14 Replies to “Now every beverage tastes like freedom.”

  1. Anonymous


    Do you genuinely believe that things like plastic from straws are not bad for our planet?

    Can you honestly tell me you think we can keep doing what we are doing and future generations wont see significant negative impacts?

    I would love to know where you can find the information or ignorance to support that idea so vociferously.

      1. Ike

        Sure, some schlub in the interweb lies about straws, but you give the leader of the free world a pass? Your hypocrisy is repulsive.

    1. Anonymous

      Ike, The administration has viewed the climate reports and came to the conclusion it is too late and beyond our control. Live for today and maximize profits with the money we can make my liberal friend!

      1. Anonymous

        Did you miss the story where Mann’s lawsuit was thrown out of a Canadian court because he refused to turn over the data proving he lied?

        The same will happen in the US court case.

        When are the liberals going to give up their private jets?

          1. Anonymous

            How can Senators afford a private jet?

            I’m referring to Hollywood.

            Speaking of Bernie, is it good for the Earth to own 3 houses?

  2. @SoDakCampaigns

    For some reason, I feel I have to go back and label this post as ‘humor,’ because I think people are taking my straw purchase entirely too seriously.

    (I collect political items, and I think its hilarious).