Obama's willing to say anything to get reelected

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Obama has decided he is losing the arguement about gas prices and American energy production.

“So do not tell me that we’re not drilling. We’re drilling all over this country. There are a few spots we’re not drilling. We’re not drilling in the national mall. We’re not drilling at your house. “

I love how politicians being chaufered around on the tax payer dime have time for drilling jokes while the rest of us across this country are paying for our own gas at nearly $4 a gallon.

I could name a few places you aren’t drilling Mr. President. I could also name some recent decisions you have made that have contributed to the high gas prices, and the fact that your secretary of energy has said he wants European prices for Americans…

But Obama doesn’t really care about the gas prices. He cares about getting reelected, and his people are telling him that his liberal policies are a losing issue with the American people.

Though President Obama’s philosophy hasn’t changed, he’s realized once again that his rhetoric must. This guy will say anthing to get reelected.

Just a couple months ago he was quoted as saying stuff like this.

You know we can?t just drill our way to lower gas prices.

But now he’s telling us we are drilling everywhere but our backyard and national monuments.

Maybe if his actions followed his rhetoric… had he backed the Keystone pipeline, encouraged drilling in the gulf, opened up ANWR, or made it easier to aquire permits on federal lands, I’d believe him. This president has shown he is absolutely unsympathetic to the American voters on issue after issue. 2012 cannot come soon enough.

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  1. grudznick

    Are you people paying attention to whats going on in THIS state? Does not PP still own this page and sell paraphanalia for signs and such from here, and feed you inside information? Do you not read newspapers from mid-sized towns in South Dakota? Why are you letting that Madville young man take over as the most current blog?

    That’s a lot of questions, I know. I’m just sayin.

        1. DD

          Obama is all about driving up the price of gas in this country. That’s about all he cares about anymore. Green energy and his agenda is costing me serious money.

        2. duggersd

          Try filling it when it is only a quarter empty. It won’t cost so much. Also, on my S10, I notice the gauge moves slower for the first 100 miles, so I try to fill it when it gets the best mileage. You’re welcome. I try to help

      1. insomniac

        I’d like to go back to $1 gas. I remember those days. It was in the 90’s. It’s all getting out of control.

        Thune is pushing some great issues in DC. Obama is going to hurt himself badly if he doesn’t open up and drill.

      2. grudznick

        Actually, this was the issue of 3 days ago. Today we’ve had massive battles in our capitol and vetos and speeches and overrides and slamdunks and all sorts of political nuances I can’t even begin to understand but my friend Bill can explain…and there’s not a peep of noise about them here.

        Bring back PP.

  2. Bill Fleming


    “Obama?s willing to say anything to get reelected”

    Are you sure you don’t mean Mitt Romney?
    Ooooooh-h-h-hahahah. *sideache* *sideache*

    Please…. stop…hahahahah!

    1. Cliff Hadley

      In an earlier post on energy, I asked you what energy plan does the left support. You responded to the effect of, “the Obama plan.”

      That plan shuts down all new permits to fossil fuels — of which we have a 200-year supply — and instead throws away $30 billion in Energy Department loans for alternative energy, all of which are inefficient and have no chance of ever working. The reason the alternatives never work: lousy chemistry and reliability. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, are worthless crap from the earth that are transformed by man’s genius into electrical and mechanical power, which frees us all from the drudgery of survival to economic and social freedoms unknown even 100 years ago.

      So when our president mocks fossil fuels, he slurs truly talented and creative people whose genius have changed man’s lot for the better — all to promote a fantasy about solar, wind and algae. He’s seen the future, and it’s all about doing more of what doesn’t work. Now that’s a Luddite.

            1. Cliff Hadley

              And Happy St. Pat’s back atcha, Mr. Fleming. It’s also my birthday. And the day my dad — a Marine — got off Iwo Jima alive. Coincidence? I think not!

              1. Bill Fleming

                Cool. My birthday was two days ago on the Ides of March, and my middle name is Cliff, after my paternal grandfather. Coincidence? Of course, but pretty funny anyway. Later, Mr. Hadley.

                1. Anonymous

                  Flem, interesting how your only words on this subject were mockery. You must not have been able to come up with ligitimate arguments.

                  1. Bill Fleming

                    Right. Like anyone who would write and/or believe in a bogus headline like the one on this post would understand a “legitimate” argument if they read one. A bogus post deserves a bogus response. Nothing more.

  3. springer

    Well, he said anything to get Obamacare passed (you can keep your own doctor, period; you can keep your insurance if you like it, period; it will lower the cost of health care premiums; it won’t cost more than one trillion bucks). He did say one truth though right before he was inaugurated; he said there were five days left until he/we (Dems/progressives/libs) would fundamentally transform America. That was the truth!!

  4. Anonymous

    “I should tell my story. I’m also unemployed.” Mitt Romney pandering to unemployed people in Florida in 2012.

    “I purchased a gun when I was a young man. I’ve been a hunter pretty much all my life.” Mitt Romney pandering to a man wearing an NRA cap in 2007.

    “I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country.” Mitt Romney pandering to Massachusetts voters in 1994 senate race.

    What’s your position on abortion? “I am pro-life.” Mitt Romney pandering to Republican presidential primary voters in 2008.

    “I think the people realize that I’m not a partisan Republican, that I’m a moderate, and that my views are progressive.” Mitt Romney pandering for votes in 2002 Massachusetts governor race.

    “I was a severely conservative Republican governor.” Mitt Romney pandering to Conservative Political Action Convention in 2012.

    “I love this state, it seems right here, the trees are the right height. I like uh, I like seeing the uh, I like seeing the lakes. I love the lakes! There’s something very special here, the great lakes, but also all the little inland lakes that, that dot the uh the parts of Michigan um … I love cars!” Mitt Romney pandering in Michigan – 2012

  5. Anonymous

    Like any of Mitt boys have worn the uniform of this country when working on his campaign as public service give me a break.

  6. toga

    We know when the libs are losing because they come out in force. No substance just ridicule. Gas is $4 F’ing gallon and you libtards don’t give a damn.

  7. Anonymous

    73 you must be able to afford the gas,if you can afford the vechile.Otherwise park in the garage and get a used 98 kia sephia. You would pay for that in no time.

  8. Anonymous

    Yes Obama is bad he drove apple stock to 600 shame on you Obama, it will probably go to 700 next and I can blame you for it.

  9. duggersd

    President O’Bama lied when he told us health insurance costs would go down. O’Bama liked when he told us people would be able to keep their insurance if they liked it. O’Bama lied when he told us we only have 2% of the oil in this world. O’Bama forced creditors to give up their claims so he could give a car company to the unions. O’Bama will be responsible for thousands of deaths on the road as auto company make cars less safe in order to meet CAFE standards. Yeah, those are some things to hang your hat on if you want to be reelected. Happy St. Patty’s Day.
    Doug O’Barnes

      1. Arrowhead

        I’m with Duggersd. Imagine that someone who wants the USA to pay $10 a gallon for gas made it through the appointments to be energy sec or the USA. What a shame.

        I would make Chu the new bad guy in politics because his policies appear to be working.

      2. duggersd

        Why don’t specifically tell me what you do not believe. If you want a source, I will provide it. And since I do not have cable or satellite television, I do not watch FOX News. So you can either believe, or keep you head in the sand or up your -um never mind.

  10. i.pea

    President Obama is acting for all Americans: even the earth haters.

    The evidence that the West is broken is flaring to the emergency category today and people with urban assault vehicles are whining that their pieces of shit suck too much gas.

    Livestock producers have argued that their hay burners are saving the West from wildfire: woe is the Earth.

    May Goddess have mercy on your so-called souls.


  11. Betsy

    Suggest you travel to west coast to see for yourself why there
    should be no drilling in Nat’l parks… Including ANWAR.
    There are some who believe if we drilled today, it would be in the pump tomorrow. How foolish to believe it anymore then the XL pipeline “oil” will be for US consumers. Going to world market and profits to the oil companies.
    Wake up… Need alternative fuel for cars/trucks.
    Cheap gas will never return. The new average price will stay around $3.50-$4.00 gallon. The sooner we accept the tructh the easier it will be to move on to new life without abundance of cheap fuel.

    1. Arrowhead


      It decreases the price because of speculators. If there is a massive drilling effort underway the price will go down because the speculation will be that the market will flood with energy.

  12. Tim Higgins

    I am thinking that Obama needs to direct more money to green energy companies, there are some really great companies out there that do great things with taxpayer money, like Solyndra.

    Yes I think more money needs to go to Solyndra. Oh wait a minute lets not forget about algae. Algae is definitly the answere to fossil fuels.

  13. Anon2

    Sadly, it is not just President Obama that says anything to get elected.

    Lot’s of “Conservative Republicans” will be trotted out just for the election.

  14. Winston

    It does sadden me that a former Harvard Law Review President has to low himself to the level of a Sarah Palin, inorder, to get re-elected by pandering to the “Drill Baby Drill” crowd. The problem with the “DBD” position is that it makes about as much sense as if a judge were to tell
    an alcoholic, that the answer to your problem is to start making beer or
    wine in your cellar rather than go and obtain it from a local liquor store, bar, or a cheaper establishment across county or state lines. The problem with America’s energy policy or lack of one is not our position on drilling, rather it’s the continued dependence upon oil itself whether from domestic or foreign sources which is literally the source of the problem. As long as the Saudis, in particular, can continue to provide
    the best quality and easiest obtainable oil production in the world, our
    ability to achieve energy independence will be futile, because of the
    Saudis’ ability to affectively manipulate the oil and energy markets in
    general with their high quality sour crude oil and its easy tapping accessibility. Like an alcoholic, America needs an energy policy which
    goes beyond both domestic and foreign production of oil and honestly
    deals with its dependency addiction by promoting more democratic
    forms of energy, which are free of middle men, and free of the tyranny
    of oil and it controlling inevitablity.

  15. Elais

    Tim Higgins

    I can pretty much guarantee that Mitt, Newt or Rick would bow down to their oil overloads and lick the oil sands off their shoes in gratitude for destroying the land in order to sate gas-guzzling republicans.

  16. Anonymous

    WOW MY APPLE STOCK WENT UP 15 DOLLARS A SHARE TODAY ,OBAMA DRIVE IT BACK TO THREE SHAME ON YOU FOR LETTING ME MAKE MONEY.I imagine thats your fault to that apple going to start paying a dividend.


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