Oh no! Last election’s leftovers again!?!

It sounds like Dems are serving up leftovers this election.

I’m hearing that for the District 13 State Senate race, they’re re-heating and preparing to serve up long-ago legislator Denny Pierson again as an electoral choice. Pierson was able to be elected in Mitchell from 1979-1982, and in Sioux Falls for the 1993-1994 term in the state house. But since then… not so much.

Pierson most recently lost the race for State Treasurer in 2014, Sioux Falls City Commission the same year, and before that a race for the United States House of Representatives in 2002.

Pierson would face the winner of a 2-3 way Republican primary in a fairly strong Republican district. And I suspect that this race would go as well as his last few have for him.