Oh if I could be a fly on the wall…

Today, SF superintendent Pam Homan is scheduled to meet with Governor Dennis Daugaard to discuss the proposed 10% cut to state general funding of schools.  This week, Homan called the budget proposal “half-assed”.  Just wondering what would happen if that word showed up on the robust vocabulary lists of elementary students.

I wonder if Governor Daugaard will ask Superintendent Homan what it is like to make twice as much money as he does (according to the RC Journal, Homan’s salary this year will be $181,000) or about the 10% salary increase for administrators in Sioux Falls school district and how that helps each child in the classroom.

I also wonder if Governor Daugaard will test Superintendent Homan’s math skills by asking her to answer the question — how do you reduce spending and balance a budget when nearly 50% is not to be touched?

Or how about this social studies question, if our children’s future is at stake if we cut education spending by 10% — how much more is it at risk if we deplete all our state’s reserves and just cut funds from taking care of people (35% of budget)  or keeping people safe (10% of budget) or from running the state (5% of budget) where there have been no raises for two years and legislators who haven’t had a raise in 10 years actually took a pay cut.

Oh to be a fly……

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    1. Kristi Golden

      Are you suggesting she have him write it on the chalkboard 100 times?
      Cory — I’ll agree that I think Daugaard should have addressed it differently during the campaign than he did and if I were to frame an argument in his defense — not that he asked me too — it may come down to how you define “crisis” — another subject the two parties can address today I suppose. Is it a crisis if you have the solution within your means? (which the 10% across the board cut achieves) Or is it not a crisis until you have to have the Feds bail you out or declare bankruptcy and issue IOUs.

    2. Jeff Endrizzi

      The state isn’t in a crisis, so the word “crisis” was downplayed during the campaign. The Governor did say some difficult decisions were going to be made, and he’s backing up his campaign discussions with action.

      It will come down to local choices to determine what is important. We can’t have it all, we should only have what we’re willing to pay for and support.

    3. Name

      It looks like Dennis Daugaard really elevated her standing. I don’t know if that is a good idea unless she is really going to be serious about making cuts.

  1. Duh

    I hope the Governor Throttles that snotty little brat. Rolling in personal dough and still wants more. Cliff is spot on. I’m so sick of the dictator Hohman and glad, very glad that my kids don’t have to listen to her or aren’t effected by her, i.e. not in the SF public school system.

  2. Mitch Daniels for Gov

    Duh, the Sioux Falls School system contains some of the best schools in the state. Highest SAT scores, National Merrit Finalists, acreddited teachers, you name it. Why wouldn’t you want your kids to go to school there?

  3. name

    Duh, leave the class warfare crap to the liberals. She was hired by an elected school board I voted for that is exercising the local control we Republicans demand. Are you one of those faux conservatives that says they want local control who then, when you don’t like how the locals run things, run to the state screaming “pass a law, pass a law”?

    1. Mom

      OK Duh! I have to agree with you here. We DO need local control–and local dollars to back up that local control. When the Gov says cut 10% instead of whining that “We can’t” we need to roll up our sleeve and get busy figuring out how to do it.

      Thank goodness for a great Governor who doesn’t get all political when Pan is spouting off but instead says–“Come to Pierre, sit down and we will talk about ways to get this done. It will be hard for EVERYONE–even you who makes a ton of $$ compared the the teachers who you suggest will be cut.”

      Good for Governor Daugaard–I believe that he will do his best to meet her–and the SF school district half way if she shows up willing to work together and not just fight.

  4. thc

    I see that the aptly-named Duh’s spelling/grammar checker has once more failed him miserably.
    And I was heartened to see that someone pointed out to him that Sioux Falls, despite some missteps in the past few years, continues to have the best public schools in the state…and compared to some other states for that matter.
    Going to the original post, I was saddened to see that our fledgling blogger bought the Arrrggghhh-gus Leader’s idiotic campaign to conflate an anecdote as a characterization by Homan of the Governor’s 10% reduction plan. Talk to anybody who was in the room – the only people making that connection had Arrrggghhh-gus press passes and a strong desire to stir it up.
    As for state legislators taking a pay cut and state employees not getting raises – I will use the time-honored reminder – Legislators, you don’t have to run and we might be better off without most of you. State employees – nobody is forcing you to work in that job. Find another one.
    Isn’t that the South Dakota solution that I have seen advocated in here time and time again?

  5. Duh

    Not sure what you mean. I reside in SF. I want the budget brought under control and expenses cut. 54% of every dollar (even though it’s mandated under the constitution) is unbelievable. Like the article states, how can you balance the budget when 50% isn’t to be touched.

  6. Duh

    That’s a federal issue, not state. Five (?) of them are reservations that the state has no control or jurisdiction over. If the state attempted to remedy the rez issues, they’d scream SOVEREIGNTY.

  7. springer

    I heard a lot of loud noise way over here on the eastern part of the state today – must have been Homan when faced with the reality that she isn’t the boss!

  8. yoyoyoyoyo

    how many of you looked into homans speech besides the half-assed comment? It makes sense…making 10% cuts to every department across the board is a half-assed solution, because it doesnt require any investigation into where the real “fat” is. Some departments might only have 2% to cut. some might have 20%. Its an over simplified solution to a much more complex problem.

  9. Golden

    Yoyoyoyoyo is spot on correct! Any boob can slice off the end of a loaf of bread, but what if the mold is everywhere on the bread? A surgical budget reduction approach over a two or three year period would set the Governor up for re-election because he would have caused less major disruption, less cuts of K-12 classes, programs and educators, and the economy would be chugging along faster than it is now in three years. If you think Superintendent Pam Homan doesn’t have clout with parents, you’re wrong. She leads the largest voting district in our state and Pierre knows it. They fear her along with other large school superintendents. She said nothing offensive and at least she did her research accurately. If we take the reductions, across the board in one year as the Governor has proposed, he will be one term because we’ll still be talking about the damages his decision caused. Remember, Dennis Daugaard owns this 10% slice & dice proposal. It is completely HIS baby.

  10. William

    If Superintendent Homan can’t figure out how to cut 10% of the state funding that comprises her budget, then I seriously doubt she should be holding the position of Superintendent.

    “Daugaard?s proposed 10 percent cut would trim $480 per student ? 10 percent of the $4,800 per student state formula used for this school year ? but the decrease is only 5.4 percent of the $8,800 actually spent on each student, the governor explained.”

    Per student expenditures have little correlation to outcome, a fact demonstrated time and again. “Consider this: In what service sector have inputs more than doubled over three decades, while outputs have remained stagnant? If you answered, “Public education,” go to the head of the class.”

    Regardless of the exact percentage one assigns to K-12 education, it is simply too large a portion of our state budget to ignore and the longer we fail to address it, the more difficult the problem becomes.

  11. Les

    Golden= Just another teacher with the golden spoon?

    I’d say you might be right Golden, a little mold everywhere in this bread. Now let the local boards do their job and figure out how to get rid of the mold(maybe saving $600/student for a net gain of $120) and let a real governor govern.


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