Numerous petitions hanging out there 

Sounds like quite a few petitions are in the pipeline waiting for review. According to SDWC contributor Mike Clark, he noted in a comment under a prior post:

When I turned my Petitions in yesterday I learned that a lot of petitions came in through the mail Friday afternoon, it might take away to get through them all.

Interesting. That doesn’t count what likely arrived yesterday, when only three were approved, so it remains to be seen how many might have been rejected, and how many are left to be reviewed.

That list should grow considerably this week, so stay tuned!

One Reply to “Numerous petitions hanging out there ”

  1. MC

    It is official!
    I’m now a candidate for District 09 South Dakota House of Representatives!

    The South Dakota Secretary of State has validated my petitions, and that puts me on the June 7 primary ballot.