Obama claiming pumpkins contribute to global warming?

Stolen from facebook:


Yes, really. They really said this:

Most of the 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins produced in the U.S. end up in the trash, says the Energy Department’s website, becoming part of the “more than 254 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) produced in the United States every year.”

Municipal solid waste decomposes into methane, “a harmful greenhouse gas that plays a part in climate change, with more than 20 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide,” Energy says.

Read it here.   And read the original website here.


How much energy does it take to be a scold?

14 Replies to “Obama claiming pumpkins contribute to global warming?”

  1. Anonymous

    Any Republican or any person randomly chosen from the Sioux Falls phone book can do better than these Obama clowns.

  2. springer

    If Obama and his ilk really, honestly cared about stopping pollution, then just maybe they should rethink all their campaign and fund raising junkets across the country. Maybe if Gore really, honestly cared about stopping pollution, he should fly commercial instead of in his own private jet and live in just one much smaller house (like most of the rest of the US population). All they care about is control, and what better way to control the masses than through EPA regulations, among others. People are catching on though. But pumpkins????? Really??!

    1. Anonymous

      So, if you think ‘Obama and his ilk’ should rethink all their fundraising and campaign junkets across the country, does that mean you think all the current Republican presidential candidates and their ilk should rethink their campaign and fundraising junkets? How about Mike Rounds’ trip he took to Egypt earlier this month? Should he have stayed home instead of flying on a plane? Or Kristi’s past fundraising trips to California? You don’t think outside the box much. People are catching on though.

      1. Anonymous

        You’d have a point if Republicans as a group were obsessed with global warming/cooling/change/hope/dope.

        But they are not.

        The word is hypocrisy.

      2. springer

        Exactly as the previous reply stated. The Democrats are the ones stating that global warming is the biggest threat to the US and how we should all live more green blah blah blah. If they really believed that, they would be trying to cut down on their own emissions. But of course they don’t live by the same rules as they impose on the rest of us. Hypocrisy at its best! I try not to stay in the box that the libs are putting us in, thank you; life is much better outside it!

  3. Anonymous

    How come Democrats can never think of any waste to cut in DC? The person who came up with this gem could be fired and I don’t think the country would be any the worse for that person losing their job. Then, don’t rehire the position-just eliminate it.

    Say, how about firing a whole bunch of Michelle Obummer’s staff-there is a woman who is truly taking advantage of the American taxpayer and has no shame about it. I can’t wait until she leaves the White House as well; good riddance to bad rubbish.

    1. Anonymous

      But when Laura Bush was first lady and employed staff members, that was okay? Thought so. What realistic and productive ideas do you have to cut waste in DC? How about eliminating the lifetime retirement pensions for members of Congress and the President? How about limiting the number of staff each member of Congress can employ? How about eliminating all the perks that come with the job of being a Representative or Senator? And one last question: are you related to Springer?

        1. springer


          Term limits would solve a lot of the problems listed above. But how do you get a politician to cut his/her own benefits? Thus the problem with career politicians.

        2. Anonymous

          Sure, can you be very specific about types of spending cuts you want?

          And I do believe you are not related to springer. You seem much smarter.

  4. Bill Fleming

    We do have some strange customs with plants. Billions of pumpkins grown each ear just to carve a face in them and throw them away. Billions of trees grown to as perfect a shape as possible so they can be cut down, brought into our hose and decorated and hauled off to the landfill after they become a fire hazard. Thousands of zuchinni grown each season in my neighbors’ gardens so they can be offered to me for free (and politely refused) and/or then left secretly in the back seat of my car or made into that bread we all pretend we like, then eventually throw out. Just sayin’.