Open Primaries says money goes straight to V. But that’s not what their page says.

In the raging battle over where the Yes on V group is getting it’s funding, tonight the “Open Primaries” group claims it’s all a big misunderstanding:

Amendment V opponents say outside groups TakeItBack.Org, of Sioux Falls, and New York-based Open Primaries violated state law by contributing money to supporters that was collected for the purpose of influencing the ballot question.


Jeremy Gruber of Open Primaries called the allegations false, saying a fundraising tool under scrutiny solicited all donations directly to the Vote Yes on V campaign.

Read that here.

So, let’s look at the “fundraising tool” in question ourselves:


“Send a message to Washington – Vote Yes on V” “A contribution to the Vote Yes on V Campaign is a contribution towards revolutionizing our politics – all donations will be matched 2-1”

“Who will your money go to”


That looks to me to be “Open Primaries,” not “donations directly to the Vote Yes on V campaign” as Mr. Gruber claims.

He might want to check his pants, because they certainly seem to be in danger of being on fire tonight.

4 Replies to “Open Primaries says money goes straight to V. But that’s not what their page says.”

  1. Anonymous

    V people being dishonest and hiding things from the voters…the heck you say!

    Like hiding information about party labels; money and how the 2 person only system really works

    I will be voting NO on V

  2. Anonymous

    To paraphrase a line from Casablanca: “Corruption by Rick Weiland’s associates? Shocked. I am shocked, I tell you!”

    Keep in mind that they are the same people pushing for the so-called Anti-Corruption Bill.


    I’m going to say it … “I told you so!”
    If you can’t win an election, try to change the system – good try Rick & Rick.
    Please just move to New Hampshire.