NY Times – Congressional Race is Rock Solid Republican

At least for the opposition’s sake, the New York Times actually recognizes that it’s not a dead person running against Congresswoman Noem.

But it might as well be – because they’re calling this race as Solid Republican. 

(Is that someone bringing a fork to test if that race is done yet?)

4 Replies to “NY Times – Congressional Race is Rock Solid Republican”

  1. anon

    Noem will have no problems disposing of Varilek this election. The question will be how big does she win and how harsh does the media continue to be against her for issues like attendance records, farm bill etc.

    The media has been doing a good job helping Varilek just like they made the Tea Party insurgency look like a massive revolt of Republicans from the party.

  2. Anonymous

    Rep. Noem can just coast like she has been. No need to hold actual town halls to meet with constituents in unscripted settings. No need to show up for committee meetings. Just take it for granted, Rep. Noem. The experts say you’re in like Flynn.

  3. Anonymous

    Shoot! I suppose that means there aren’t as many direct mailing opportunities as usual. Oh well.


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