Open meetings….not as easy as A, B, C

The state’s largest paper has an article today about the Sioux Falls School District’s use of a loop hole in the law to get around the open meeting law.  It seems if the Superintendent appoints a committee (instead of the school board) the committee can remain totally secret — including it’s membership.  Stanley County’s school board intentionally disbanded all their committees and had the superintendent appoint them just so their business could stay secret.

To suggest that this is arrogant on the part of these groups — I’m not even sure that word covers it.  My public educated vocabulary fails me.

Expect the legislature to re-address this loop-hole.

5 Replies to “Open meetings….not as easy as A, B, C”

  1. springer

    Complete abuse of power. That supt should be fired as well as the board. Just what are they doing that can’t see the light of day. Of course, there is nothing to prevent school boards from discussing among themselves prior to a meeting or with the supt or whomever. At many of the school board meetings I have attended as a taxpayer, there is little if any disucssion of issues, just subjects brought up and voted on many times. So are these being discussed behind the scene, or are the board members just voting aye to agree with the supt? Kinda makes one wonder.

  2. grudznick

    Who cares. This is just a newspaper making a stink to sell newspapers because they are dying. BAH. Wikileaks my raw bumkis.

  3. Les

    I question your accuracy on the school boards meeting amongst themselves or with the Supe.

    If there is a quorum I do not think that works under current guidelines and must be open.


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