Oh, good lord. Here we go again. Is abnormal the new normal?

First we had the “senate spoiler” who isn’t exactly enamored with Catholics, Kurt Evans, making noise about running as an independent in the US Senate Race against John Thune.

Now, it looks like we’ve got another fringe candidate seeking attention for themselves.

Apparently, after talking about it a month ago, Mike Myers, the push-ups guy, is still making noise about jumping in the race too, claiming he’s looking at it and will make a decision by Jan 1.

With a huge void created by the dysfunction and inability to field candidates on the part of the Democrat party, has the ‘independent fringe candidate’ become the new normal in South Dakota politics?  Are we going to soon get our own blood-drinking pagan making an announcement for US Senate?

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  1. Troy Jones


    You think the Tea Party is stranger than the SDDP becoming irrelevant to electoral politics in South Dakota?

  2. springer

    All the Tea Party believes in is limited government relying on the Constitution and more accountable to the people. How is that so strange? It arose in large part due to the imposition of Obamacare, which woke people out of their apathy; and in light of the way Obamacare was passed, the lies that were told about what it would do, and the actual costs of this program, I think what would have been strange were if it didn’t inspire people to be more aware of what their government is doing.

    1. Bill Fleming

      All of that could well be the case, Springer. Even so, I was answering MC’s question: “When did politics become a regular three ring circus, complete with side shows?” And you gotta admit (unless you weren’t paying attention) that’s when the “clown car” showed up… chock full of Tea Party people.

      1. Per Curiam

        “that’s when the “clown car” showed up… chock full of Tea Party people.”

        Well, the TP was preceded by the styrofoam columns at Obama’s coronation in Denver in 2008?

    2. Anderbilt

      Springer, you don’t want only just “limited government relying on the Constitution and accountable to the people,” you want it with a hundred special conditions attached, and all have to be agreed to or you’re gonna take the football and go home. And we evidently have a government accountable to the people, because altogether the people have elected gridlock. You really mean, “accountable to me and my faction.” Let’s be clear.

  3. Anonymous

    Meyers will have the endorsement again by the potheads! We all know those potheads are a very motivated and serious political force! 🙂

    1. tara volesky

      Agricultural and Industrial hemp farmers and medical marijuana advocates will be in full force supporting Meyers. People against big medical and insurance conglomerates will also throw their support to Myers.

      1. Anonymous

        Yeah and Gaddy over at SDAP is always complaining about everyone wanting to sit at home and get high but they can’t get motivated to help get signatures to decrim pot which you’d think would be in their own interest. No surprise there!


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