Occupy Wall St… ahem! Sioux Falls

Do you smell that? Sniff, sniff. What is it? Nope, not John Morrell. It’s occupy Sioux Falls. Those insightful protesters who have forgotten to bathe and bring porta potties to Wall Street have decided to bring a similar movement to South Dakota! They are even starting a Facebook page that currently has almost 200 supporters!

KSFY even did a story on this…

But this Sioux Falls group tells us they won’t be protesting, they’ll be holding what they’re calling “peaceable assembly.”

“Kind of bringing people together and bringing them some options and let people decide how to change,” Lincoln said.

The group has been having small weekend meetings but wants to hold candlelight vigils or a larger group meeting by the end of the month.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything so ridiculous on South Dakota TV.

Photo's from Occupy Sioux Falls Facebook page

Judging by the photos on their Facebook page, we can expect to see a few V (character from the movie “V for Vendetta”) impersonators walking around town, just in time for Halloween! I recommend checking out the few photos from their Facebook page. One of a guy wearing a t-shirt with explicit language cracked me up, but I chose not to post it on the SDWC. Other photos are just offensive and disrespectful. One photo shows a man who appears to be defecating on a burning American flag (hence the smell). I hope they monitor their page and remove such offensive things that are meant to demean our country. (That one photo tells us the difference between Tea Partiers waving the flag and the “Occupiers” using the flag for toilet paper.)

If these protests represent anything, it is the failure of President Obama’s 2008 campaign message in his presidency. Apparently “hope and change” has lost out to people holding mass protests in the streets of American cities. Democrats controlled the presidency, 59 Senate seats and had total control of the US Congress following the 2008 election, and three years later Obama’s leadership has led to multi-state protests.

Here is the KSFY video:

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  1. Elais

    I love Occupy Wall Street! It reminds me so much of those Tea Party gatherings that used to be all the rage years ago.

    People taking to the streets to be seen as well as heard.

  2. J Rae

    Good thing my memory is a little shorter, but I was thinking there were some pretty unpatriotic and rude Tea Party signs…but then some ‘morans’ will do that sort of thing.

    1. springer

      Somehow I don’t believe you. There is nothing remotely the same about the Tea Party rallies (which cleaned up after themselves and lasted a day or two only and were respectful) and these protesters (who litter, defecate, urinate, do drugs, have sex, camp out, and don’t bathe). If they think they represent 99% of the people, they are sadly mistaken. They actually represent probably the 50+% that pay no taxes in the first place. They definitely don’t have jobs if they are able to camp out for weeks at a time and protest (party). We should actually ignore them; they only want the attention which they are sadly getting with the press.

  3. duggersd

    J Rae, perhaps you can provide some links of the unpatriotic TEA party protestors’ signs? Perhaps you can show the filth left behind by the TEA party protests?

  4. BF

    Dugger, there are videos of Tea Partiers spitting into the faces of US Congressmen and women.

    Watch the video at 2:29.

      1. duggersd

        This was shown not to show what you think it showed. You saw someone shouting kill the bill. There was a $15,000 reward for proof. Never collected to my knowledge. http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2010/03/tea-party-groups-offer-15k-reward-for-spitting-incident-proof.html
        Also, Andrew Breitbart offered a $10,000 reward to show someone actually used the “n” word against John Lewis. Never collected. http://blogs.ajc.com/political-insider-jim-galloway/2010/03/26/breitbart-offers-10k-reward-for-proof-that-n-word-was-hurled-at-john-lewis/
        The problem, BF, is you believe what you want to believe. This is a case where you are believing something happened that cannot be shown to happen.

  5. Duh

    I’m with Herman Cain. Why don’t these idiots go protest in front of 1600 Penn Ave. That’s where the problem is. This is nothing but a showing of the 47% that don’t pay taxes, want everything handed to them and have zero future, because of their own volition.

    Yeah, this is similar to the Tea Party.

    Tea Party: gainfully employed Americans concerned about Oblabla’s spend, spend, spend policies.

    Wall Street Protesters: Unemployed free loaders handing out condoms, booze, unihibited sexual activity, excreting everywhere, producing mounds of garbage while protesting ??????

      1. springer

        I wouldn’t give one of these protesters a job. However, I would gladly give a Tea Party protester a job. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the reason why, regardless of the politics involved.

  6. Anonymous

    What a classy group of people.

    I wish KSFY would have bothered to ask these kids where they are actually from.

  7. Noob

    WOW! Just in time for Noem’s reelection! While these people might help get someone elected in a liberal leaning state my guess is come 2012 people like Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin and Matt Varilek will be wishing they’d have stayed in NY rather than come here.

    What a gift to Kristi when her poll numbers were down.

    If Noem has been doing her best to distance herself from the Tea Party over the last year I can’t imagine how far Varilek and SHS will stay away from people like Occupy-SF

  8. Job Creator

    I blame Obama for this mess, too, but probably not because I’m an Obama hater like most of you in here.

    I blame him because he did not instruct Holder to go indict, prosecute and imprison the crooks who almost brought down the world’s economic system.

    The the Congress and Bush give them about a trillion to manipulate the markets back up, give themselves a 60% profit the next year and then bonus themselves billions.

    You’re not angry about that? I am loving that the righties (and many lefties who are on the end of the Big Casino money funnel) are freaking out about this and trying to protect their sponsors. This is the best example of how America has gone downhill. Our Congress is owned and we need to get the money out. Go to http://www.getmoneyout.com and get the facts.

    1. donkephant

      “I blame him because he did not instruct Holder to go indict, prosecute and imprison the crooks who almost brought down the world?s economic system.”

      Thank you, Job Creator! Also, I highly recommend the documentary “Inside Job” to anyone who has not watched it.

  9. thc

    Let’s see…bongos at the rally or sidearms?
    Tea Party…Occupy. Both have valid points. Both are also pains in the posterior because they remind us of the flaws in the system. Including the snotty, smirking, self-satisfied toads who rush to put them down. Oh and yes, they are from Sioux Falls, and a host of other towns around South Dakota. Pretending they are some “outside agitators” is just so…so…well KELO-land 1993.

  10. Duh

    Fahz Bahr: Right on. The 47% who don’t pay taxes are saying thank you to the 1% who pays almost 30% of the taxes with a bat.

    With the prevailing rate of 50%+ of the rich incomes going to taxes (state, fed, property, etc.), someone please tell me what a “fair share” is??? I know one individual who pays almost 60%. What is the “fair share”? How about the fair share that EVERYONE pays taxes??? No skin in the game, no voice. Don’t pay taxes, don’t get to vote.

    I cannot imagine the cerebral emptiness of the pinheads who cannot or refuse to understand that you cannot take in more than you spend. If you want to get the economy going, you reduce regulations, governmental oversight and solidify the tax system so employers know what the hell to do. If you do those three things, you will see employers open up their wallets, expand and poof – there’s your jobs. A friggin goat could understand that.

    Pinheads? Nah, that’s too simple and would cause them to be accountable. Pinheads simply ignore that fact and go the way of Janet Jackson’s stupid song with the line “what have you done for me lately…”

    BF: I can tell you if Oblablacare, taxes and all this other bullshit hits the fan, I won’t hire a soul. I don’t think I’ll hire the idiots protesting either as we have a rule against tattoos, nose rings and overall incompetence. Instead, I’ll save expansion capital and have my existing staff work even harder. They’ll want to work harder, becuase they’ll be making more money rather than watching it go to new staff or B.S. government regulations.

    1. J Rae

      Just out of curiosity Duh, what type of business do you have that doesn’t allow tattoos and piercings? Incompetence, I think is a universal.

    2. Bill Fleming

      Put it this way, Mr. Duh… pinheads or no, if the people decide to take it to the streets, it’s over. This isn’t any astroturf, Koch-sponsored, senior-citizen on SS and Medicare, faux Tea Party rebellion. These are the people who can’t find work. These are the students who are spending a fortune on college and not seeing a career path down the road.

      It’s a dangerous time. I wouldn’t make light of it if I were you. One of these days your people might just walk off the job and not come back. Could be time to wake up and smell the coffee, brother.

        1. Bill Fleming

          p.s. it’s not an Obama deal. These people are upset with him too. But somebody’s going to have to walk this back from the edge. It might be smart of us to all be thinking along those lines.

          Or not. Suit yourself, Duh.

          1. Congrats Obama! Alinsky is so proud!

            Hmmmm! Imagine that? The “oppressive system” being brought to its knees? Well done my liberal friends, well done BHO, your mentor would be so proud.


            You and your friends push Alinsky’s agenda and then act amazed when you cause the problems you strive to create?

            Our government cannot even fullfill its duties to our vets but Obamacare is going to work for the whole country? Nope, but it is the perfect way to bring the country to its knees..

            We truly love the croc(k) tears BF.

  11. Clay Bill

    Duh: “Instead, I?ll save expansion capital and have my existing staff work even harder. They?ll want to work harder, becuase they?ll be making more money rather than watching it go to new staff or B.S. government regulations.”

    Don’t you mean YOU will be making more money?? I bet your staff won’t see any increase in their wages, despite having more and more work to do. That’s one reason we’re in the mess we’re in. Fewer and fewer people — the Duhs of the world — have extra money to spend. The rest, no matter how hard they work, or how much they increase their productivity on the job, simply get screwed by people like you.

      1. Anonymous

        Aren’t they anti “occupiers?” I mean aren’t they anti us being in Iraq, Afganistan etc…

        I’m afraid of these people.

    1. duggersd

      Yeah, Duh. It is your responsibility to hire people you do not need so more people will have a job. And you don’t deserve to get any more money. After all, it is your employees who are doing all of the work. You said they want to work more. Yeah, I bet they do that out of their own goodness of their hearts. I bet you do not pay overtime or offer commission type of incentives or whatever. How can you sleep at night? You selfish ba**ard, you!

  12. springer

    Clay BIll, you are correct. Fewer and fewer people have extra money to spend. And why is that?? How about the policies of this administration which discourage entrepreneurs and job creation (despite their lofty claims to the contrary)? How about the ridiculous new regs that discourage business expansion (EPA regulating dust, etc etc)? How about the unconstitutional mandates and the higher taxes of Obamacare that stifle business expansion for obvious reasons? Obama has stated that he wants income redistribution, and he is getting it by bringing down our standard of living thru the policies above. And guess what, it’s working! Thank you, Obama et al! You promised change, and we are getting it! So don’t blame the people who are the job creators, who what to expand their businesses and employee numbers. Blame the great O and the Dems in Congress.

  13. Duh

    Clay Bill: Yes, my staff would see raises commensurate with their efforts.

    Yes, I would pocket more also. I think that I’m entitled. Why, which is the main complaint of the percieved “haves” and “have nots”. I am entitled since I created their employment, took out loans, signed personal guarantees for the loans, found work space, replaced outdated or broken equipment, dealt with numerous governmental regulations, took ALL the risks, stayed up at night worrying about things, stayed late after work (like tonight and most other nights) long after staff has left, acted as babysitter to disgruntlements of the employees, acted as a cheerleader to make them more productive, listened to their personal problems and made accomodations to help them, marketed, advertised, schmoozed all so that my staff has something to to in the morning. I’m entitled and that’s what pinheads don’t get.

    I don’t in any way endorse corporate fraud (i.e. the Enrons of the world) but here’s a nice quote to those workers who want to bash the heads of those who provide their employment, those that pay most of the taxes, those who take significant risks and investment which keep this country humming: “I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.”

    In other words, people should emulate those more successful and find out how to be successful themselves, not waste time avoiding accountablity and spending time trying to get other peoples money. “Fair Share” that.

    1. Anonymous

      ?I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don?t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.? From the movie “A Few Good Men”

      I always thought you might be a Col. Nathan R. Jessep kind of guy. So how did that turn out? He didn’t give a damn what they wanted because there was no way he was going to admit that he was a liar. It was funny to hear him talk of honor as a way to hide the lies.

  14. Duh

    BF: I’m not making light of anything. Opposite, I’m pretty pissed off. Get the government out of our daily lives, reduce regulations and threats of disabiling taxes and watch the economy grow and jobs become available. It’s that simple. You cannot tax a country into prosperity.

    1. Bill Fleming

      That’s not the issue with the 99%ers as I understand them, Duh.

      Not sure what it all is. Jobs for sure.

      And something like what happened when the French royalty said, “let them eat cake.” But I’ll keep an eye out.

      Something’s up, that’s for sure.

      And for once, you just might not be the only one who is pissed.

      1. duggersd

        No, they do not want jobs. If they did, they would go out and look for one. Many of them are students who want someone else to pay for their education. I think I read where some of them want all debt to be forgiven. And they want a living wage, whatever that is, but don’t want to work for it.

          1. anooner

            I’ll agree with Dug Up the day he admits high school tennis is a waste of time and money and should be eliminated from the extra-curriculum.

          2. ymous

            He is the sort of teacher’s we need. Tell the truth and teach economics and work ethic. I don’t believe its possible to find a job on a street corner protesting capitolism. Move to a communistic country if “that’s your bag” Billybob!

            1. Bill Fleming

              ymous, learn to spell.

              How can you be a good “capitAlist” if you don’t even know how to spell it?

              (I can see why you think duggerSD is a good teacher. Neither of you mind looking or sounding stupid. Nor are either of you really interested in learning anything.)

              1. LJDAM

                The failed leftist ideas of communism are a proven bane of mankind’s existence and are responsible for more innocent deaths than any other cause advocated by man. Yet the idiot arrogance of those who believe themselves to be superior in its pursuit, continue to plague the world with the effects of the abject failures of their avocation.

                Wisdom is not relegated in form by the arrogance of a singular person. There is truth in the words of those you disparage, as attested by the velocity of the venom in your words.

                  1. LJDAM

                    Call the snake oil you are peddling what you will: Maoism, Socialism, Marxism, etc., it is the same failed ideology that other self absorbed arrogant wanna be intellectuals have attempted to dress up and claim to be the answer to society’s problems.

                1. Bill Fleming

                  What a crock. I put up a chart showing what constitutes a living wage and this guy calls me a Maoist. I bet I’ve hired and fired more people in my career (30 years) than this guy even knows. And ALL of them were paid a living wage. Every one of them. If an employer won’t do that, they don’t really have employees. They have slaves.

                  1. LJDAM

                    You give the term “whiny liberal” a bad name. You were called nothing. It appears though that you related to the comment “self absorbed arrogant wanna be intellectual.”

              2. ymous

                Sorry my fingers aren’t as perfect as yours. You understand the point. Same Billybob. Money is agnostic Bill. It goes where it is appreciated and will get the desired result the owner of that wealth desires. The “green” companies that the current admin “invested” or as I like to say wasted my money (not sure if you pay any taxes with your ambition in life) in is that investment dollars could no longer be raised because the technology and materials were no longer a viable option. Investors ran from this company but they met the dems desires and they were tight with this admin. If we take the approach being pushed by Occupy, there will be no investors, inventors ect. They to will go where there appreciated. You’ll never get it! Pick on my spelling why I continue to susidize the likes of people like you. Crony capitolism needs to end as well as nepitism (yes, I’m a lazy/bad speller but its my fault not my teachers). The only way to drain the swamp is to simplify the tax code and take the reason for buying our congress/president out of the equation.

  15. Duh

    Frankly, I think it’s just another avenue for them to pursue their Woodstock fatasies. Not a lot of their activities there seem to make sense other than a possibility for a hook up or five. One guy said “I eat better here than at my parent’s house.” Nice.

  16. Bill Fleming

    ?I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don?t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.?
    ? Col. Jessup in “A Few Good Men”

    Duh, you do recall that the guy who said that went to jail, right?

    He was wrong in the head.

    You got that, right?

  17. Duh

    He was a stud. Just said the wrong thing at the wrong time. Patriot. The ol’ Code Red got carried away. Remember, he ate 3000 yards away from Cubans who were trained to kill him. Oh, and it was fiction. However, I believe every meaning of that quote. I’d hate to see us rest on our butt while terrorists take over. Oh, I guess we are. I can guarantee you they’d be less than hospitable.

      1. Job Creator

        Just like Oliver North and G. Gordon Liddy are studs. By the way, in the real world of studs, aren’t we killing off terrorists and their leaders at a faster clip than ever? Something to be very proud of, Duh.

  18. Anonymous

    Bill you make Dud look bad can you let up on him he is just jealous that people are organizing .I bet he is against collective bargaining to .Go people Dud is against that, a sign that he doesnt like it.The movement is growing and Dud the pin head can’t stop it.

  19. springer

    Well, if these pinheaded protesters get their way and get rid of all the job creators and taxpayers, who is going to support them and their protesting, etc etc?? I’ll bet none of them realize the wealth creators are paying the taxes that are supporting them, their drug habits, their condoms, etc. The only reason these protests are growing is that the unions, Soros, and other similar left-leaning entities are sponsoring these, abetted by a friendly media and friendly President, unlike the tea party protests which were true grassroots.

  20. Anonymous

    Maybe it is time for a LITTLE INSURRECTION…………….

  21. Duh

    Gee, we’re safe. Watch the news. Iran was plotting to kill a diplomat in the good ‘ol USA. My point made. Iran knows that Obabla is weak as shit and they wouldn’t act the way they are if Iran thought that their actions would come with severe consequences. Simply the worst President ever.

  22. Duh

    The Solar thing just got a little more interesting….REALLY….

    The Tonopah Solar company in Harry Reid’s Nevada is getting a $737 million loan from Obama’s DOE.
    The project will produce a 110 megawatt power system and employ 45 permanent workers.
    That’s costing us just $16 million per job.
    One of the investment partners in this endeavor is Pacific Corporate Group (PCG).
    The PCG executive director is Ron Pelosi who is the brother to Nancy’s husband.

    Just move along folks…..nothing going on here….

  23. Elias


    And here I thought Republicans were the only ones who bent over for corporate interests as well as letting the corporate elite screw over the middle-class and poor.