On the hunt for a few inaugural pins this Inaugural weekend.

With a bulletin board that’s looking as if it’s going to come apart and fall off the wall any time now, I’m in the middle of rearranging and reorganizing this weekend. Part of that reorganization is moving my inaugural pins to new wall-mounted cases. And as I do, I notice I’ve got a few duplicates. (Or maybe a lot of them.)

Which is a great time to offer to trade for some of those I’m missing.  I’m looking for the 1933 Inaugural, 1935 (Tom Berry), 1937 (Les Jensen), 1939 Bushfield, 1947 (Mickelson), 1959 (Herseth) Small Pin, 1967 (Boe) Both Large and small, 1975 (Kneip) Large, and the 2011 Daugaard pin.

I had the 2011 Daugaard pin around here somewhere, but I seem to have misplaced it. And I’ve had most of the others in the past, but sold my prior set in the late 90’s, so I’m on the hunt for the missing ones again.

I’m also thinning the pile because I’d like to get my ribbons on display…

Just in case anyone has anything laying around, I’m always in the market for Capital fight items, and South Dakota political ribbons!

4 Replies to “On the hunt for a few inaugural pins this Inaugural weekend.”

  1. Lee Schoenbeck

    Pat, I have some of those (I have a complete set too). Stop up after session is over and we’ll go through them

  2. Pat Powers

    Will do!

    I just handed off some of the Kneip extras for one of the former governor’s grandchildren. Apparently this young lady – a Republican – told my daughter Sydney that she doesn’t have any of his political memorabilia.

    1. PlanningStudent

      I’ve always thought PP could have an entirely separate news feeds of posts related to pins and other memorabilia…. It could have tons of info and history plus be a trading area for others…


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