the standard.

  17. Bill Fleming

    1. Rife with false accusation and slander. You have no business presuming to know my mind, Ellis, and you most emphatically do not know it. And yet you accuse me and others as if you absolutely know what you’re talking about. Let me assure you that you do not.

    2. See above. Pure baldfaced slander.

    3. You completely miss the point. You are defending the slaughter of innocents, and rationalizing there is a moral and patriotic reason it must be tolerated. There is not.

    4. My father died when I was three years old. You insult both him and me by pretending he didn’t exist, while clinging to your ridiculous crackpot, dualist, superstitious, hogwash and trying to cram it down our throats.

    5. Hey Bob, who cares? You have been identified as an internet hater, and it appears you revel in it.

    6. I am telling the truth about my observations of your behavior here and elswhere, and no one, here or elsewhere, appears to be disagreeing with me. All of your counterarguments are hopelessly self-serving.

    7. People who refuse to take their own inventory and blame all their own spitefulness on the actions of others are delusional and dangerous to themselves and others. Get help, Bob. Now.

    You are projecting your hate on to me, Bob. I don’t hate. Your lying is pathological in that you don’t understand that you are doing it. It’s all about scapegoating for you. A need to blame your horror, fear and rage on someone else because your ego can’t bear to gome to grips with the fact that the emotions that drive you are nightmares of your own making.

    I’m through with you on this, Bob. One can only spend so much time in the presence of a diseased mind. If you can’t rise out of it, then wallow in it. But don’t expect the rest of us to keep coming here to your negative vibration level. It’s not a healthy space, brother.

    1. Bob Ellis

      1. By their fruit you will know them (Matthew 7:16-20, Matthew 12:33, Luke 6:44)

      2. Refer to #1

      3. I am not defending the slaughter of innocents. You and your pro-abortion, terrorist-sympathizing Leftist associates defend the slaughter of innocents, and you darn well know it.

      4. I’m talking about your spiritual father, and you know that, too (John 8:44). Like always, you sputter and lie to avoid the unpleasant truth.

      5. I am pleased by the fact that a group of radical Leftists known for their slander and propaganda has considered me and my associates worthy of their derision. (Matthew 5:10, Luke 6:22)

      6. The last I checked, the number of people who agreed to something or disagreed with it did not dictate accuracy or the truth of the facts. Interestingly, though, the fact that a radical, morally bankrupt Leftist like yourself is allowed to spread your lies and acidic philosophy on this website with impunity speaks very loudly to whether the administrators of this site are truly allied with Republican value…or whether they are rather comfortable with a liberal like yourself spreading your bilge.

      7. I don’t refuse to take inventory of myself. In fact, I do so on a daily basis. However, my shortcomings are not the subject at hand, are they? Rather, it is those who are showing their spite and contempt for the clearly stated and documented values of the GOP. Unfortunately, those on the wrong side of those values always want to make it about something other than the standard itself.

      I don’t hate people either, Bill, but I do hate evil, and I hate lies, and I hate deception, just as my Master does (Hebrews 1:9, Luke 14:26). Because your liberal philosophy destroys lives, undermines the moral fiber of our society, and endangers every South Dakotan and every American. It promotes lawlessness, self-righteousness, going your own way instead of the way that is right (Judges 21:25). Indeed, it is you who is projecting because you cannot stand to be told that you are wrong. Deep in your heart, you know you are on the wrong side of good, and are promoting evil, and I am merely the object of your angst because I remind you of what your conscience is already telling you (Luke 6:22, Luke 21:17, John 3:20, John 15:18, John 15:19) All of us were on the wrong side at one point; I can only hope you will humble yourself someday, investigate the truth and come to accept it before it’s too late. We could truly call one another “brother” then.

      I would be through with you, too, because you have done nothing for years but demonstrate your hostility and animosity toward any type and any level of truth. I’d just as soon shake the dust of your presence from my feet and move on. But when you spread your lies and deception in public and attempt to mislead others, I have an obligation to speak up for the truth (Ezekiel 3:18-19). Hopefully someday you will be able to understand that.

      Each author at the SDWC has the capacity to censor any comments for any reason they choose. It is my general policy to let virtually everything be said, even the inane, because good ideas will stand the test of any statement in opposition. In my opinion, they are strengthened by their opposition. I recognize you have a more restictive policy on your website, which is of course your option. Other authors may have a different standard. TJ

      1. The pen

        Mr. Ellis, You waste time on Fleming and he is not worth it.

        Mr Jones is a decent enough fellow, but he will never see the error of his ways. He admits that he departs from traditional conservative ideas, but insists that those who don’t are the “whackos” for not accepting his embrace of the liberal ideas in his departures.

        Concentrate on expanding conservative cooperation so that we can count more wins like last Tuesday’s election.

        1. Bob Ellis

          You’re completely right, Mr. Pen. It’s difficult, though, to allow such deception to stand unchallenged.

          We will indeed concentrate on expanding conservative cooperation (which is growing stronger, even as we speak). Thanks for your commitment to conservatism and to the Republican vehicle which can take those values into the political arena.

        2. Troy Jones Post author

          I do not admit I depart from conservative ideas. Read this post which outlines most of my views. http://dakotawarcollege.com/archives/25391 Do you really believe I am liberal?

          My opposition to the death penalty is grounded in my faith. As much as I would love to give into my political tendencies, I just can’t because I believe in the right to life from conception to natural death, a concept I think is conservative and traditional. I hope you respect and understand that even in disagreement.

          Regarding bringing the AZ immigration bill to South Dakota, my conservative outlook causes me to oppose a solution which might be right for AZ but we do not have the same problem in South Dakota. To think every solution from one state should be brought here is actually a justification for a stronger federal government (one size fits all). In my mind, conservatives should tolerate differences of opinion on this matter. I hope you respect and understand that even in disagreement.

          The only person I agree 100% with on every issue is me. I have no expectation everyone will agree with me and I hope you don’t have that same expectation. But, as I said in a previous post, my hand is extended to anyone who can allow disagreement on a few matters and willing to work together where we agree. People of good will can disagree.

  18. From the Sidelines

    It is fascinating to sit back and watch a once-strong party eat its young, turn on its brother and slowly disintegrate. No need for the Democrats to divide and conquer, as the Republicans are doing it for them. United we stand, divided we fall … guess it’s time to put on the knee pads.

    1. in the wire

      That’s because the ones doing so are former LIFE-LONG Democrats who simply registered (R) to get elected! How is that working out for ya now, Valentine?