On Tuesday, don’t forget the Big Lie, that Amendment V is a “bipartisan” effort. Vote NO on V on Tuesday.

As noted earlier, the election is drawing to a close, and the liberals behind Amendment V are cranking up the advertising in an effort to try to convince South Dakotans that it’s a “bipartisan” effort. And that actually could not be farther from the truth. The Big Lie in this campaign is that this is a “non-partisan” effort.  If you take a hard look at it, it’s all being driven by the Daschle/Johnson machine.  

That’s why Slick Rick Weiland & Drey Samuelson sent out that e-mail appeal letter from Daschle and Johnson on October 24th (Which you read about here.)

And that’s why you have a rogue’s gallery of South Dakota liberals who donated to the effort to erase party labels from the ballot, and to remove Independents from the fall election:

  • former Democratic Senator Tim Johnson put in another $50k
  • former Democratic Senate candidate Rick Weiland $15k
  • former Democratic governor candidate Scott Heidepriem $2500
  • former Democratic state legislator Sandy Jerstad $1000
  • Democratic Senator Tim Johnson’s chief of staff Drey Samuelson $50k
  • former SD Democratic Party executive director Bret Healy
  • liberal activist Cathy Piersol
  • SD Democratic Party’s lawyer Jim Leach
  • Democratic appointee Dallas Tonsager
  • Jeff Navin (Democratic congresswoman Stephanie Herseth cheif-of-staff and Tom Daschle staffer)
  • Daschle political operative Jody Severson
  • former SD Democratic legislator Linda Lee Viken
  • SD Dem national committeeman Bill Walsh
  • Democratic fundraiser Christine Hamilton ($2k)
  • Daschle staffer Peter Stavrianos ($1000)
  • Democratic governor Kneip cabinet official Rich Garry
  • Democratic mayor candidate for Sioux Falls Vernon Brown 

If you think this is a bi-partisan effort, don’t kid yourself. It’s not. It’s designed to hide party labels from the public, because Democrats haven’t put the time and effort into cultivating theirs over the years. So, it’s in their own interested to conceal their damaged brand from the voters.

Don’t be fooled.  On November 8th, VOTE NO on Amendment V.

45 Replies to “On Tuesday, don’t forget the Big Lie, that Amendment V is a “bipartisan” effort. Vote NO on V on Tuesday.”

  1. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

    Well, Scott used to be a Republican (his wife still is ) and I believe Vernon is a registered Independent, and I bet if I took the time to research this I probably could make a list of 15 Republicans who have contributed to this as well….

    A vote for “V” is a vote for moderation…. It will mean more time and talk about issues like teacher pay in Pierre and no time to talk about useless issues like bathroom usage….

    1. Anonymous

      Honest question…not to make fun or any other reason except I don’t know…why do you go by the name of “The blogger formerly known as “WInston”” Instead of just Winston…is there an inside joke here…

      1. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

        It is not really a joke, rather I hoping to send a message to some.

        Members of my family have been intimidated by some for some of the comments I have made over the last few years. So, to take a page from Prince, whose career I deeply respected and who felt he was enslaved by the record industry at one time and hence called myself, “TAFKAP,” I have decided that I will not be silenced, but instead will further express my contempt for those who wish to rule through intimidation instead of leading by taking a page from Prince and not allow the “powers to be” to enslave mine or anyone else’s voice.

        Thank you for asking, though, my mission is now complete and the rational of my blogging name is now better understood…..Now let us continue to debate, shall we?….

    2. Anonymous

      V is horrible….the handful of Republicans on this list are really Democrats like the Knudsons, Stan Adelstein…

      V goes beyond any measure in the country…even beyond California…that should tell you something right there…by removing the party labels….they don’t do that in California.

      A dishonest campaign….none of their ads explain to the voters how this system will work; they just use rosy artful sayings that don’t say anything

      They say it will send a message to Washington if it passes…..it has nothing to do with Washington they are just using the anger people have towards Washington to misdirect how this will effect elections in SD…it is a slick campaign but one would expect anything else from Slick Rick Weiland…

      Vote No on V…the latest Nielsen poll said No was winning but we need a final push to kill this thing

      1. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

        I would have to admit that the Nielsen poll is a credible poll, but once again when the GOP is in trouble they quote a Democratic pollster. It is kind of like when they quote McGovern on pay day lending….

        1. George

          I have not seen any other polls…has anyone else…and not from either side please…I immediately throw those out as bias…

          But 37 for and 42 against was the Nielsen poll as I saw it with 22 undecided…is that the one referred to earlier?

          1. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

            Well, I heard through the grape vine about three months ago that “V” at that time was winning 2 to 1, but I am sure it has tightened up given all the negativity in the air over this one right now…

            1. Anonymous

              I would use the ratio of 2:1 differently–the proponents ONLY talk about 1 aspect of this bill and leave 2 others out

              1–they talk about independents voting in the primary

              But they never talk about

              1–How it limits the general election to only the top 2
              2–how it removes party labels

              it is in none of their ads; the proponents have talked at forum and will only talk about the Independents part and then sit down

              Tottally misleading

              let alone how the Legislature (you know those guys and gals they call corrupt) will probably have to spend a special session rewriting election laws if this passes and it will increase the requirements for signatures, which will also have to rewritten…

              totally dishonest

              V must be defeated NO on V

            2. Anonymous

              Negativity of a revelation of what this would actually do? I know the truth sometimes hurts, but you have to take it.

    3. Anonymous

      The SDGOP and No on V have done a slightly better job than terrible job fighting this issue. It is probably the most phoned in opposition I have seen on an important issue in a long time.

    4. Anonymous

      Useless “bathroom usage”? You must not have kids, pal. Just because you think it’s useless doesn’t make it so.

      Moderation is what you get from this? Hiding party affiliation? That is just plain stupid.

      Just because you may have no morals doesn’t mean everybody shares your belief that bathrooms should be open spaces.

  2. Anonymous

    add in all the paid out of staters from Nebraska and your liberal “Republicans” and this thing is a total sham …

    Democrats can’t win so they are seeking to change the rules with all these amendments and IMs.

    NO on V! then follow it up with NO on T, 22 and 23!

      1. Lee Schoenbeck

        Vote No on Everything (leave the best tech schools in America alone and vote NO on R as well)

        I heard The pitch for this at Rotary and it was just a bunch of complaining about things that have nothing to do with V.

        At best V removes disclosure of party registration at the point of sale – the ballot. Not sure why that makes the ball Better?

        1. Anonymous

          It doesn’t Lee, and the narrowing of top 2 regardless of party is the worst part of V in my opinion….

          The first time that half the state can’t vote for their party for governor or Senator there will be a revolt against it, but by then the damage may well be done…best to beat it now

          NO on V!

      2. Fled To Red

        What does R actually do? I do not think the BOR should control the Tech Schools, and I do think control should remain local. It’s not clear to me which way to vote in order to express this opinion

  3. Anonymous

    One typo there Pat Nov 5 was yesterday…..maybe when you were putting it together…

    But vote NO tomorrow Monday by Absentee or in person November 8th Tuesday

    just vote NO and you will be fine and so will our state!

  4. Linda

    The lies being pushed to pass V are outrageous and speak loudly to the lack of character by sleazebag Rick Weiland. He has so destroyed the Democratic Party in South Dakota that his plan is to hide the party label on the ballot.

    1. Anonymous

      Slick Rick is the the Democrat Party what Cory H is to the Brown County Democrats.. a false prophet…seeking to lead them to the promised land and instead leads them to further ruin….

      I think it is telling the Pro V and Pro 22 have not run any ads with Rick Weiland in them promoting his measures of lies and distortions as they have to know how unpopular he is…

      NO on V and 22 and T also all the ones Weiland supports I am voting against.

  5. Anonymous

    Slick Rick and the other proponents of IM 22 are using the same lie to get it passed. Frankenfeld is the only prominent, and I use that label extremely loosely, Republican in the effort.

  6. Anonymous

    There’s a lot of Republicans on that list, just because you cherry pick the Democrats doesn’t mean those Republicans don’t exist. The Kirby clan, led by Joe Kirby, is heavily supporting it with money. There’s also several former GOP County Chairs in there, Senate Republican Majority Leader, former State Treasurer, etc etc.

    1. Anonymous

      Kriby clan led by Joe….I’d take Steve over Joe everyday and he is no RINO like Joe.

      key word being FORMER …none of them have been active in Republican politics in years and all have become liberals or always were and now are just more open about it…..

      NO on V!

    1. Jason Sebern

      All these initiatives and referendums must drive South Dakota Republicans crazy. How dare the people of South Dakota challenge their power!

      1. Anonymous

        It should drive Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Libertarians and Constitution party members crazy as they are not HONEST in telling the people what is actually in them.

        What a waste of time and money

        NO on everything

        Then we need to reform this system!

      2. Pat Powers Post author

        Really? I would have thought Democrats would be upset over your those in your party feeling the need to hide the party label on the ballot as a liability.

      1. Anonymous

        I don’t have to imagine … this state is already screwed up in so many malevolent and nefarious ways.

  7. Adam Zobel

    JoeSchmoe, the V proponents made a mistake by not using Washington as an argument for their cause. Their ads using a returning soldier, however, may be effective enough to make opponents sweat a little tomorrow night.

    1. Anonymous

      That returning soldier is from Nebraska and only came to South Dakota to work on the Yes on V campaign.

      1. Anonymous

        ………the returning Soldier argument was OFFENSIVE as yes he is a registered Democrat in Nebraska and then comes here just for the purpose of pushing V on SD and claiming…whoa is me I can’t vote in SD as an Independent….total BS

        I don’t know what was worse that one…..the one where they burned the American flag or the one they run the most where they identify themselves by party, but won’t allow that information on the ballot and NEVER talking about the top 2 limited general system

        NEVER ON V

  8. Billie

    I told other Democrats to oppose this V deal. It’s being pushed by a group of Daschle staffers who are all about themselves and not building up the party. They should be kicked out of the party.

    1. Anonymous

      I don’t know if Democrats understand how detrimental this could be to them. There are going to be many races where it is just the top 2 Republicans and they won’t have anyone to vote for, especially in the legislature.

      V is bad for everyone….I’ll vote NO on V

    1. Anonymous

      If you are asking where he stands on it Sen. Rounds is against V and urges a NO vote…he did a press release which was covered here i believe.