Okay – got the new robocall smear of leadership.

I spoke too soon – no real disclaimer on this.


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    1. Ned

      There is a lot of truth in this statement. Everyone needs to be held accountable regardless of party.

  1. anonymous

    So it’s a smear when an actual veteran voices his first amendment right of his opinion about these fine Republican’s leadership, but protected speech when “Bill Clay” snipes from the shadows?

    1. Anonymous

      Leave Bill Clay alone. Anonymous political thought has always been part and parcel of our democracy. At the time of publication, the Federalist Papers were written anonymously. Recriminations by the politically powerful have also always been a motivation for anonymous political participation. Remember that the Alien and Sedition Acts were used to jail James Calender for political writings critical of President John Adams, to which Vice President Thomas Jefferson had read and approved of Calendar’s writings. Jefferson also anonymously wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions.

      Come on folks, leave Bill Clay alone–he knows the old saying: “If you don’t have the facts or the law, attack the accuser.” That is why Bill is anonymous.

  2. Troy Jones Post author

    Whoever is behind this needs to have the courage to come into the light.

    And, it is a smear because the accusation is “Opposition to these bills translate into being anti-veteran.” This is a serious charge, the bills selected were poorly written, had components that would cost taxpayer’s money yet had no appropriation amount attached to them.

    Any legislator who supports a bill that costs money without knowing the cost should be accused of deriliction of duty. Anybody of honor would not use these bills to assassinate another’s character.

  3. Lee Schoenbeck

    I don’t think the guy doing the attacking is a South Dakotan. A South Dakotan would be proud of their work and take credit for it. Wonder who the out-of-state clown is that is attacking the South Daktoans doing the hard work of leading the legislature? Obviously some little back-shooting whimp – but who?

  4. Lee Schoenbeck

    There is one other fundamental problem with the calls ? the caller may well be a fake. Most vets I know, like my uncle that emails me daily, are pretty fiscally conservative. They would understand and agree with the fiscal problems with these bills. The caller, obviously, is not. It is a real problem in our country that you have these phonies claiming to be vets ? when they aren?t ? or their service records are very different than what they publicly claim.
    I suspect this phonie desecrating vets is hiding because he is just another chicken wing (neither left or right wing – just chicken) faking to be a vet. They should hang people like that from their toenails

    1. Anonymous

      The only thing I’ll give these nut jobs is YES we do spend way too much money on other crap and our active duty and retired vets get the shaft for what they sacrifice for my freedom. – Vets come first in my book of what matters in politics. They come before, Ethanol, farm bills, subsidies, tax credits, bailouts, etc…

      I liked McCain’s plan a few years ago to give vets a credit card that allowed them to visit their Dr. in their town. None of this silly VA travel where they need to find 80 year old vets to drive them to clinic.

      Let’s treat our vets right and give them a card to use and allow them to visit their personal Dr. (surgery and other potentially serious issues could still be trips to the VA – I’m not saying get rid of VA hospitals but I’m saying give Vets better access to care)

      1. Troy Jones Post author

        But whatever “light” they may be shedding on veterans is actually darkness because they are using veterans in a dishonorable way to attack people they have a beef with.

  5. Charlie Hoffman

    Lee I believe “Cui Bono”; “The Real Republican” ,truly hates you for only having to use half your brain to thwart “IT’S” intellect. At the end of the Black Knight; the scene showing Batman with the girl? We get that; IT does not…………..

  6. Stace's Silence is telling...

    Has anyone else noticed that Stace Nelson has been awefully quiet since these postcards came out?

    He did that last time when he created a voter ranking list. Suddenly he fell off the face of the earth… That isn’t like him to be so quiet… The silence from him is very telling as to who is involved…

  7. Stace's Silence is telling...

    I don’t understand why these guys are anonymous. We all know who they are anyway. I would think getting former state senator Gordon Howie, Rep. Stace Nelson, Rep. Lora Hubbel and the list continues to do interviews with news papers would only enhance their message.

    The blog world is a tiny window into the political world. Getting interviewed by KELO, RCJ, Argus, KSFY etc would make their small budget on post cards and robo calls much farther reach to the masses.

    Plus even if they are fringe they still have Rep and Senator before their name for credibility.

  8. Fleming

    “…is my understanding that Troy Jones owns this blog.”

    Hey, now THAT would be a good thing. Any substance to that Mr. Nelson? Or are you just spit-ballin’?

  9. Anonymous

    I read through the interesting comments on Cory?s blog, but I still can?t make sense of what Charlie said: ?HB 1068 which would have stripped all landowners rights away from selling their own land to whomever they please? or of Troy?s answer to Fleming.
    How, pray tell, could making Gf&P come before the legislature for permission before they spend the public?s money to buy land strip away any landowner rights? Looks like a stretch to me. Could someone please explain what rights are taken away? And how about the rights of the public to control their money?

    1. Troy Jones Post author

      Obama liberals think new regulations don’t have any consequences or cost and think everything has to go through the government. So, I get why you don’t get it. It is one of those biases that makes it hard to get past your world view. However, hang out with us real conservatives for awhile and it will become clear.

      1. Anonymous

        Troy, you don’t get more conservative than I am, but I still don’t understand how that bill would have taken away any landowner rights. Looks to me like you are in favor of letting big government take away what should be private descison between a landowner and a government agency. Explain it to me?