Open mouth, Insert foot, Chew well.

On Wednesday, November 22 on Glenn Beck’s Radio show, Sarah Palin, said, “The United States has to stand with our North Korean allies.”  almost instantly liberal bloggers descended on the gaffe.  Even papers in Asia and Europe are repeating some of their previous criticisms, about Palin’s lack of foreign policy experience.

Read the entire story here.

I hope everyone knows it was a simple mistake.   After all our very own President has made a few gaffes himself.  Who could forget this gem?

Visiting 57 States

Still haven’t been to Alaska yet?

David letterman had some fun with President George W. Bush

George Bush Gaffe

Many times we can forgive our leaders when they misspeak.  How far or how much can we forgive them?

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  1. Arrowhead

    She is still the biggest obstacle John Thune must overcome if he wants to be president.

    This only makes her base more supportive and her haters scoff.

  2. Arrowhead

    I still think Kristi Noem has a better chance of becoming president than John Thune.

    I think she is an attractive woman who is articulate. Maybe $3 million in farm subsidies will hold her down but being an attractive woman who doesn’t act like Palin, Bachman or the Tea Party gives her an advantage climbing the acceptable insider ladder.

    I would actually like to hear what she thinks of Palin, Bachman and the Tea Party. It almost seems as if she doesn’t like them. I haven’t heard her embrace them since the primary…

  3. insomniac

    By the way Palin needs to fallout of love with the sound of her own voice and go away for a while. She never shuts up. In a lot of ways she is the GOP’s Obama. A celebrity.

    John Thune will win the nomination if the candidates are Pawlenty, Romney, Gingrich, Huckabee, Pence, Barbour or any of those people who have been around before or are bland. I think Thune would have the oppurtunity to catch lightening in a bottle if it is a bland field like this. Thune appeals to Romney moderates and the Christian conservatives that propelled Huckabee.

    He would have a hard time if Palin ran because she would appeal to a similar christian/activist base and the media stories would all be about Palin. There wouldn’t be room for an unknown to grab enough earned media attention.

    There is noway Thune could win if Chris Christie were in the race. Christie would win the nomination in a route. He is a bold charismatic leader who would energize the entire GOP electorate.

  4. Palin - just shush it!

    Maybe Chris Christie will run if it looks like Palin is going to be the nominee? Maybe he will save the GOP from her?

    I like Palin and think she is a great contributor to the cause but I don’t want her to be president at the moment.

  5. Holy Cow!

    Holy Cow! Back off on Palin a little bit will ya! It’s going to be Palin/Thune 2012 so trying paying a little respect here will ya!

    Heck, I already have my bumper sticker:


    It’s going to happen so get on the bandwagon now!

  6. Anonymous

    If the lefties listened to the interview, she referred to South Korea before misspeaking.

    Besides — this was a spontaneous “misspeak,” while the brilliant and cerebral current occupant of the White House read CORPSE-MAN CORPSE-MAN CORPSE-MAN multiple times from teleprompter.

    Everybody on both the right and the left need to call a truce about stuff like this.

  7. John

    I agree with Anon@3:30’s last sentence. Getting wound up about stuff like this is silly. Palin’s gaffe was kinda funny, but I don’t think it says anything about her foreign policy knowledge. There are plenty of reasons to think Palin would be a terrible President (or any position of power), but I don’t think her gaffes should be one of them.

  8. Anonymous

    Sarah Palin has a lot of experience in foreign policy because she can see Russia from her house. Perhaps Palin needs to write “South Korea” on her hand next time. Palin gets nailed for these gaffes because she makes so many of them. So did Bush. Intelligence matters. She does not have it. She is an embarassment to the party.

  9. Les

    You guys/gals must be too young to remember Gerald Ford in volumes of gaffes. (“there is no Soviet domination of eastern Europe, and there never will be under a Ford administration.”

    Jimmy Carter thanked you for that one Gerry.

    Funny how so little was mentioned of Joe B’s F-bomb to the O-bom on signing the health care.

  10. ip

    And now: a word from our sponsor:

    Art Oakes Says:

    November 26th, 2010 at 9:52 pm
    “Oops, I stayed a little to close to a colon.”

    Bob Newland from Decorum Forum blog Says:

    November 27th, 2010 at 8:20 am
    “Now THAT was a true statement, Artie.”

  11. j rae

    I think what works against Sarah is that she doesn’t have a depth of knowledge that goes beyond the platitude or headline of the moment.

    Palin’s job is to make us feel good about who we are and have a pretty face stick a finger in the other party’s eye.

    While I’ll laugh at the gaffes of others, I’m pretty sure if pressed they can laugh at themselves and recover…but as much as we love a little Palin, she’s just not that smart or deep…feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    What makes me sad is that she is considered a leader based on looks and a command of the platitudes we want to hear. What makes me sadder is that there are people that would follow her off of a cliff because of those attributes.

  12. Anon

    8:39 said: “…people that would follow her off of a cliff because of those attributes.”

    That’s kinda how I feel about the people who swooned over Obama just because he’s cool and doesn’t talk like he came from the ‘hood. Except when it suits him.

  13. duggersd

    j rae, ok. You are wrong. Palin is not stupid. As a matter of fact she is a lot smarter than many people give her credit for. And yse she has s depth of knowledge that runs deep on many issues. I will grant when she was running for Vice-President, she probably was a little under educated, however she is a quick study. In her debate, it turned out she knew more of the Constitution than Biden.
    I really do not see her as President, but that is more due to the difficulty she would have in governing. This is not because of her inability but more because of the opposition that would accompany her presidency. Like George Bush, a lot of people have misunderestimated her and were left feeling foolish as a result. Just ask President Kerry.

  14. Anonymous

    You know I would like to hear from our chair, National committeeman and committeewoman about their thoughts on Michael Steele. I think it is an often overlooked part of our party system and we have 3 people who vote on it right here in SD.

  15. Anonymous


    Good posting!

    Does you ( or anyone) remember when Joel Rosethal of the blog SD Straight Talk had another one called Q & A where he would get guests like Rounds CoS etc? I would like to see that type of thing happen on the SDWC if anyone is at all interested.

  16. j rae

    So anon 9:32: are you saying that because people followed O off a cliff that it is OK to do the same for Sarah?

    Help me out here …where’s the depth and substance of Sarah? I know she has the sound bite down, but it seems when she gets past that it’s fairly empty. That might be why the Dems want her to win the primary so badly.

    While Sarah may be entertaining, these are serious times and personally I’d feel a little better with someone who had a little more gravitas.

  17. j rae

    Duggersd, maybe I am wrong, but I think there are many in the party who have far more substance than Sarah. Quite frankly, I haven’t seen her go deeper than a sound bite. Her books do nothing to lay out policy, foreign or domestic. Maybe I’ve missed something in the facebook posting or tweets.

    Dugger, she was the mayor of a small town about the size of Belle Fourche. She raised taxes and burnt through a surplus and left the small town in debt.

    Again, if I’m missing something from her TV show, ghost written books or twitter and facebook, I’m all ears. In the mean time, I think we are better off looking at people like Thune, Romney, Christie and the rest.

    Granted they aren’t as much a part of pop culture as Sarah, but then I’m not looking for someone who can win American Idol as much as I’m looking for someone who can provide leadership and solutions.

  18. CaveMan

    The question needing asking is what kind of management style do we need in a president today? Well we know now we sure as Hell don’t need any more change with visions of self annointed grandeur. We don’t need pretty or army/cowboy or cheerleader types. We might though need a financial genius with precision thinking and take no prisoners kind of attitude. Figure out who that person is and you have America’s next president.

  19. Les

    10:34, run the gauntlet with all the anony’s?

    TC, why not start with Gov Rounds for practice?

    7:10, as conservatives, let’s not get to proud of our actions or inaction’s. Both parties have now shown us what not to do.

    As much as I can’t stand Hilary, Sarah couldn’t wipe her butt and that isn’t saying much.

    It will be interesting to watch the US choose another American Idol.

  20. William

    On 2012

    Christie/Jindal would be my dream ticket, but I’m pretty sure it will remain nothing more than a dream…

    I’m not excited by any of the current front runners (Romney, Palin, Huckabee, etc). Mitch Daniels interests me the most, at this point. IMHO, a Daniels/Thune ticket seems like a strong pairing that’s actually in the realm of possibility.

  21. duggersd

    William, I am not so sure I am interested in Christie as President. He has come on like a titan against spending and teachers’ unions. He has also done very well in seeing to it that he is getting videos of his “encounters” to appear on Youtube. I have not heard him articulate much on social issues. He also reminds me a bit of Bill Janklow. I liked Janklow a lot during his first three terms as governor, but by the end, he was very vindictive. I think Christie has a bit of this streak in him. BTW, I do think Daniels could be a good choice; I am just not sure he has the charisma to make it happen. Too bad, because as j rae points out, we have another American Idol President. Palin has a lot of good qualities, but being as polarizing as she is, I just do not see it working. But then they said the same thing about Reagan and we had arguably the best President of the 20th century.

  22. ip

    Willy, which Republican will come out of Iowa the strongest? Palin is a Mindless Intransigent Lugubrious Floozy. The Iowegians are going to laugh her out of the state.

  23. William


    Christie’s personality IS what’s making him effective, whether or not it’s also his greatest weakness remains to be seen. I see your point about Bill Janklow.

    I don’t think Palin will run in 2012. IMHO she’ll be active in shaping the race, but I just don’t see her running.

    Maybe, Daniels “lack of charisma” will be a strength in 2012. He’s got a serious record of achievement and maybe enough voters have realized where charisma without achievement has taken us.

    Whoever has the best ground organization in Iowa will come out strongest, and that’s likely Romney, but that may not carry as much weight as usual in 2012. If Romney wins Iowa but has a close challenger, it will hurt him since he’s basically never stopped running. Romney-care is an albatross that will be difficult for him to overcome.

  24. pickles

    Thune is a bigger deal in IOWA than Pawlenty. Pawlenty is a goober.

    Just watched Palin’s Alaska tonight for the first time. I think it is a good show and is more of a documentary than a typical reality show. I say it was smart for Palin to do the show.

  25. CaveMan

    Pickles I agree with your assumption of the Thune Romney ticket potential. They together very well could be sitting at the throne in 2012.

  26. CaveMan

    And Michael Steele needs to go. He is a horrible spokesperson for the Republican Party. He bends in more ways than Houdini could and promotes smoozzes better than Slick Willy. Were is the Anti Obama voice Mr. Steele???? Not from you obviously.


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