Occupy Sioux Falls creating an alliance?

One of my spies caught wind (and in case you are wondering about the smell, he was up wind) that supposedly South Dakota Democratic Party Chairman BJ Nesselhuf may be attending the Occupy Sioux Falls protest tomorrow.

Wed Oct 12
1:00 PM

Michelle’s 324 South Phillips Avenue

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Occupy Sioux Falls is quickly becoming a very interesting story. Especially if the rumors become true that ties may be forming with the SDDP.

I’m still waiting for Michael Douglas to make an appearance on Wall Street as the anti Gordon Gekko at some point.

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  1. Fahz E. Behr

    And this is a surprise?

    At its core and in the beginning, the “99% Movement” was genuine. However, as time has progressed, this “movement” has been hijacked by certain groups to dilute it to something that it really truly isn’t…

  2. J Rae

    Is this any different than what we have seen with the Tea Party and the Republican party? Do the have a funding mechanism like Koch Bros, Freedom Works, News Corp etc?

    1. toad

      Tea Partiers don’t dress like flea bags and poop on American flags.

      The Tea Party was very popular when it first began. Occupy SF will never be popular.

      Also the TP looks like normal Americans. These folks look like a strange group that hangs out at a tattoo shop/coffee house dive.

    2. truth or fiction

      Can anyone say with 100% accuracy that some people pooped on flag? Not saying they did not just that the 100% truth is much better. Photo editing is fun and makes so many half truths look so true……… Just asking for the truth.

  3. Spencer

    Are you a registered Democrat? Do you have a pulse? Nessi wants YOU to run in 2012!

    Don’t underestimate the recruitment potential of this event. Nessi is apparently already taking full advantage of this situation.

      1. anon

        Are you serious? Hundstad is getting older.

        Though I will say he has risen up the ranks of the democratic party these past several years. I believe he now serves as Assistant Minority Leader in the Senate.

        How old was Janklow when he was elected to Congress?

  4. caheidelberger

    Permit me some shades of Sibby’s calls for a real second party: The Occupy Wall Street movement is a worse fit for the Democratic Party than the Tea Party is for the Republican Party. The occupiers represent a stronger blend of the Wellstone-Kucinich brand of Democrat that the party needs to rediscover to get away from the corporate control that flavors too many of its compromises.

        1. grudznick

          I like biscuits and gravy, young Mr. S, so I hope you’re not saying that a hefty breakfast somehow puts one in the same league as these crazed insane Fleming puppets that have gotten out of hand.

          And I’m sure you’re not. But it does seem that Bill has lost control of his minions.

  5. Lee Schoenbeck

    I want that Occupy Gig — those guys get up at noon, walk around and yell for a while and then chill out until it’s time to go to bed, and put in another days “work” the next day. Only thing, can I chill out with a cold brew — the stuff those guys are doing makes you stupid and if you can still have kids later – they look like cabbages.

    1. Superman


      I’m with you. Your law degree would make you popular amongst these folks who likely have a lot of use for a good attorney willing to donate his time to the cause.

        1. Superman

          You’re right Lee! You are right!

          Though that is kind of a capitalist attitude… I’m not sure how long you’d last as a socialist…

  6. insomniac

    Are these leftists protest against Obama for his vote for TARP? The auto bailouts, the bush tax increases extension? the lack of openness and the way he ramrodded Obamacare through congress?

    Boy it must suck to not have a leader to believe in…

    Though on the GOP side I can’t say I really feel all that much better about anyone currently in office. I do like Dennis Daugaard though.

  7. Anonymous

    Dugard prior election no crisis then crisis after he becomes gov give me a break.Sounds like Tune saying one thing in Sdak and another in D.C.

  8. Electrifying South Dakota

    Was the Tea Party liked when it first appeared? Hmm, well I concede that the collective Tea Party group appeared as a whole to have a handle on hygiene issues, but I was at quite a few of the early Tea Party rallies (supporting the cause) and I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the group was immediately accepted, nor would I go so far as to say that the group was immediately liked (a few establishment repubs even told us collectively where to go). I will also grant to you that the Occupy group is a different demographic, and I will even go so far as to offer them my Sam’s Club surplus package of Irish Spring, but I would discourage a quick rebuking condemnation of their message(s)(?) without first hearing it. Is it general anger with government bailouts of corporations that result in no benefit to job growth? Well, yes, that kind of sucks. Is it the fact that the middle class is quickly being driven over into the abyss at the cost of tax loopholes to the very wealthy? Well, yes, I don’t know about your empirical evidence, but that situation kind of sucks. Is it that the government is borrowing recklessly, log-jammed, and improperly uses our tax dollars? Ditto on that one too. Gosh, if all of these are true, maybe you should get a shave, take a shower, put on some slacks, shoes, and shirt, and come hang out with us in the Tea Party fold.

    1. duggersd

      The TEA party is still not liked that much, especially by the establishment Republicans. The people at OWS and probably OSF if it ever happens do not seem to have a coherent message. I just watched a video where one young man was saying he wanted his tuition paid for. They do have some points about the bailouts, but then they want a handout.

  9. looking back

    It seems that FREEDOM OF SPEECH is bad!!!!!!! If they do not conform to the powers in place they are wrong. Maybe the powers at be are fearful about the future of being in power. They could never stand to be out of power……… POWER IS MORE IMPORTANT than telling the truth and doing the good. $$$$ and power are more important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    “One of my spies caught wind (and in case you are wondering about the smell, he was up wind)” Up wind from you?

    1. Anonymous

      My guess is from the dirty undie crowd. You know the friends you hang out with who poop on flags and don’t change their clothes.

  11. looking forward

    Just think if no blood had been given up QE2 would be ruling. Quality government sometimes requires commitment from minor people not the ruler who wants to keep control. How many are fearing that they may not be the ruler of the minor people???????

    1. dragonfly.blue

      The mention of QE II and the ruler of the minor people must mean Bernanke???

      Obama nominated Bernanke for his second term as Federal Reserve chairman.

      A persuasion of violent means is a pernicious measure, and it?s not one to instill fear, but it?s a measure which will instill antagonism towards the ones who are inciting violence.

      1. truth or fiction

        The king did not like it when the American Colony started to resist the demands of the crown. The colonists said enough and those in power when away and replaced with new people in power. Those in power today have no interest in the lesser classes yet are they fearful that they will be replaced with another power. Those in power today are really no better than those from the crown in by gone days. Some of those in power need to be removed dead or alive.

        1. LJDAM

          Major differences? The flag deficating & brining hippies protesting in Wall Street are demanding “their rights” to a free everything where as the colonists were being heavily taxed on things they made or earned, without representation.

          Love the Marxist rhetoric of class warfare. This is America. If you work hard enough, anything is possible. To that end, there is no classes other than what people put themselves into.

          Just try and take away the property of hard working South Dakotans with your hippy army of Marxists…

  12. 73*

    I can’t believe these folks are organizing in South Dakota. I mean what exactly are they protesting here?

    Did Pam Homan organize this SF group?

  13. Arrowhead

    I’m in favor of raising legislator pay but I can see a scenario where occupy Sioux Falls becomes an attempt to occupy the legislature if they were pulling down decent pay.

    Thankfully these are the kind of people most of us would like to run against. So I can still be in favor of raising pay.

  14. caheidelberger

    “word is” — yeah, the word you made up. The notion that Ben Nesselhuf would make any decision based on what is written here strains credulity. Keep wishing, but let’s see some evidence.


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