Now that’s funny. Good one Tony Reiss.

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    1. Tony

      It was a weak statement. I care too much for us to be seen as weak. It’s hard for the party to show its muscle when they “highlight” Paula Hawks record and call Jay Williams “passionate.” These statements have no teeth.

      We need to highlight Rep. Noem’s record of strong conservative principles and expose Paula Hawks record of advocating for income taxes on hard working South Dakotans.

      Sen. John Thune is passionate about serving South Dakotans, while Jay Williams is an unapologetic tax and spend liberal.

      Do you see the difference? We need a party that is strong in its statements. Warm and fuzzy statements about the opposition won’t work to differentiate us from them. As a county GOP leader I will continue to give advice to the party in a way that gets their attention, as this clearly has. It’s time that we start acting like the political force the media thinks we are and stop relying on bureaucrats who have had to get along with people to run our party.

      Not that working for government or getting along is bad. Both are good, but that mentality does not serve the party well.

      1. Anon

        I don’t necessarily disagree with what you were saying on Twitter, just that there’s probably a better way of going about it. As you said, you’re a county GOP leader and should be able to express your thoughts and concerns internally. If you’ve tried and can’t get anyone to listen then that’s unfortunate. But I disagree with taking your beef with the State Party on to Twitter.

        Maybe you and Budmayr need to chat once he starts. Maybe they need to hire you as Communications Director!

        1. Minnehaha Co. Conservative

          Tony as communications director for SDGOP- LOL. He has publicly trashed talked conservatives and republican legislators. That isn’t the kind of strong message or leadership we need. In fact- his moderate message would destroy the GOP.

  1. What

    Lets add low wages 10 . bucks. lets add republican values to low teacher wages.Lets add our kids moving out of state for good jobs.Lets add a Senator who wants photo ops and votes against vets.Great values here.

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    I think it’s inappropriate to declare the winner at this time. Labor Day is the traditional kickoff for the fall campaigns. I think we should wait for Labor Day to declare the winner, plus it’s funnier having a victory keg when it’s warm out.